Warhammer: Invasion - Dark Elves

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Warhammer: Invasion - Dark Elves

Post by Darthvegeta800 »

Anyone of you play Fantasy Flight games' Limited Card Game?
The Dark Elves are steadily coming into it's own their and the art is most pleasing to the eye.
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Post by L1qw1d »

ive never tried it- good company tho. if i find an "art of" book i'll have to check it out
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Post by Jadin »

Yes I play it. I run a heavy sorceress list with some control to stop my opponent from really getting his resource engine going.
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Re: Warhammer: Invasion - Dark Elves

Post by van Awful »

I just learned of the excistence of this cardgame.
Is it any good? is the basic(core)set enough for a couple of fun games, or do you need to buy a lot of expansionsets as well?

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