Shades- great weapon or not?

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Shades- great weapon or not?

Post by Izch »

Hello fellow druchii
Is it worth having great weapon on shades (units of 10)? Thinking they might die before they get to hit back(?)
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Re: Shades- great weapon or not?

Post by Saintofm »

Asumeing its back in 8th ed, it depends.

Great weapons do well against heavily armored/high toughness foes.

Two hand weapons for most other units.
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Re: Shades- great weapon or not?

Post by direweasel »

Depends entirely on what you are fighting against, what you expect to use the for, and what the rest of your army has. I often take one unit of each.
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Re: Shades- great weapon or not?

Post by Amboadine »

If we are talking 8th then for me it used to depend on what I planned.
If to take out war machines I liked the two weapon option. Else if used as a support flanking unit great weapons helped with the extra punch.
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Re: Shades- great weapon or not?

Post by Daeron »

Purely from a math-based perspective, the two hand weapons perform better against all but the toughest troops or the heaviest of armours. But... the difference is usually very small. Only against light armoured troops do the hand weapons show a noticable difference, and only against heavier troops do the great weapons prove better.

Personally, I'd take 2HW in small units and GWs in larger units.
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Re: Shades- great weapon or not?

Post by toots »

if you're moving around in two ranks then go for the great weapons, you only get one supporting attack anyway. always great weapons!
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