Sisters of Battle + Inquisitor Lord 2000pts - For Tournament

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Sisters of Battle + Inquisitor Lord 2000pts - For Tournament

Post by Rkhatzar »

After some deep examination's of th ed rules, I've reconstructed my army.
I'm going to play it on some tournaments, but only those with allow Forge World as I can't find any alternative for my Valkyrias [I've got 3 and now I'm forced to use 1;/]. I love multimeltas, and short rang fire fights.
Q: Does template flamer + divine guidance combo is still deadly and legal?

So here's my list:

Troops 638
SoB |20| VSS, Book, HF, Stormbolter - 256
SoB |20| VSS, Book, Brazier of Holly Fire, HF, F - 267
IST |5| 2x Plasma Guns - 70 + Rhino 35

Fast Attack 290
Seraphines |5| 2x Inferno Pistol - 150
Seraphines |5| 5x MeltaBombs - 140

Heavy Support 527
Retributors |10| 3HB, 1MM, VSS, Book - 199 + Rhino 35
Retributors |9| 3MM, VSS, Book - 188 + Rhino 35
Orbital Lance Strike - 70

Elites: 155
Calexus Assassin - 105
Inquisitor + Divine Pronouncement - 50 [+ Combi-Plasma10]

HQ: 412

Inquisitor Lord - 302 + Valkyria 110
- Divine Pronuncment
- Word of Emperror
3 Accolites - 2xPower Armor+ Mancacher, 1xBrazier of Holly Fire
3 Warriors - 1 Crusader, 1 Combat Servitor, 1 Veteran Guard - Plasma Gun
3 Chirurgeon
2 Familiar
- Hexagramic Ward, Digital Weapons, Purity Seals, Brazier of Holly Fire, Power Weapon

Total 2020
11: |Models: 97 + 4 Vehicles|

Rhinos are there mostly to cover advancement, - MM Retributors will embark Valjkyria and backup Lord Inquisitor.
IST are there to hide and take mission objectives, and to provide cheap Rhino - points from revision from Imperial Armour II.

Two huge units of SoB will play nicely in Spearhead Scenario.
Culexus - Soulless combine with Divine Pronuncment witch can help taking objectives.
Seraphines are mostly distractors, also source of Faith Points, and Tank Hunters.

IG for same point limits will get about 145 Models.
But such a hudge number can plug one self on some denseier tables, and be distracted by Orbital Lance Strike.
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