9th AGE: 2000 Pts "The Raptor Spam"

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9th AGE: 2000 Pts "The Raptor Spam"

Post by Kelian Durak »

715 pts: LORDS & HEROES
372 pts Dread Prince (General) inkl. raptor chariot, ha, shield, rxb, beastmasters lash, bluffers helm, devine icon
190 pts Captain (BSB) inkl. raptor, ha, sword of strength, hardened shield, duskstone, beastmaster
153 pts Captain inkl. raptor, ha, shield, razorblade, dragonscale helm, ring of darkness

500 pts: CORE
250 pts 10x Dark Raiders inkl. fc, rxb, shields
250 pts 10x Dark Raiders inkl. fc, rxb, shields

588 pts: SPECIAL
100 pts 1x Raptor Chariot
100 pts 1x Raptor Chariot
150 pts 2x Dread Reaper inkl. multiple shots
238 pts 8x Dread Knights inkl. fc

195 pts: RARE
5x Dark Acolytes inkl. champion, poison darts

Hello fellow DE and greetings from Germany,
since our club is enjoying and playing 9th Age it is time to build a new concept for my current list. I really like the new raptors (T4) and the combined profile of lords & heroes mouting a chariot. I already gained some experience with a chariot-captain and it was a lot of fun to play. I now want to test my dread prince mounted on the chariot. The main purpose of my chariot-lord is to occupy big units for a couple of rounds. In other words: he is my anvil or tank! With a 1+ armorsave, T5, W4 and bluffers helm my chariot-lord should do the job quite nicely.

What do you think of the list? Is it competative?
Welcome to the 9th AGE.
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Re: 9th AGE: 2000 Pts "The Raptor Spam"

Post by Calisson »

Competitive, I don't know, you'll tell, but for sure it looks fast and fluffy!
The magic phase is going to be very light with only the acolyte able to cast. But 9th Age is set up to allow that.
Good luck and please report!
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Re: 9th AGE: 2000 Pts "The Raptor Spam"

Post by Cold73 »

Decided to enter a tournament today with a list closely resembling this one.
(was a bit a spur of the moment to enter the tournament anyway)

Dread Prince on Dark Pegasus (Beastmaster's Lash + Armour of Destiny)

Captain on Raptor <BSB> (Sword of Strength + Hardend Shield + Duskstone)
Oracle lvl 2 Lore of Shadow - Dispel Scroll

5 * Dark Raiders
5 * Dark Raiders
21 * Corsairs <FC> Extra Handweapon + Throwing Weapon

1* Dread Reaper incl. multiple shots
1* Dread Reaper incl. multiple shots
1* Raptor Chariot
1* Raptor Chariot
9* Dread Knights <FC>

5* Dark Acolytes (incl. Champion)

This list did surprisingly well, taken into consideration that I am quite rusty concerning the rules.
The T4 DreadKnights are very durable, esp in combat against lower S troops
The corsairs with throwing weapons are a nice unit in this...in one game they manage to whittle down a 6 strong ogre unit acompanied by 3 characters to just that 2 + characters...and that without any magical aid.

Game: 1 Dark Elves) Lost because I forgot about the objective...and my opponent managed to get a draw because he did not.
Game: 2 Ogres) Made some very nice 9+ charges with both cavalry and chariots that gave me an early lead. Gave it away by not being bold enough in the end. My opponent had just an ogre block with characters and i could easily have charged that with my knights and my lord...but i was to afraid of his characters... Opponent took the oppertunity to teach me a wise lesson.... characters can be charged out of units (Told you i was rusty)
Game: 3 Vampires) Killing his hard hitting units was not that easy...but getting stuck in regrowing zombies till the end of the match...was painfull

A few things you might want to consider with this list.
* Beware of the lore attribute for the lore of shadows...and don't forget to use it ;-)
* The corsairs have a tremendous damage output, especially when aided by magic
* This list could use 1 or 2 cheap redirectors (Harpies or another unit of Raiders) .. The 2 units that this list has is mostly needed in the opponent battle zone to hunt warmachines and annoy archers.
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