9th Age 2400 list - which lore to use?

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9th Age 2400 list - which lore to use?

Post by toots »

hi there, my latest wacky plan is for spears in the centre, triple march executioners in the first turn up the side, then further wide is a cold one star (basically flying up one side of the board, charging with the cold ones turn 2). altar doing its best to keep up and buffing both killy units. further to the side of the cold ones is the unit of 10 dark riders to clear chaff. the smaller dark rider unit will also ride ahead and shoot as much chaff as possible.

which lore should i use do you think?! Nature seems very, very good (especially with the spell that breaks steadfast), but i don't think it's fluffy or appropriate. Alchemy or Wilderness would be good i think.

+ Lords (628pts) +

Dread Prince (288pts) [Army General, Dragonscale Helm, Dusk Stone, Giant Sword, Heavy Armour, Raptor, Shield]

Exalted Oracle (340pts) [Divine Icon, Flame Lance, Raptor, Shielding Scroll, Talisman of Supreme Shielding]
··Wizard Level 4 [Path of Wilderness]

+ Heroes (200pts) +

Captain (200pts) [Battle Standard Bearer, Beast Master (Hero), Hardened Shield, Heavy Armour, Lance, Obsidian Nullstone, Raptor]

+ Core (647pts) +

Dark Riders (220pts)
··10x Dark Rider [10x Repeater Crossbow, 10x Shield]

Dark Riders (110pts)
··5x Dark Rider [5x Repeater Crossbow, 5x Shield]

Dread Legionnaires (317pts) [Musician]
··34x Dread Legionnaire [34x Light Armour, 34x Spear]
··Standard Bearer [Banner of Discipline]

+ Special (724pts) +

Dread Knights (289pts) [Champion, Musician, 9x Rider]
··Standard Bearer [Banner of Speed]

Executioners (435pts) [Champion, 30x Executioner, Musician]
··Standard Bearer [Icon of the Relentless Company]

+ Rare (200pts) +

Divine Altar (200pts)
··Altar of Nabh [Cult Chosen (Nabh​)]
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Re: 9th Age 2400 list - which lore to use?

Post by Lord Drakon »

Hello toots I would go for anti-chaff/damage lore as your battle plan is focused on getting your blocks into combat and you only have 10 Dark Riders as reliable shooting. Fire or Black magic looks good.
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