A simple question...

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A simple question...

Post by Marious »

Morvai, or if your not around...Is Morvai still taking PM's for the Tales of Vikarn sticky?

And if you are or he isn't, can I just edit this thread to contain a few things I have written about a character and would just like to post up for everyone to read. It doesn't look like any Groups are accepting now, which I get, but I just wanted to see if I could post something for others to read or even ignore.

Again I just really wanna write for this character lol
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Post by Tarbo »

As far as I know, Morvai isn't actively visiting the site anymore. He does pop in once every while, but not on a regular basis. Morv appointed me as his replacement somewhere around January 2008, and I've been taking over his duties ever since.

If you'd like to post something about your character, there are several venues you could take. If it's tightly related to Vikarh, you can PM it to me (or just put it here) and I'll post it up for you. If it's not really related to Vikarh, you can post it as an individual thread in this forum. Ultimately, if it's not really related to the RPG either, you can put it in the History of the Druchii forum.

Sorry it took a while to answer this. I've been busy preparing the SAU.
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