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Rorky-poo's birthday!

Post by Loki »

It may be a day late by his standards but luckily I live in america so it still counts ;). So please join me in wishing Rork a happy 31st birthday!
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Post by Holt »

Guess that makes me a day late been in New Zealand then haha, have a good one Rork.
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Post by Saintofm »

Happy Birthday
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Post by Amarok »

Happy birthday mate!
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Post by Drainial »

Well I am not in the southern Hemisphere so I hope you had a good day retrospectively.
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Post by Tyrannus deathbringer »

Happy Birthday :D
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Post by Nightcall »

Enjoy! May Morathi let you revel with her handmaidens... :lol: Even if they are in 28mm scale.
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Post by Raneth »

Cake for the Cake God!
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Post by Flash29 »

Raneth wrote:Cake for the Cake God!

gifts for the gift throne
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Post by Malus99 »

Doesn't he usually more go in for skulls? Not that I'm volunteering or anything. But I do have annoying friends. Happy birthday!
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Post by Calisson »

Have a good hangover recovery, mate!
(too late for the birthsday).
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Post by Gnosis »

Happy birthday, Rork. You've managed to survive your thirtieth birthday, so you should be fine.
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Post by Dangerous Beans »

Happy birthday Rork - sorry I'm late replying: its been busy day staving off a daemon incursion in Vilebrier...
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Post by Rork »

Heh, lateness.


Cheers, guys.

"Rork.. a wonderful guy :)" - Linda Lobsta Defenda

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