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How to beat those cowardly High Elves?

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Read this : Tactics Forum Rules

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Greetings D.netters.

Outside of the general Forum rules, the Tactics Forum really only has one rule, and it's fairly straightforward. That is, do make sure your questions are actually tactics questions. This is not where you ask for advice on improving your army list, nor is it the right place to ask if your builds are legal.

You don't come here to ask whether you're allowed to do what you want to do, you come here to ask what can go right or wrong with your plan. A very similar question, but a slightly different focus.

So that's it, then, the Tactics Forum Rule. Tactical questions and suggestions only please. If the mods don't believe your question or suggestion is a tactical problem, e.g. if it's more of a legality issue, your threads will be moved. We ask your cooperation in this matter, as it makes our job easier. [though of course, if you do not cooperate, it gives us something to do, which is also nice in a way.]

Thank you for your time.

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