Druchii.net painting contest?

Throw your ideas for Druchii.net around in here...

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How often should we have one?

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Post by Madlarks »

I agree we need a little more time. Put up this seasons theme a month in advance then two weeks of voting after all entrees have been submitted.

I was wondering if the P&M mod would get involved glad to see you have.

I volunteer to be a Slave Master along with Crazyhorse. Since that means I dont have to paint. :P
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Post by Crazyhorse »

Ok that makes two Slave Masters, I would like a minimum of three but aiming for hopefully 6 or more so there are backups and some people wouldn't have to do it every time, after all, life happens ;). MDK it sounded like you might be willing but I don't want to put your name up without your ok first. Other than that it seems we have most of it worked out, we just to do a test run and see how it works.
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Post by Mdk »

I'dd won't mind taking the task of manager on my beautiful shoulders. So that
is setteld than. Do you have MSN crazyhorse? Than we can arrange things without
making a mess of this topic ;).

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