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Other race rpg forums

Post by Dauricha »

Hello all

To start with thank you for getting me addicted to the rpg forum style of play that is done on this website.

But to my main point. I love being a deadly dark elf, but does anyone know of any other online rpg forums that do the same sort of thing that is done here but say for Dwarf, Orcs, Humans etc, in the warhammer world???

I would love to hear of them, and if you could post the links here that would be great.

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Post by Kinslayer »

I started the Path of Chaos RPG over on Chamber of the Everchosen. You are a chaos marauder but can choose one of the four gods as your patron. It was only one game, so may not have any player slots available now, and you would have to contact the member now running it.
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Post by Chosen of the asur »

I'm a mod for RPG over at WFB reporter http://battlereporter.freeforums.org/

If you have any intrest PM me here or there my user name being Son Of Khaine over there,hop I helped Son Of Khaine
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