2000p 9th age hit and run list

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2000p 9th age hit and run list

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Since playing 9th age I've seen that my usual armylists containing 1 big unit of either tower guards, knights or exeutioners is always avoided, and blocked by the enemy's chaff. For this purpose I've made a list which is as mobile as possible. Please share your thoughts.

lord: manticore, heavy armour, hardened shield, lance, potion of strength, the 3+ wardsave cloak thingy.

master: peg, barding, heavy armour, shield, lance, miscast ring thingy
master: peg, bsb, heavy armour, shiled, barding, beastmaster's lash, 5+ward

4*5 dark riders, shield, crossbow, musician

2* 5 harpies

hydra, alpha predator

5 dark acolytes with champion/ wizzard convent

THis is a cult of yema list, so no reroll 1's to wound but +1 movement and strider for almost everything in this list.

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Re: 2000p 9th age hit and run list

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Are you renouncing to hold objectives? None of your units can do that.

And welcome to the forum! :)
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