I'm trying to figure out if I'm fit for RPG.

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I'm trying to figure out if I'm fit for RPG.

Post by Daeron »

Greetings roleplayers,

I'm curious about roleplaying and how it works on Druchii.net. I'm considering to join, but I must confess I'm a bit at a loss. I've read the stickies, but I still have some difficulties to understand "what I can expect" and how to partake properly. Because of this, I'd like to discuss RPG and some ideas I have before venturing into it and risking to waste considerable effort from all parties involved, not to mention the break in continuity and timeline of an RPG group.

I would like to use RP as a means to explore the Druchii culture and environment, and perhaps learn how characters that I have in mind for my own army would orient themselves in a setting where they aren't the only character around.

Perhaps I should elaborate on one of the character I have in mind. I gave it some thought to make it as interesting as possible. So, it's a male elf, born from a woman that had a secret relationship with Aenarion before Morathi came along and he's secretly trying to knock Malekith off his throne. To help him, he has two runes on each finger, each containing the spirit of a Greater Daemon which he can release to decimate legions in the blink of an eye. Other people still live only because he's already bored with killing them! Oh! And he has an "interesting" scar on his face.
*Daeron holds up his hands in surrender* Just kidding! Stay your pitchforks! I have more humble ambitions than that.

I'm not an experienced roleplayer, having never played a "real" pen and paper roleplay game. I did RP on World of Warcraft, to a point where I exlusively kept my subscription for roleplay and could be labeled a hard core roleplayer (within constraints fitting a father with a job). I'd love to detail more on my experience, but ahh! I would risk to bore you with hours of reading material.

For Druchii roleplay, I quite like the idea of making a khainite priestess, but I wonder if that may prove too challenging to begin and learn Druchii RPG.
There's an appeal to this kind of character which I'd like to explore. In particular, I find that the black library books and canon lore are (intentionally?) very slim when it comes to detailing the habbits, rituals and powers of Khainite characters. What little rituals are described never exceed the sophistication of "his powerlevel is over 9000!!".

I'd like to build that sophistication through a character, and RPG. My character could study the ways of Khaine, as I will study the lore on Khaine. She could explore new ways to serve her god as I explore how to expand on the culture of the Temple of Khaine within the boundaries and style set by canon lore.

But how do I get started and does this sound like a good idea?

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Re: I'm trying to figure out if I'm fit for RPG.

Post by Calisson »

Sounds good to me.
Specificity of RP is that several gamers play together.
- need to adapt your RL schedule to the group, not the way around
- need to accept other characters as they are (and reversely)
- need to type in understandable English, preferably epic style. Humour welcome.

All considered, only lack of spare time could prevent you to play.
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Re: I'm trying to figure out if I'm fit for RPG.

Post by Drainial »

you could certainly play such a character though we lack a khainite magic lore at present if that was what you were after. We could add one if people are keen. The only thing you really need to remember is that while you have complete control over what your character can try to do realistically you have to conform to at least an extent with the story that the GM is playing out since that is the backdrop against which the RP is set. You also need to bare in mind the other players in the group and know you won't get everything your own way, which unless you are a power gamer or control freak is perfectly fine.

My advice, write up a character and stick it in the pool. If you are still confused as to what the game actually entails try reading a bit of some of the game threads. I recommend chapter 2 of group 22, it is just a plain good read regardless of other motives.
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