Character Creation (obsolete)

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Character Creation (obsolete)

Post by Alcing ragaholic »

EDIT: This is no longer the current Character Creation thread. The current thread may be found here.

Drainial, on behalf of the RPG moderators

Welcome to all the DNet RPG players, and welcome back to the veterans ;). These are the rules you need to follow to create a DNet RPG Character. Please make only ONE post in this thread, which should be your character. When a moderator transfers you to his group, he will move your character to his Group itself.

Please follow the directions below in order to make a character.

WARNING: Read the Item Rules BEFORE you make a character.


Character Name: This one should be fairly obvious. You need a name.
Character Height and Weight: Just a little physical description for the others to see you by.
Character Age: Your age, in elven terms of course. Aim between 90 and 300, though it is not absolutely necessary.
Other Descriptions: Hair colour, eye colour, clothes, scars, tattoos... all that goes here.
Character Class:Choose from the following-- Shade,Trainee of Khaine, Warrior, and Rogue Mage. The full rules regarding mages can be found here.
Character Background: This is where you tell us about your character's history. The better the background, the more likely your character gets picked sooner than later.

You have 18 points to distribute amongst your 5 different statistics. No more, though you may use less [no real benefit to that, though]. No stat can have more than 5 points in it, and each stat has to have at least one point in it. There are other restrictions below.

Weapon Skill (WS): How good your character is at fighting in melee, whether armed or unarmed.
Strength (S): How strong your character is. This will obviously be used for any strenuous phsyical activity.
Toughness (T): How durable your character is.
Dexterity (D): How fast and agile your character is.
Intelligence (I): How smart your character is. This doubles as your roleplaying stat... because your intelligence is what your Mod will use to see whether you are playing your character correctly.

If you are a Shade, your minimum Dexterity has to be a 3.
If you are a Warrior, your minimum Strength has to be a 3.
If you are a Trainee, your minimum Weapon Skill has to be a 3.
If you are a Rogue Mage, your minimum Intelligence has to be 3.

This is the gear your character starts with. As you progress through a mission, you can get more gear, and upon completion, you can buy more gear.

Shade: Short Sword, Repeater Crossbow and Shade Cloak.
Trainee: Short Sword and Dagger
Warrior: Long Sword, Shield and Light Armour (may swap Long Sword for a Repeater Crossbow and Dagger)
Rogue Mage: Dagger, Staff and Robes

This gear is what you start with, no exceptions unless your Group Moderator allows you to get more.

These are the skills that your character starts with. They can gain more each time they level up.

Shade: Basic Stealth.
Trainee: Two Weapon Fighting, Uncontrollable Frenzy.
Warrior: None... you get much better equipment to offset the lack of starting skills.
Rogue Mage: Any one first level Power of Magic skill. See the full Mage and Magic rules for the full list of abilities.

Well, that's all you need to make a character in the RPG. You are now ready to play in the DNET RPG!

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Post by Silic »

Name: Cavil Norovir
Height / Weight: 6'0'', 135 lbs
Age: 105
Other: Thin, jet-black hair. His eyes are a bit too close together, and his chin and nose are pointed, giving him the appearance of being far too straight and lean.

Class: Rogue Mage
Background: Cavil was born into a small and ragged House on the extreme outskirts of Clar Karond. The House of Norovir had been shoved from city to city over the past few decades, their weakness and diplomatic ineptitude costing them much. Most recently, House Norovir was displaced from their scavenging spot on the drydocks by a viscous House Rorvin. In typical dreadful and pitiful fashion, House Norovir fled their enemies and bought out an old armory on the fringes of the city. House Norovir survived, but its existence is nothing less than deplorable.

Perhaps in a showing of mercy by the gods, Cavil no longer has anything to do with House Norovir. Cavil was born to the Matriarch of House Norovir and raised in the arts of diplomacy and politics. His training and life was nothing more than lackluster, spending far too much time with what few slaves the House could afford and far too little time with his mentor, who, even then, was merely an old mercenary who hadn't been employed for some time.

Over time, the unwealthy, spoiled prince fostered a sense for the Winds of Magic. He could feel the winds' pull on his mind, their waxes and wanes giving him confidence at their peaks and lethargy at their lulls. Cavil kept this ability hidden from all, for the evils of a male sorcerer were well known even to his educators... that is to say, until during a night of drunken debauchery, Cavil spoke all to his old tutor. The tutor, seeing a chance to make some extra gold, attempted to sell the secret to the Matriarch of House Norovir...

In a night of poorly aimed anger, the Matriarch swept through the House, killing slaves she could ill afford to replace and the old tutor. Cavil fled that night, hearing the echos throughout the house, and never returned to his pitiful life as prince of a doomed House.

Cavil has survived for 10 years amidst the beggars and destitute of Clar Karond. His ability to warp the shadows has saved him from more than one conscription campaign from the greater houses, and the cutthroats of the rough streets know to keep away from his things.

The proclamations of a mercenary comp forming have peaked Cavil's curiosity, and he has taken it upon himself to scratch out a better life for himself than among the wretched of Clar Karond.

W: 4
S: 2
T: 3
D: 4
I: 5

Starting equipment: staff, dagger, robes
starting skills: Power of Ulgu (1)
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Post by Squanto315 »

Name:Drakalor Alito
Height/Weight: 6ft 195 lbs
Description: Long black hair down to his shoulders, strange bottomless green eyes, tattoo of a kraken sinking a high elf ship on his back, various scars on his wrists and arms due to knife fights as a boy.
Class: Warrior
Background: Drakalor grew up on the docks of Clar Karond, alone without family or friends. To survive he caught and ate rats, most of the time without even cooking them. there were other kids around the docks, and they stayed in packs to survive, like wolves they hunted loners around the docks. None were safe from these roving packs, they killed and stole without bias. He grew hard and rigid, the cool wind blowing off the water buffeting him as he slept in the coils of rope beside the great corsair ships. He dreamt of one day sailing aboard those same ships, to cross the seas looting and killing all he came upon. The riches he would gobble up, no more would he be a street rat hunting other rats, he would become a Helldrake hunting everything, and fearing nothing. To satisfy him for the moment he stuck to stealing from shops and those unlucky to be wondering the docks alone. Killing these helpless souls helped emty his appetite for slaughter, but it did not fufill his desires he could not become rich like this. He needed to travel and terrorize the world and get rich, he couldnt forget that.
Equipment: Long Sword,Shield, Light Armour
No Starting Skills
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Post by Sulphunet »

Name: Asperon Vraneth
Height/Weight: 6'3, 185lbs
Age: 428
Sex: Male
Description: Barechested and strongly built, Asperon keeps his dagger in hand at all times. Brilliant blue eyes and maroon hair makes him an oddity in Druchii culture. He has a scar down the length of his left arm from childhood.
Class: Trainee of Khaine

Background: He had escaped the Temple of Khaine when just a young boy, and the Witch Elves are not happy about it. He had been given minimal training to be an assassin and he had quite a bit of weapons practice in the brief time he was there. For centuries now he has been running from the Witch Elves and hiring himself out as a cheap assassin. Cheap, but effective

WS - 5
S - 4
T - 3
D - 3
I - 3

Equipment: short sword, dagger
Skills: Two weapon fighting, Uncontrollable Frenzy

Just a bit of friendly advice, you should expand the background allot if you want to get picked. Someone should be able to read your background and play your character from it, personality is needed and a more detailed history. -Drainial RPG mod
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Post by Drainial »

Ladies and gentlemen this is no longer the current character creation thread. The moderators have updated the rules for character creation and as such a new thread has been created, all those wishing to join an RPG group should read the revised rules and repost there in line with the new system. This thread will not be deleted but for ease of reference all posts here will be sent back to the original poster via pm. We apologise for the inconvenience but hope that you enjoy playing under the new system.

This is a link to the new and current character creation thread

-Drainial on behalf of the RPG moderators.
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