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Searching guide

Post by Linda lobsta defenda »

Idiots guide to searching:

Well for a while now (well ever since I’ve been here), there has been two little boxes up in the right hand corner of ( What is it I hear u ask; well it’s the search bar, funny eh!
It’s a funny thing really. I never used to use it, cause it was too much hassle and I could never use it well. And well it is, unless you can use it properly! Basically its there to stop repeat posts, and too allow you to find information and help without asking a question or posting a point of view and then have to wait for a week or so while its discussed. Anyway, onto the searching:
When you want to search for an item, you can approach it two ways. You can simple enter the Key Words in the quick search bar (the first of those two boxes) and click search (the second box). Alternatively you can click on the forums tab in the menu section of the site and then the first option in the list is search (Yeh its there, in about a year and 573 posts I’ve never noticed it before, D’oh). Here you get a bit more help wit your search, and more importantly some filtering options for you to marvel over, and use it you feel brave enough.
Either way clicking search will give you all the posts with all mentions of your word or words. This leaves a bit of a problem. If you want to find a thread on zombie pirates then you will get up every post with zombie and every post with pirate in, bummer eh? This can be solved simply by putting the characters AND in between the words that you want; so you end up with zombie AND pirates . The AND ‘function’ is probably the most popular, but you can also use OR and NOT in the same way. NOT allows you to leave out terms from your search and OR allows you to take one or the other. The words AND , OR , NOT have to be in capitals, but you search words don’t.
When you get your search result you will get a lot of posts. If you check the dates of the top and bottom post in you list on the page, you can work out the date range of the page, and then move to other pages. By checking the date ranges you can quickly find which page a post will be on.
If you’re still lost and can’t find the right page, and quick way to get though them is to use some help from your web browser. On your keyboard hold control and press ‘F’. This will bring up find, and allow you to search the page for a word or phrase. So if you were the one that made the post you can type in ‘ Your Name ’. If you know the exact title to the thread you can type in ‘subject: The Title ’. Because in the section on each post it says ‘subject:’ before the title you can use this to refine you search. You can also do it with ‘forum:’ and ‘posted: date ’. But in the search from the menu you can select the forum in the search options.
When you find your post/thread that you’re after the words you searched for will be highlighted. If you don’t want this then simple find where it says highlight in the address and highlight from the ‘&’ to the end of the address, i.e. ... es+zombies
If you have selected a post that isn’t the first then there will be a #number at the end of the highlight. This takes you to the specific post, and if you want to stay there then simple leave this bit in.
Finally when you find your long lost thread what ever you do don’t post in it. This brings it back from the dead and is referred to as necromancy. This is a bad thing and will get the thread locked.

Guide written by Mr_PieChee
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Post by Banshee »

So if I want to discuss a topic that has already been discussed I have two options:

1. Write a new topic. I will be told to use the search function and the thread will be locked.

2. Use the search function, find the old thread, post my comments/questions whatever - and will be told this was necromancy which is forbidden by forum rules. The thread will be locked.

Sorry, don't want to be destructive with this but this is what springs to my mind everytime I see a "resurected thread" get locked because "necromancy is against forum rules". You should consider this rule to be changed so that threads being resurected with reason won't be locked. If this is already that way please forgive my rambling and delete this post. :)
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Post by Mornedhel »

Wether posting in an older topic is threadomancy or not depends on two major factors:

1. How old is the thread? If older than 3 months, it might be better to make a new topic (especially at the moment, as with the release of 7th edition many older topics will not be applicable anymore).

2. Does the new post contribute to the thread, or does it only say things that have already been mentioned? If the question of a thread has already been answered, for example, confirming this answer will be threadomancy if it is an older thread. If it was an open discussion and you found something to add that hasn´t yet been said but might help other members, it will most likely not be threadomancy.

Additionally, there may be further aspects taken into consideration, like wether the thread was a sticky or announcement, or wether it was a serious tactical guide (in which case finding a new aspect may make it worth reviving it).

And you do have a third option. Use the search function, find a thread in which your question is answered, and do not post, because you already found what you are looking for and do not need to post about it anymore.
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Post by Eldacar »

It depends on the scale of necromancy (resurrecting a post from three years ago wouldn't be a good idea regardless of quality, IMO), the quality of the resurrected post (if it's reasonably descriptive, on-topic and isn't spamming, then it probably won't be locked immediately), and the temperament of the moderator in question. Everybody has bad days.

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Post by Mr_piechee »

its quite simple. if the thred(s) you find in the search are old and don't answer your question, you make a new post and quote them (with a link to the old thread)

[if this wasn't a sticky i would just have got this thread locked :P]
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Post by Rork »


Thread locked.

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