Character Creation Cleanup (again) / RPG mods needed!

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Character Creation Cleanup (again) / RPG mods needed!

Post by Kinslayer »

Please note, this is just a temporary Announcement to all current RPG players and/or members interested in participating in an RPG.
I will take this notice down once the Character Creation Cleanup process is complete, which should give everyone enough time to view it.

You may remember me doing one of these 'Cleanups' back in August, or you may not, but here comes another one. There has been some misfortune in the RPG community here very recently, with groups closing and things occuring I do not wish to discuss. There are, as always, an apparent shortage of RPG hosts too. I am starting to consider reopening Group 23 with new players if the Modless situation stays for much longer, but I first need to know if I, and the players, will be dedicated enough. I would also rather give the oppertunity to host to someone without a group, and I'm sure my current players would appreciate it more if I continue to focus my dedication on them.

I'll be PMing everyone with a character in the creation pool shortly. This PM will simply request a reply if you wish to keep your character in the pool. Anybody who does not reply will once again have their character deleted, and we the Mods will be able to see who is still ready to play. I would also urge that some of you consider giving RPG modding a try, as to get a few more groups going and hopefully give all those members waiting somewhere to play. We're down to only 4 open groups right now, let's turn that around!

Please reply to the PM by Christmas if you want to keep that character alive.

Please speak to Tarbo or an RPG mod if you are considering RPG Modding.


Hi there. This PM has been sent to everyone with a character in the creation pool, so if you're reading it now that means you've shown an interest in joining the Dnet RPG. I ask you to please strongly consider whether or not you have the necessary time and dedication to actually join a group. If so, please reply to this message by Christmas Day, and I will keep your character in the creation pool.

If you are seriously interested in Roleplaying on the site, I would also urge you to consider applying to be a GM (Game Mod) on the site. There are only 4 open groups at the moment, and although it takes more time and dedication to actually run a group than just play in one, Group Modding is just as rewarding, if not more so. If you want to find out more please speak to Tarbo or an RPG mod, or fill out the RPG Mod Application found Stickied at the top of the Character Creation & Trading forum.


As I am going to be away over Christmas, the Cleanup was just done now. Thanks for those players that PMed me wishing to remain in the pool, and some of you have already been taken into new groups!

Thanks to everyone who got in touch about being a group mod, and a special thanks to those that have opened a group!

For the first time in a long time, the pool is relatively empty and there are plenty of groups :twisted:
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