Warmaster Campaign 3000 pts

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Warmaster Campaign 3000 pts

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So I'd never played Warmaster until recently when I was thrown into a campaign by a friend who needed another player. Well as it stands I got a TK army to play with and am highly enjoying the list. So the thing you would need to know from here is that in this campaign we have the option of taking +1 Artillery, +1 Monster, or +1 cavalry over what would normally be allowed. I decided to take an extra Skull Chukka cuz who doesn't like confusion on a 4+?

Tomb King: 260
Zombie Dragon, Scepter of Sovereignty

Liche Priest: 120
Magic Ring

Liche Priest: 120
Staff of Dispelling

Liche Priest: 100
+1 to cast wand

Liche Priest: 100
Rod of Repetition

Liche Priest: 90

Liche Priest 90

x6 Skeletons: 180

x6 Bowmen: 270

x3 Carrion: 195

x3 Bone Thrower: 195

x4 Skull Chukka: 340

x2 Bone Giants: 250

Chariots: 120
Sword of Destruction

Chariots: 120
Sword of Might

Chariots: 120
Sword of Cleaving

x3 Chariots: 330

So that is the list that I have been running for 1 of my armies. Seeing as I have 3 for the campaign my other option would be to use the Bone Giants as stand ins for the Sphinx. Doing so I would drop all the magic items from the Liche Priests but the Magic Ring.
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