9th - 2000 points

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9th - 2000 points

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So I've got a game soon v dwarves. I want to solve the synergies of black magic, I rarely take it but I want to be true to our birth for once and figure out how to use it effectively. I'm trying a few other things as well. So here's what I've got.

2001pts. (friendly 2k)

Dread Prince General: Pegasus, Lance, Heavy Armour, Hardened Shield, Skull Splitter, Midnight Cloak

Captain BSB: Fleet Commander, Crimson Mail, Shield, Hero's Sword

LVL2 Oracle: Elvish Horse, Tome of Arcane Lore, Yema

2 x Dark Raiders (5): RxB

Corsairs (35): Additional Hand Weapon, FC, War Standard, Vanguard

Dread Knights (8): FC, Gleaming Icon

Acolytes (5): Champion, Yema

2 x Dread Reaper: 6 shooter

Hunting Chariot: Harpoon


So I'm trying a few things. I've heard the cult aspects are weak, and bad tactic to build a fully cult spec'd army. But it's a tempting upgrade I want to try on the Acolytes and Oracle. For spells, I'm hoping two of Freezing Gale/Crippling Agony/Bolt of Darkness. And take Moraec's for the third. The Prince feels a little overloaded. I normally take Skull Splitter on an oracle. Vanguard and Fleet CMD are new as well. If anyone has some insight, I'd love to hear it.

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