Druchii play-by-post dnd 3.5 campaign?

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Druchii play-by-post dnd 3.5 campaign?

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I found myself wanting to DM a Druchii 3.5 campaign for a long time, though figured the audience on my play by post site would be tiny. I was just wondering if anyone (preferably familiar with 3.5, though no massive amount of experience necessary) would be interested?

The classes would likely be restricted to rogue / fighter / cleric / wizard for player characters (Rogue-y types, Warrior types / Disciples of Khaine / Sorceress')

The players would find themselves in the employ of a wealthy Highborn to make sure his fourth son makes it back from his Hakseer alive and, preferably, rich. The players decide they all want him dead for continually making horrible decisions that nearly kills the crew and the players, and mutiny is afoot.

Would be looking for 2-4 players!
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Moved to CC&T: the RPG thread would be the place for the game itself, not a discussion thread considering it. Thanks.
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