GW's Made to Order Scheme

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GW's Made to Order Scheme

Post by Jolemai »

(Guess this is the right forum?)

So, this week's pre-orders were Astra Militarum models from the Made to Order Scheme. Basically, when they go up you have 48 hours to get your orders in, with any really popular ones staying open for another 48 hours (and so on). These are then cast up and dispatched to you within 28 days.

Are there any Druchii/WFB models you'd like and/or expect to see?
What do you think of the scheme as a whole?

I see it as a natural evolution of what they did a few months ago when clearing the WFB stock - they put a bunch of stuff up again for another run and it got snapped up very quickly. The Guard stuff has proven popular and many are clamouring for Diaznettes to be the next one released. It's certainly an interesting scheme for a barren week on the release schedule!
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Re: GW's Made to Order Scheme

Post by The_Peacemaker »

I think its good. But 48hours is way to short. Tons of customers will miss out because people have lives. They should keep it open for a week or 5 business days.
Part of it is that they want yo start casting the orders. And part of it is panic sales.

I dont check GW site every day nor do i get emails from them. So i need at least a week to hear about it from other sources.

I do like the pricing. They didnt increase it.

Im not really sure if i want anything from the old dark elf range. It wasnt that great and even nostalgia has to have some decent looks.

For Fantasy i would like to get throgg. He sold out pretty quick in the last chance to buy. ....if didnt get it because it was finecast. If its in metal i will get it.
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