Spam in a Pyramid Can

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Arnold Layne
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Spam in a Pyramid Can

Post by Layne »

Good morning or evening, Dark Elves.

Observant members will note that we have been recieving a lot of advertising spam lately. This is a quick note to say, they are almost invariably posted by automated spambots. Don't waste your e-breath replying to these posts, just report them.

Thanks for your time and help.

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Post by Gnosis »

Allow me to place just a little bit of emphasis on not replying to spam posts: every response you place needs to be removed will mean more work for us mods, so DO NOT REPLY TO THEM!
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Mr. anderson
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Post by Mr. anderson »

Not only that - reacting to posts of a spammer will mean that the message you posted is going to be considered spam as well. In short - just ignore them. Attention is what they want, and it is exactly what we will not give them.

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