Attempt at 2500 9th age list

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Attempt at 2500 9th age list

Post by squirrelloid »

9th Age Dread Elves v1.0.0 book

As you might be able to tell, i'm not particularly a fan of 'hero-hammer', and most of my characters are there to enhance unit performance.

180 Captain General: Beast Master, Raptor, Beastmaster's Lash, Hardened Shield, Talisman of Shielding, heavy armor
213 Captain BSB: Fleet Commander, Banner of Gar Daecos, great weapon, heavy armor
95 Oracle: level 2
95 Oracle: level 2

285 - 30 Dread Legionnaires: FC, Veteran Standard w/ War Standard, spear, light armor, shield
128 - 6 Dark Raiders: RXB, Mus, light lance, light armor
110 - 6 Dark Raiders: Mus, light lance, light armor
110 - 6 Dark Raiders: Mus, light lance, light armor

525 - 30 Tower Guard: FC, Banner of Blood, halberd, heavy armor
360 - 24 Executioners: FC, executioner's blade, heavy armor
186 - 6 Dread Knights: FC, lance, heavy armor, shield
186 - 6 Dread Knights: FC, lance, heavy armor, shield

Total: 2473, 27 points to play with

The BSB is going with the Dread Legionnaires. (Could swap his banner for something else... not sure how useful Gar Daecos will be with only one unit of spears compared to other options)

General is going with a unit of Dread Knights and preferably staying close enough to the other unit to keep both of their stupidity in check, at least until the first charges.

One Oracle is probably going with the Tower Guard (for stubborn) and taking an augment-friendly path like Light or maybe Black Magic.

The other Oracle I'm not sure about yet. I've got the points I could put her on a horse and send her with the RXB Raiders for harassing backlines and flanking fire, in which case Fire looks like the best option. I've got the points to put her on a Raptor and join a Dread Knight unit, in which case Wilderness or maybe Black Magic. Or I could leave her on foot and join the Executioners or Spears, in which case any of Light, Black Magic, or even Fire could make sense. (And i could spend the 27 points on magic items or banners).

The idea is to center my line with the spears, use the tower guard to anchor one flank, and put the executioners and both dread knights on the other, with the dread knights intended to be mobile support chargers. The RXB raiders harass while the other two screen, bait, or redirect as needed.
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Re: Attempt at 2500 9th age list

Post by Clockwork »

I think you have a solid basis for a list here, but it does seem light on chaff/anti-chaff other than the Dark Raiders. You also have very little ranged presence, especially with medium combat blocks. I played an event 2 weeks ago where I had the 3 Raiders with RXBs and 2 RBTs and struggled to exert any sort of pressure. But someone just placed highly at a US event with a MMU list, so what do I know.

Personally, I found the BSB + Tower Guard combo to be very effective at dishing out damage and standing their ground (though they suffer horribly from attrition).
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