First army list of the new erra

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First army list of the new erra

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Funny story

"Ronan, you have been selected for your...unique qualities for the glory of our Lord Malekeith, the one true King of the elves. Do you have any questions?" Said Dreadlord Jovis between pitchers five and seven of wine.

"Just one thing." said Ronan as he tentatively raised his hand. "Why every time someone beguines a conversation like this they end up sending me on some fool suicide mission?"

This is my first game in a while, so I will be trying to go small for now.

I am thinking 40 minies,

Dreadlord on Coldone.
He will lead a unit of 7-10 Coldone knights, full comand.


Sorceress on foot

2 units of 10 Dark Shards, full command.

1 unit of 20 bleakswords, full command

2 Reaper Bolt throwers

Other options: a hydra or 2. Maybe a Karibdyss instead.

7 Shades.

2 units of 7 Harpies who will just hang around picking off enemies that try running away.
Who needs sanity? I have a Hydra
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