2400p dark elves Christmas Party tournament list

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2400p dark elves Christmas Party tournament list

Post by Mroliverdk »

Hi guys.. I'm new here so please bear with me.
I've recently started playing Dark Elves and I haven't won a single game yet (been playing around 7-10 games), could you guys look through my list and help me tune it?


Heavy Armor
Sea Dragon Cloak
Sword of Anti Heroes
Black Amulet
Enchanted Shield

Supreme Sorceress
Lvl 4
Sacrificial Dagger
Talisman of Preservation
Lore of Dark Magic


Armour of Fortune
Sea dragon cloak

Lvl 2
Dispel Scroll
Talisman of Protection
Lore of Beasts


40 x Corsairs
Full command

5 x Dark Riders
Full command


Cold One Chariot

5 x Cold one Knights
Full command

10 x Shades
Great weapons
Light armor
Full command

War Hydra
Fiery Breath


5 x Doomfire Warlocks
Master of Warlocks

5 x Doomfire Warlocks
Master of Warlocks

My idea is to run my Warlocks and Dark riders on the flanks and use soulblight to debuff my enemy's units and shoot them with me dark riders.
My Corsairs are going up the middle as my tarpit unit with all my heroes in it, with War Hydra as support.
And my Cold One Knights and Chariot will cover the flanks of my corsairs.
Shades are for war machine hunting.

Doesn't seem to work so far. Can you guys give me some advice? Should I change my magic lores with something else?
Are my choice of units completely screwed?

I don't have many other models than these. I got a lord on cold one and 20 darkshards in spare, that's kinda it.

Thanks for looking :)
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Re: 2400p dark elves Christmas Party tournament list

Post by Calisson »

The understanding is that you play WH 8th edition.

Let's start with unit optimization.

Your main unit is 40 corsairs. This unit is not very mobile. Two S3 attacks per model is not that scary. Had you you decreased the number of corsairs to 25 or 30, would that have made a great difference?

5 DR need certainly not FC. Next time, tell your opponent that only the musician is there (I made the same mistake assembling a nice pennant and the champ, to find them not worth their points). 20 pts spared.
I hesitate for DR's RXB. The cost per hitting shot is horrible. And it increases the cost of the unit to the point that you hesitate to sacrifice it by redirecting the opponent and controlling his movement. If your experience is that they are killed at turn 3 in average, better drop the RXB - but keep shields and musician by all means.

COC is a good unit, very sturdy for a chariot. Its only drawback is to be slow. Keep it near the corsairs, they move at a similar pace.

5 COK is too small to justify FC. One solution could be to add a 6th knight (the model of the lord). You may also reduce the command group by pretending they are just regular knights.
Try to remember your past battles and see how often they had a use for banner? muso? How often did the champ fight? Did that justified 10 pts?

10 shades certainly need no command at all. Shades will always die. Their use is primarily during deployment, then it is to try and survive to kill warmachines.
You would certainly be better off with 2 x 5 shades, no command at all, no armor, and AHW rather than GW.

Hydra is fine, its breath is useful.

Warlocks are great. I do not believe that their master is necessary so you could spare 20 pts there as well.
You could combine them in a single unit but I tend to favor multiple small units. see how it works for you.

The Lvl2 should be downgraded to Lvl1 and have nothing else than the dispel scroll.

With all the points spared so far, you could be able to add a small unit of 10 to 15 RXBmen. Give them shields and musician. They would provide an alternative unit for the Lvl4.

Next comes the choice of magic.
The usual recommendation is to have 6 lvls of magic.
You have Lvl4 + Lvl2 + 2 units of Lvl2 warlocks = 10. They only can struggle for too scarce PD. The dagger helps definitively here.
Drop the sorc to Lvl1, that can only help.
Maybe combining the Locks into a single unit would be useful to boost your magic phase, despite losing some agility overall.
For the choice of magic lore, please refer to D.R.A.I.C.H. Selection of Lores according to your army

Finally, tactics.

DR, shades, 2 x locks are supposed to get after warmachines and mess up the ennemy's movement. Splitting shades in 2 units will help you do that. Note that warlocks are good also in melees against monsters.

RXB and magic are supposed to kill small opponent's units interfering with your own movement; when it is done, they may shoot at large units to deplete them before melee, but that is the secondary target.
Shades are cost efficient. DR are not. RXBmen would be more cost efficient. Magic must not be wasted on magic missiles (except on small agile units) when buffs and hexes in melee are more powerful.

The infantry units often do not get the charge, especially if, like me, you are not very proficient with positioning.
You could prepare yourself to receive the opponent's charge with your corsairs, but don't expect to deal that much damage. Only make sure they will survive the combat and not flee, so that you can countercharge next turn with COC, COK and hydra.
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Re: 2400p dark elves Christmas Party tournament list

Post by paxter »

The list looks quite similar to my regular army i use.

Only difference is mine has 30 Corsairs, I mainly use it as an anchor block but It does not do that much damage, I have actually used it with a Cauldron of Blood with a Hag BSB. With that your corsairs will be dishing double the attacks while not as great as having witches u do get some offset for staying power due to a better save.

They turn even more murderous with a sorceress to buff the army.
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