Re-appraising my Chaos Space Marines

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Re-appraising my Chaos Space Marines

Post by Gnosis »

Hey guys,

I've recently discovered a GW store opened up in Ghent a few months back, and they're running a campaign. So I've dug in after a long period of inactivity with the hobby, and I'm looking to enlarge the 750 points mini-tourney list of CSM I built almost three years ago:

Daemon Prince - Wings, Lash of Submission: 175

8 Chaos Space Marines - Champion with Power fist, plasmagun: 175
8 Chaos Space Marines - Champion with Power fist, plasmagun: 175

Obliterator: 75
Obliterator: 75
Obliterator: 75

= 750 points, 20 models.

I've been playing this list with decent results for three years, but I'm seeing the gaps in the balance. I've got the anti-tank covered decently with my Obliterators, got some power armour killiness with the plasma, got a lot of disruption from the Lash, but...

First off, close combat potential; right now it's zilch, apart from the multi-tasking CSM. To that end, I'm painting up some Berzerkers (conversions to fit the Slaanesh theme) and I've also got some Lesser Daemons, potentially. The unit would be:

10 Berzerkers - Champion with power weapon, 2x meltagun

But here's the catch: Vehicles. I don't want any. Or if I want any, I want many. Just one Rhino for my Berzerkers will be blown up in no time, so I'd have to either buy Rhinos for my CSM as well or invest in shooty vehicles which would bump into my already crowded Heavy section.

With the Berzerkers and the Daemons I'd arrive at about 1200 points, but that's without transports and the lot. In the campaign I can currently field a maximum of 1400 points.

So, have any thoughts?
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Post by Grandmasterfred »

perhaps a squad of plaguemarines to sit on objectives or to hide other units behind?
or perhaps some terminators with auto cannons?

or havoks with autocannons can do a good deal of damadge(i speak from experiance)
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Post by Mr_piechee »

perhaps don't bother with Berzerkers and just use lesser daemons instead. Get an icon on each of your CSM units and then two or more units of LD. That way they lie 'safely' in the warp until they are needed, and you don't need to worry about transports, and you can keep with the slaanesh theme. With the extra points you might be able to squeeze another CSM unit, or maybe another daemon prince.

(With the space between posts i guess the tournament has already started?)
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