AoS List (20PP)

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AoS List (20PP)

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Hi guys,

So we're doing some casual gaming in my group, and we've actually found AoS to be more enjoyable for smaller games :badh: , using a Pool Point weight cap of 20 to keep it simple.

Exiled Blood Cult (1)

Cauldron of Blood with Hellebron (3)
Dreadlord (on foot) - Chillblade (1)
Annointed (in blood?) on Flamespyre Phoenix (4)

Har Ganeth Executioners x 20 (4)
Witch Elves x 10 (1)
Witch Elves x 10 (1)
Witch Elves x 10 (1)
Doomfire Warlocks x 5 (2)
Bloodwrack Medusae (0.5)

War Machines:
Reaper Bolt Thrower (1.5)

102 Wounds, 20 PP

It's not a win-at-all-cost list, but more of field-what-i-have list, hopefully with some working synergy - Witches will stay with the Cauldron, Dreadlord will stay with Executioners and the Phoenix, Medusae and Warlocks will hopefully cause a lot of chaos. Executioners will try to obliterate the hardest unit, buffed by Cauldron and Dreadlord, and the witches will go for the lesser groups, also buffed/protected by cauldron where needed.

Let me know what your thoughts are on group, synergy and targeting :)
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