what is a trainee of khaine supposed to be?

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Post by Tarbo »

Soulsmith wrote:isnt calling them a trainee of khaine a little limiting? I mean that means they have to have come from the temple
The one doesn't necessarily imply the other. Had it been 'Trainee of the Temple of Khaine', then yes, I would have to agree there is an implied association with the Temple, but as it stands... Besides, going by this logic, a warrior would need to be in the army, and shades would have to be raised in shade clans.

Still, perhaps 'disciple' leaves more room for interpretation then 'trainee' currently does.
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Post by Darkdoom »

Just btw a assasin is raised by the temple/the king from childhood on seperated from his family to perfect his skills. To me that doesn't realy sound like the "normal" guy, but a bit over powered compared to a normal warrior(army book 6 points against 90). IMOP the is no way to become a assasin in the army books sense in a normal rpg. That would be like starting as a master (80points).
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Post by Tarbo »

You don't need to adhere to the official fluff and view of the "assassin" as presented in the army book. You are correct in that it would take a lot of time and effort to reach that level of competence, but lesser elves can be deadly assassins just as much.
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Post by Zardock »

Well my trainee is just an ex corsair who believes he was blessed by Khaine and so fights in the Druchii armies, like a travelling 'bard' as such, teaching the ways of Khaine to those foolish enough to get in the way of the Druchii.
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Post by Senluthan »

I am all new to this! but trainee of Khaine would probably later in the RPG be able to control his frenzy?
Or perhaps a better question is which char would be best to create a potential leader with 2 hand weapons? ...
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Post by Desmodeus »

Well, if you look at the skills, that's exactly what you can do, Controlled Frenzy is a skill requiring Frenzy, and Frenzy requires Uncontrolled Frenzy.
As far as I can tell, all the character classes can have Ambidexterity and Two Handed Fighting...

However, this thread's been dead since Nov '09.
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Post by Kinslayer »

I'm suprised this one is still going, I made this thread when I first started Roleplaying on the site over a year ago!

All classes can become a 'leader' with two hand weapons... but if you mean something along the lines of a DE Master then you would want to be a Warrior. That said, our RP character are not of hero level and probably never will be. My oldest Group 22 members have been gaming for 14 months now and in this time have levelled up by a few stats and skills each, making them probably on par with a regiment leader, but not an army leader.
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