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Post by Orteo »

The forum groupings seems odd to me right now. "General Discussion" is all about the Druchii with the exception of Painting and Modeling and Rules Questions, while "Other Forums" has everything else, making it pretty general. "General Discussion" should be changed to "Druchii" (to oppose "Lesser Races") and the Painting and Modeling and Rules Questions forums should be moved to "Other Forums" (Which should be renamed "General Discussion" or some such thing)

Also, "Other Forums" is starting to get a little crowded. Maybe it is time to clean it up and move outdated forums like Storm of Chaos, Playtesters Guild and Flesh and Blood to a "Locked Forums" category.

I know it isn't a big deal, but it was bugging me.
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Post by Z'gahn »

'general' refers more or less to the main subject of something. This site being, to me the name seems to fit quite well ;).
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Post by Vorchild »

Not to worry. The forum addition is but the first of a few changes to take place with all this stuff to make it easier for people to get round and whatnot. :) We'll be working on it over the next little while. Thanks for the suggestions. :)
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