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After visiting uthulauan.org (yeah I spelled it wrong) and seeing their Book of Days section, I think that Druchii.net should get something like this. Many users (myself included) do not always read the newest White Dwarf and often miss out on important story developments (such as the death of Kouran). Something that was not a forum or a forum where only moderators could post information dedicated to the proggression of the DE story according to GW would be great. You could simply sumarize everything and at least tell us the basics. I think this would be a great addition to an already great site. I also wish to thank all those who make this site work. Thank you.
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that's a cool idea.
but you'll need feedback of one of the admins
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great id, i stil ditn't get my WD this month! does anybody els in the netherlands have that prob?

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I think this is a job for the Cult of Pleasure. When we have some free time, we'll get on it. :mrgreen:
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