Good RP and Bad RP.

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Good RP and Bad RP.

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So how do you ensure you roleplay your character well, and convincingly? Firstly, read up on some lore. You can find plenty around, and information about Druchii society and stereotypes which give you a good idea of how they would be as people.

Imagine how your character would react to certain things, what they would say. Druchii are cruel, vicious, intelligent beings. They revel in the suffering of their enemies, and are avaricious, seeking power and wealth. They choose their allies carefully, as each sees another as a threat. Intrigue and secrets are common, and the weak are shown no mercy.

It really isn't that hard. You don't need to come up with an elaborate story.

To help prevent the atmosphere in the thread you are RPing in devolving into something not unlike a Brazilian soap opera, please bear the following in mind;

1. "Look at Meeee!" roleplay is bad. If you need to go attention seeking through ridiculous and wild plots and character behaviour, something's not right. It really annoys people. There's no need to be a drama queen. Just chill!

2. Relationships. Druchii do not adopt relatives from other races (i.e. Humans, Greenskins, Skaven), nor would they marry with someone of another race. They seldom settle down; marriage tends to be for political purposes. Whilst the women are free to do as they please, if a male druchii is involved in a relationship and "plays away" it is seen as weak. So if he does give in to his desires he keeps it quiet. Classic canon sorceresses are kept in isolation in a coven and would be protected from male attentions. Canon witch elves consider themselves to be brides of Khaine, but their sadistic tendencies can lead to dark rituals whereby their victims are seduced then torn apart. It is not uncommon for male druchii raiders to enjoy the spoils of conquest before slaying them or taking them for slavery. This includes torturing their victims to death as well as defiling them. Although the latter happens, for the sake of the good taste, we don't tend to go on about this in depth, although hinting is fine if used in context.

3. "I'm half High Elf". Wrong. If a female High Elf was captured by a Druchii, they might be used as a plaything, but would then be murdered. If she got pregnant, the child would be sacrificed to Khaine. If she escaped whilst pregnant, she'd either take a poison to miscarry, or the child would be taken off her and killed by her fellow High Elves. Under no circumstances would a High Elf choose to have a relationship with a Dark Elf, and vice versa. There is only one rare exception - if a Druchii used magical disguise to infiltrate a High Elf household for spying. It is unheard of in Warhammer lore for a child to be the result of such a deceit.

4. Suicidal tendencies. Suicide is not the death of choice of a druchii. It is weak and dishonourable. It would only be considered if the druchii faced a fate worse than death and had no other way out. But it happens once, and then the character dies! Trying to top yourself because "she doesn't love me" or "I'm so emotionally damaged" over and over again wears thin very quickly. If the Morathi was murdered because you did something incredibly stupid, then fair enough. But for it to work, you'd need to delete your character as they would be dead.

5. Romance. Certain people like to relationships with their characters, and can often take things to PM or chat channels such as MSN. You really have to be careful with this.
a. You have no idea who you are talking to. This is the internet after all! They could be a minor, someone posing as someone they are not (i.e. male posing as female, etc), or they could be a complete weirdo.
b. Most people get totally freaked out if you drop "cybering" on them.
c. You could find yourself with a ban for harassment.
So be careful if you decide to head down this route!

6. Respect. We take our roleplaying seriously. As such, your character should treat his or her fellow roleplayers with the respect their rank or status shows. Druchii have a very complex set of social rules. Only the roughest of corsairs pays no heed to this, and his life is often forfeit for slighting a superior!

7. Godmoding. You must not overwrite someone's chance to react to your behaviour. You can't run up to someone's character and write that you chop their leg off. You could however run up to them and describe swinging your sword towards their shin, aiming to sever it. This then gives them an opportunity to respond. The only person allowed to direct your actions apart from you, is the Mod. Other examples of godmoding include character godmoding. "I am the son of Malus Darkblade"... "I have been possessed by a daemon and am uber"... "I am the Drachau of Clar Karond"... You'll quickly lose respect as a roleplayer, and will be the butt of jokes or frustration if you try. Bear in mind that if you have an unusual power, ability, or skill, you had better have a damn good reason for this, and have backed it up and explained it in your character profile.

8. Age. "I'm 5000 years old". No you're not. Druchii are not immortal. 2500 is the extreme limit of a Dark Elf's lifespan. And if you do RP an elf this age, you'd better know your lore! As a guide, 300 years is the maximum age for a character on the RP forums.

9. Babies. A human pregnancy takes 9 months. It's not clear how long the pregnancy of a druchii is, but I'd imagine it would be around the same, perhaps even a little longer. You can't pop a baby out a week after announcing "I'm pregnant!". Infant mortality rates are high, and the Temple of Khaine often takes babies to be sent to the cauldron of blood.

10. Be patient! Listen (i.e. read) what is going on around you in a roleplaying session. Don't just come out with random stuff. Follow the flow of conversation as you would in real life. Let everyone have their turn, and read all the posts prior to yours.

11. RL and RP are separate. You can RP as nasty a character as you like, but out of character we expect good behaviour and respect. RP is not to be used as a thin veil for RL nastiness!!

12. Don't squabble in the OOC thread. Debate, and asking questions for clarity are fine. Making suggestions respectfully is also okay. But don't act like an arse. No matter your experience, or opinion, treat your fellow roleplayers and Mod with the respect you would desire for yourself. If you have an issue or problem with another member, PM the Mod, or Forum Moderator.
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