Kings of War - Twilight Elves

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Kings of War - Twilight Elves

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Hi folks,

I'm going to be doing some stuff with Kings of War's Twilight Kin soon. I just looked at their army list and wanted to check whether I had the equivalencies right for my models. Anyone with knowledge of KoW can confirm or correct?

- Spearmen (Warriors with Spears)
- Crossbowmen (RxBs)
- Buccaneers (Corsairs)
- Shadows (Shades)
- Reaper Guard (Black Guard)
- Blade Dancers (Witch Elves)
- Gargoyles (Harpies)
- Lower Abyssals (Demonic Infantry / but could sub in Executioners?)
- Dark Knights Cavalry (Cold One Knights but on horses?)
- Heralds of Woe (Dark Riders)
- Abyssal Riders (Demonic Cavalry?)
- Darkscythe Chariots (Cold One Chariots)
- Twilight Bolt Thrower (Reaper Bolt Thrower)
- Twilight Dragon (Black Dragon)
- Hydra (Hydra)
- Dark Lord (Dreadlord)
- Dark Avenger (Master)
- High Priestess of the Abyss (Supreme Sorceress / Sorceress)
- Army Standard Bearer (Master as BSB)
- Twilight Assassin (Assassin)
- Archfiend of the Abyss (Demon Prince)
- Ba’su’su the Vile (Demon Prince Character)

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