Dark Heresy Mini ideas!

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Dark Heresy Mini ideas!

Post by Svarthofthi »

My roommate is throwing a Dark Heresy campaign and we decided to randomly roll for everything, which is a fun idea.

I happened to roll a cleric; with very nice beginning stats no less. I am wondering though where I could find some nice models for an Imperium Cleric, some stuff is close on the GW website, but if any of my fellow druchii know some good mini sites with some good ideas I'd like to hear them! Thanks in advance.
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Arnold Layne
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Post by Layne »

In 28mm you might try some Warmachine stuff. Added bonus, if everybody else goes GW yours will be bigger! Foundry has a range of sci-fi type minis. You might find something there. They are in fact the same guys who sculpted a lot of the early GW stuff [and some of the later stuff, especially LotR].
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