New Asscannon out now!

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New Asscannon out now!

Post by Karak Norn Clansman »

An English sculptor has recently released a brand new take on the old asscannon, that unreleased monster of yore going for silly sums on Ebay. True to the original, with some advantages over it such as bulging veins, rear leg manacles and other details.

Check it out here!

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Re: New Asscannon out now!

Post by Daeron »

Hahaha! The competition on this concept is fierce.
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Re: New Asscannon out now!

Post by Darkprincess »

Daeron wrote:Hahaha! The competition on this concept is fierce.

Ahh, the Hellcannon of Slaanesh has arrived :twisted:

Although the pose he put the doll into is almost identical to my old Barbie doll conversion of the "Dominatrix - Overfiend of Slaanesh", which was pretty much the same thing (except that mine had a bondage hook in her ass, rather than a firework, was not encumbered by any clothes, and was covered in Carnifex bits (hence her popular nickname in the chatroom of "The Barbiefex"). Oh yeah and she had been made anatomically correct with the judicious application of Milliput and Green Stuff :mrgreen:

At this point (and since we've now found the level), I guess I should get on with refining my own Slaaneshi Hellcannon ideas... (well, since GW have stopped selling their version... :twisted: )

Gotta love it :)

Isn't it amazing what you can buy in Poundland these days? LOL :)

And there was me thinking I could make a Slaaneshi Hydra out of one of those things...
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Re: New Asscannon out now!

Post by Saintofm »

GW, take notes! This is how it should be done!
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Re: New Asscannon out now!

Post by cultofkhaine »

I fell off my chair - damn that was funny!!!!!
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Re: New Asscannon out now!

Post by Killerk »

Other then WTF :shock:, no comment :o_O: .
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Re: New Asscannon out now!

Post by direweasel »

Thank god there's a new one - the old one stinks! :P

Thank you, that is all.
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