Raiding army (the new slave topic)

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Well done to all those who took part!

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Raiding army (the new slave topic)

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Hi, in a weird storm of black magic our previous slave topic was destroyed.

The discussion is not over yet, but i will take the opportunity to reform the topic in a better way.

1. This topic serves to post your battle reports of the army list. This includes the slave unit to be detailed below. All reports should be of standard.

2. When making your army, you may use the current revision. That said, the choices of unit is different as you will see.

3. please separate your posts in two sections. The first one should be the battle report. The second one should be on the slave unit and how it was useful to you. Any comment is appreciated.

-------Black Ark Corsairs (raiding army list)----------------------

Here is the army list that i would need you to test out. The limitations on some units are there to fit with the fluff. Some units will be rarer or simply inexistant.


-Highborn. As usual, but he should be wearing a sea dragon cloak.


-Noble (and standard bearer), must wear sea dragon cloak.


-Crossbowmen (no cityguard nor spearmen)
-Dark Riders


-Reaper Bolt throwers


- Executioners
- Witches
- 0-1 Cold One Knights

----------------------------The Slave unit-----------------------

Here are the rules for the slave unit. It is not the final rules in any way, but we will start the testing from there. The fluff have been removed as the goal of this topic is to test out rules. Don't worry though, every rule is backed by our background.


Slaves................................3pts per model


Weapons: None (always strike last, even when charged)

Armour: None


Chain the unit together for +1 points per model.
Allows the unit to use a ranked formation, but reduce their movement by 1
The unit is destroyed if broken in combat.

Drug the unit for +2 points per model.
Roll once on the drug chart at the start of the battle.

for 40pts, the slave unit may be lead by a beastmaster. He may not buy magic items nor leave the unit unless it flees or is destroyed.
See the dark elf revision for the rules concerning beastmasters

Special Rules:

Skirmish: Slaves usually do not have the discipline to fight in formation

Pathetic: Units of the dark elven race do not suffer panic from fleeing slaves. If forced to flee, the slaves run toward the opponent's table edge.

Living shields: Units of slaves are unwilling to do anything without extra motivation: If a beastmaster is not within 5" of the unit, it cannot march nor charge.


Drug table:

1- Intoxication: The drug given to this unit have an unpleasant lethal poisonous effect or was not appropriate for the slave's metabolism. The unit will suffer D6 S3 hits at the start of each Dark Elf turn.

2- Moronic zealots: The slaves drools and howls incoherently, they do not seem to be concerned about their own fate anymore. Consider the unit as Immune to psychology. On the other hand, they will not be wise enough to flee from combat. Remove them as casualties if they are forced to flee.

3- Mindless sheep: The slaves have been stripped from all emotions and have suddenly forgotten about their own death and the battle. The unit is Immune to Psychology, but nothing in the world will be able to whip them into a march or charge even if a Beastmaster is within 5".

4- Berserk!: The slaves have gone completely wild this time and want to tear apart everything that is around them. They are subject to Frenzy, but in such state that they will fight themselves. The unit suffer D6 S3 hits at the start of each Dark Elf turn. They still need a Beastmaster to march or charge as he needs to give them directions and stop them from fighting each other.

5-6 Enraged: The drug have turned the slaves into killing machines asking for the enemy's blood. The unit is subject to Frenzy and they will not need a Beastmaster to march or charge.