Q: IG - platons

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Q: IG - platons

Post by Rkhatzar »

How does Platoons work on field, do whole extra large unit chose one target, or every part of it do?

You have to kill whole platoon to get one kill point in annihilation scenario, or you kill 1 support weapon and get 1 kill point?

Or tank platoon - 3 tanks - kill one get 0 kill points?
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Post by Brad »

Each individual squad is totally independent for all purposes, so far as I know.

They also have a special rule about combining the Infantry squads into one (or more) larger squads. These combined squads, again, count as a single unit for all game purposes.
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Post by Fingol23 »

Each squad you kill gives you a kill point. So a platoon is worth one killpoint for the command squad, one for each infantry squad (or one in total for a combined infantry squad) and then one for each support squad.

Tank squadrons count as units so its one kill point for the entire squadron
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