Warmachine or Malifaux

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Warmachine or Malifaux

Post by Katon »

Ive been a Warhammer player for over a decade now, ive always loved Wargamming and Games workshop has been there to supply me with my fix.

Lately with price increases and the game to me becoming a little boring I find myself wanting to play something a little different.
A quick look around and I find that the options are somewhat limited to my tatses. Fantasy is my poison but im struggling to find something to rival Games workshop.

So far I have found:

Warmachine and Malifaux.

If you don’t know what they are Google is your friend.

Has anyone here player either or experienced either and can offer me any reason to shelf my warhammer and pick up something different.
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Post by xFallenx »

I'm taking a serious look at Malifaux to paint in between my DE units. I really like playing in 8th ed, but seeing as 75% of my army is basecoat, I don't get many large games in. I've been looking for other models to paint to change things up and believe that Malifaux will be the direction. As far as the game, I would be interested to hear from others what they think as well.
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Post by Dyvim tvar »

I know nothing about Malifaux, but I think that Warmachine/Hordes is a really fun game. As long as there are people in your area to play, I say give it a shot.
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Post by Blaznak »

Malifaux for the uber cool minis. Also realtively inexpensive.
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Post by Durzod »

Having played both, I'd say I prefer Malifaux. It's much cheaper (Warmachine rivals WHFB in that respect) and the system is more unique and less prone to "gotta buy the newest stuff to remain competitive". You can go forever with a starter box and remain just as competitive. Provided you continue tp play at the same point levels.

Using playing cards to resolve things makes the game a lot more interesting (as well as a chance to get out from under the Dice Gods), and since both sides draw to figure out what happened, it allows the players to have more of a say in what happens, as opposed to one side rolls dice and that's it.

So far I haven't found one faction that is dominant or more powerful than the others. Everyone has a chance.

Not to belittle Warmachine. You can;t deny the appeal of giant steam-powered robots! However for me I think they've taken the "Play like you've got a pair" philosophy too far. There's something to be said for brains, too. But there are a lot of people out there who love the game despite it's (to me) faults. Which means that finding opponents would be easier.

What it seems to boil down to is this:

Malifaux as a Change-of-Pace diversion.

Warmachine as a change of mainstream game.

Hope this helps. I'm sure we'll get responses from the Warmachine crowd now!

Also have you looked a Kings of War, Mantic's fantasy game? The rules are supposedly free and the base sizes are identical. Written by Alessio, I understand they're simpler than WHFB. Just don't know (unless you have a group of people fed up with GW) how easy it'll be to drum up interest. So far it hasn't caught on where I am.
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Post by Jadin »

I play both and I prefer Malifaux for the reasons listed above. I like the small scale skirmish game and the card mechanic is great.
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Post by Tzelok »

Never played Malifaux but I play Hordes (the "fantasy" version of warmachine if you will).

Costwise, the models are priced similar to GW, you just need considerably less models to play a proper sized game so overall its a savings but not on a per model basis.

As a game, I found it was different enough from the GW rules that it was an interesting change of pace.

At the end of the day though its no fun playing a game with nobody to play it with, so find out what game people in your area are playing and give it a whirl.
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Post by Katon »

I have been leading to Malifaux for awhile. I have read a handful of reviews and have found no major negatives that put me off the game.

The cheap setup costs of just a rule book and a starter set tick my boxes for money saving and the game looks balanced for each faction rather than certain ones having advantages that outweigh others.
You only buy additional models if you like them and want them, rather than because they are uber powerful or open up some broken combo.

The card style of play is indeed something unique as it offers a different dynamic to dice rolls and you can actively change a bad draw of a card if you so wish or let it stand.
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Post by Marauder mitch2 »

Well 1st time i have been back in a while and i have been playing a lot of WM/H. Both systems are great and both are a change from WFB. If i was you i would get the rules books read them from both systems and play either or both.

Shame about some people struggling to find games although WFB games are easier i love WM games as they are on the edge of you seat for a lot and you can lose a game by misjudging something but it has a really steep learning curve.
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Post by Dark Alliance »

I gave up playing wfb two years ago now, and switched totally to Hordes and Warmachine. I had tried it when it first came out, but due to various reasons never continued with it.

Now I'm playing it again I find I get ALL of my hobby needs fulfilled. I have played Legion and Menoth and it's just awesome. The gaming scene is expanding all the time for this system and the tournament scene is just awesome!

Give it a try.
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