Best Lore for DE Infantry based lists?

How to beat those cowardly High Elves?

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Best Lore for DE Infantry based lists?

Post by Venomblades »

hey guys, been playing Dark Elves for over 5 months now (First army as i'm still new to WHF) and am just wondering what the best lore for Infantry based Lists, or CC lists for that fact?

I always feel the elves need either strong debuffs against the enemy, no matter what my opponents list is, or something to give my CC units more staying power. I like using Executioners, Chariots and Black Guard as my main punch. I have bolties to take out high armoured stuff, although bolties always fail me as i only ever take 2. Core i usually select DR's and finish off with Darkshards, say 1 unit of 15 for my sorceress bunker and then a unit of another 14-15.

Any light to shed here please?

Also, if anyone has tips on how to create very effective CC based lists then please help me. I think i struggle when writing lists as i still dont know what synergises best with DE units.


P.S. I am purely writing lists from the DE army book, not mixed elves lists.
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Re: Best Lore for DE Infantry based lists?

Post by Red... »

For infantry based lists:

- Metal is good for making your infantry forces more durable, supplemented by some nasty killing spells. Enchanted blades is very handy for helping those execs hit their targets, now that they lack re-rolls on their to-hit rolls. Glittering scales is good for both mammoth unit and MSU lists alike due to its bubble attribute.
- Life is very good for making your forces more durable, with one very nasty horde killing spell. It's excellent for mammoth unit lists, as it lets you supercharge the robustness of units and regrow them when they lose power. Less handy for MSU armies, as the impact of buffing a small unit is less than buffing a big one.
- Beasts has some nice buffing spells and is good for using multiple level 1 wizards to spam the signature spell for your infantry units, which is very solid. Some of its spells are quite circumstantial and a bit odd.
- Shadow is good for debuffing your enemy and supercharging your own troops. The buffs can be very good for multiple attack units, such as Blackguard. It's pretty dull though.
- Death is a good sniper lore, with a couple of debuff and nasty damage spells thrown in. The synergies with infantry lists are limited, but it's still a good lore overall.
- Fire is pretty poor outside of certain contexts. It adds little to an infantry based list.
- Dark is primarily a damage oriented lore, with a few buff and debuff spells included. I'm not a fan and I'm not sure it adds much to an infantry heavy list either.
- Light I can't comment on much, as I don't ever use it
- Heavens I can't comment on much, as I don't ever use it.
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Re: Best Lore for DE Infantry based lists?

Post by Venomblades »

Hmmm, i always find Shadow my 'go to' comfort lore. It's nice all over and can help any situation. On the other hand, i am yet still to test metal. It does look very nice and with some lists i'm running lately i think it could synergise well.

Personally, Red, what Lore is your favourite and why? Thats if you have a fav, ofcourse ;)
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Re: Best Lore for DE Infantry based lists?

Post by Clockwork »

I'm really keen to try Shadow.

Which is odd, because under the old book it was one of my 3 rules for playing Dark Elves (the two being, no Hydras, and no Assassin Manbane shenanigans). Maybe it's just been so long that it has lost it's hate.
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Re: Best Lore for DE Infantry based lists?

Post by Kerupto »

I run two hordes 30 odd witches with COB, and executioners. Recently I've been running 2 casters. It all depends on your play style and who you are playing. I take Shadow or Life. Level 4 shadow on peg (or Morathi), 9/10 times I get shadow and 6 dice mindrazor. Deletes the other horde nearly every time. And level 2 Life, take signature regen and buff the executioners to stay alive. This is great for close combat.

Other play styles involve taking Level 4 life, 6 dice dwellers on low strength armies i.e S3, and delete half the unit straight up with a chance of killing multi wound characters- BRUTAL. If you have throne of vines on, you get a 2+ against a miscast, unless of course you dimensional cascade, and have a 50/50 of being dead with no save, which in a way is like rolling a 4+ anyway.

P.S. I consider this to be a very brutal and competitive play style. Lots of high risk reward stuff, which can win you games.

I've used Dark magic a fair bit and while its usefully, its just not game changing like shadow or life.
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