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Horus Heresy RPG

Post by Kinslayer »

I am planning another type of sideline RPG to run alongside the main game, I have mentioned this once before but now would like to give it a shot. The Path of Chaos (Marauder RPG) and the Blood Bowl RPG were both good fun, and I want to give at least one of those another shot too, but first I'd like to try this. With the Forgeworld book 'Betrayal' just around the corner I'm hoping some Horus Heresy interest will be stirred, and as I'm back on the novels I am really keen to try this myself.

The game will play like a normal RPG, with players selecting a character from one of the seven Legions that participated in the Isstvan V dropsite massacre. All of these marines will have to interact together as part of a team, so will (at least at first) be loyalist members of their respective legions. As the game progresses I want personal choice to be a big part of the game, essential to your survival in a very hostile environment, and players will be free to make the choice between treachery and loyalty (although openly declaring yourself a traitor amidst a group of loyalist players may be a bad idea).

I'll come up with a system for picking statistics and skills, and each Legion will also have it's own attribute your character must follow. Weapons I may randomise, or leave as each player carrying a bolter.

So, is anyone interested? Don't be shy! ;)
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Post by Drainial »

Tempting, very tempting. I do already have 28 and 22 but it is very tempting. I would like to see the system and if anyone else is interested before commiting to anything.
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Post by Smiler666 »

I don't know much about the Heresy-era of 40k (coincidentally I just bought the first of the Horus Heresy books yesterday), but if the system turns out agreeable I'd be happy to put my hat, or rather mk IV helmet, in the ring.

Also, glad to hear that bloodbowl or marauder RPs may be back soon.
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Re: Horus Heresy RPG

Post by Lokil »

I would LOVE to to this RPG! I am reading them in order of release and right now I am in the middle of "Fulgrim". Seriuosly this kind of RPG would be the most interesting for me right now since I sold all my Fantasy stuff a couple months ago... :(

Keep me updated, I'm pretty sure that we can make it happen.


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