(Obsolete) Character Creation Pool

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(Obsolete) Character Creation Pool

Post by Krau27 »

Important: This is the old character creation pool as was used up to 2015. While the characters themselves are still valid, the pool system is no longer used. Refer to the Forum Introduction for the current, simpler system.


• Name: Mina Von Halath'tor
• Sex: female
• Age: 94
• Height: 5ft 5in
• Weight: 95lbs
• Appearance: Dark Black hair shoulder length, steel eyes with a redish tint, longer than average canine teeth due to a run in with a VC (explained later). She also has a Tattoo of her Family/House Crest on her right shoulder, and a long scar running from the base of her nose to the middle of her left ear also pailer than the average elf.
• Character Class: Shade
• Character Statistics: WS:4 S:3 T:3 D:4 I:5
• Starting Equipment: Black Powder pistol, Shade Cloak
• Starting Skills: Urban Lore
• Character Background:

Mina is the youngest and only daugher of the Halath'tor family, A Lesser Noble house in that made a name for itself in the Armies of Hag Greaf. Her Family consist of her Mother Elzira, Her Father Beltokr who is a Captain of one of Hag Greaf's Infantry Pennants, and Her Four older brothers Elkor, Kahleed, Tsinfel, and Kahlr, All of which are in the infantry, except for Kahlir who chose to be a guard and later adventurer.

Mina realized at an early age that she was not A) the most Liked in the family (her Father wanted a sorcerous) and B) not going to get a lot of inheritance, so she decided to do what any other not loved/broke girl would do, steal things for money and attention, which she did rather well. She started out as a minor thief, stealing purses food, small things etc, but as she grew older began to get into bigger thefts such as robbing houses and grave robbing. Her reputation as a thief grew as she got older eventually earning herself the nickname "Black Fox" for her quickness and cunning, but as her reputation grew so did her reward for catching her. One night after a particularly good heist from a noble’s estate Mina was on her way to pawn off her catch when one of the guards caught sight of her, she took off and led the guard on a wild goose-chase throughout half of The Hag. The Guard Eventually up and cornered her, a brief fight ensued resulting in the guard losing his helmet and Mina losing her mask.Seeing that she was fighting her older brother and vise versa, Kahlir told her to leave town, which she did because of their close relationship and she knew how he was, chances are he would of turned her in.

Since she didn't know where to head off to she decided to hop a ship headed toward the old world with a corsair crew. The ship was headed to the Empire where they were supposed go plunder the sea side, but unbeknownst to them, they were spotted by a small ship. When the raiding crew landed they walked right into an ambush and were killed down to a man, or in this case a woman. Having barely survived Mina fought for her life when the soldiers brought her before there leader, a witch hunter, thinking that she was going to be made into a slave. In a way she was a slave, more of bait, the Witch Hunter used her to lure out a Vampire Count who was preying on the citizens of the town, resulting in Mina's vampiric infection. The only thing that saved her from dying was that the Witch Hunter killed the Vampire before she could kill Mina, though there were some side effects. After this incident she was left for dead, something that mina used to her advantage, seeking revenge on the thing that almost killed her, and a bit of money of course, Mina Stayed in the region killing the undead and the like and even jokingly adding "Von" to her name after rumors of an elf With Hunter arose. She eventually returned to Naggaroth after hopping aboard a Elf Raiding ship after several years in the Empire and returned to her home town of Hag Greaf.
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Kahlir Halath'tor
WS:4 S:3 T:3 D:4 I:4
Weapons: Long Sword,Corsair Knife, Great Sword, Handbow 10 rounds
Armor:Light Armor,Town Guard Armor (Medium Armor),Cloak,Shield
Msc: Rations x5
Gold/Circlets/Widgets: 10
Stats: ziltch

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Post by Sim2k »

• Name: Kairon of the Coiled Mist
• Sex: Male
• Age: 182
• Height: 6'4"
• Weight: 13st
• Appearance:

Kairon is solidly built with muscular shoulders and skin weathered by the sea. He has a handsome face with a silver ring in his left ear and eyes the colour of dark emeralds. His lips are chapped from exposure to biting wind and he has a scar running down his chest caused by a sea creature, though this is almost always covered.

He wears a sea dragon cloak that is looking ragged and the worse for wear, having served him for some time, but it still does the job. He also wears light armour that was once grand but is now slightly eroded and scarred. His hair is black and medium length, with grey strands.

• Character Class: Warrior
• Character Statistics: WS4 S4 T3 D3 I4
• Starting Equipment: Light Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Bastard Sword
• Starting Skills: None Out of Character Note: I think that with a Corsair background the warrior class makes the most sense, but his background also implies certain skills as well. If at all possible I would like to request the Wilderness and/or Beastmaster skills. If not I'll just have to earn them :)

• Character Background:

Kairon is the last survivor of the great raiding ship 'the Coiled Mist'. The Coiled Mist was lost off the coast of Lustria thanks to an attack by a small fleet of human pirates, the ship had already been crippled in a previous skirmish with the hated kin and was in the process of limping to shore for repairs when the pirates attacked.

He made his way back to Naggaroth after being attacked in the water by the claws of one of the foul creatures that live in those shallows, and found while travelling through the wasteland and the jungle that I had an affinity for the land and for beasts. As such he is a Corsair, but with the will of the Beastmaster and soul of the Ranger within him.

He has never been to one of the main cities of the Druchii, and was born and raised in a settlement near a nameless coastal tower on the east coast of Naggaroth. He now travels the wilds, coming and going as he pleases.

• Character Ambitions:

Kairon wishes to become a master of beasts, and would one day like to travel to Karond Kar. While he harbours no actual affection for the creatures he captures, slays or tames, (he just wishes to sell them or use them), he has more respect for beasts than he does for most of his fellow Druchii, and certainly for any member of the lesser races.

One day he may find a particularly violent and hateful beast that he values enough to make his permanent companion. He also dreams of taming a Hydra or Manticore or some other huge monster.

EDIT: As far as skills are concerned you can either swap equipment points for a skill point as detailed in the rules above or wait to acquire them in a group. Mods all have their own ways of awarding skills so it would depend a great deal on them as to how soon you could get beast mastery. Another option would be to go with Khainite as your class since you are taking two Close Combat weapons anyway. -Drainial

EDIT: Ok I've changed a couple of things, made the background third person and used my equipment points differently :)
Kairon of the Coiled Mist (Group 36 - warrior)

Stats: WS4 S4 T3 D3 I4
Equipment: Light Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Bastard Sword
Skills: None

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Post by Mata leon »

Name: malaivren black (pronounced mal-I-vren)
wieght:101 lbs
appearance: Malaivren has dark features with a handsome but stern face, on which a scar that begins mid forehead and travels left until it ends in the center of his high cheeck bone shows like a badge of honor. the scar transverses the eye and has left it with a murky grey hue which sharply contrasts that of his right eye which is so dark blue it appears to be black. his long face ends in a sharp chin that completes a very defined and hairless jaw. The hair of his head is pulled back neatly and well kempt ending in a noble knot above his shoulderblades. the hair itself is jet black whith a certain blueish sheen in moonlight. his stature is noth much different from any other average elf however he is deceptivly strong considering his size yet still moves with poise and grace.
character class: Warrior
character statistics:WS5 S4 T4 D2 I3
Starting equipment: Bastard sword, medium armour, dagger(throwing)
starting skills: none
Character background:Malaivren was found as an infant among the corpses of his deceased family. no one can say if it was a blood fued between the infant's father or just a simply burglary in which over zealous thieves decided to murder the entire household. the elderly elf who had found him had once been one of the elite executioners from hag graef but a battle wound had lefthim crippled and barely able to walk confining him to a life of a commoner. As this great executioner had no family of his own, nor did he desire one much) he took the infant in. this act was not out of charity, the reason was more self serving as the criple could no longer bring glory to his name he would raise this infant to be a master swordsman in his stead to bringthe house name of "Black" into the annal of history and so it was that every waking moment for Malaivren was spent learning the art of the sword and of any other instrument of death. he has now left the estate of his father and teacher to bring greatness to the name black.
Character ambitions: Malaivren wishes to become the greatest warrior in the known world. he is eager to test hismetel against anyone or thing that would challange him. He will accept any oppertunity that will better him as an instrument of death and bring him closer to greatness
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Menlu, my character!

Post by Ragingserenity »

Name: Menlu (Rain)

Gender: Female
Age: 237
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 130.lbs

Appearance: Average or a little shorter for an elf woman, slender as many elves are. Long glossy black hair and brilliant violet eyes. Soft, curving tattoos of lightning and waves cover both arms and chest. Twining flowers dripping water cover Menlu's legs, and a grand tree spreads across her entire back. She wears soft green clothes under a hooded cloak that looks like rain falling, designed to break up its wearers outline. A leather belt across her chest holds four throwing knives, the handles shaped like winding, gnarled trees. Menlu carries a repeater crossbow, carved with curling flowers and vinework.

Character Class: Shade
Character Statistics: WS:4 / S:3 / T:2 / D:5 / I:4
Equipment: Repeater Crossbow, Throwing Knives, Shade Cloak
Skills: Precision Fire

Character Background: Menlu comes from the Autarii tribes of the forests of Naggaroth. As a child, the tribe raised her to be independent, often sending her into the forests alone or moving camp without telling her. She learned to track and to hunt, and also to fight in defense of the tribe. She earned her first tattoo at the age of 16, and by the age of 47 she had earned her hunters name. For a period, she lived simply and, for the most part, contentedly. Eventually, however, as she approached her 100th birthday, she was seized by a wanderlust and left the tribe to explore the world, with nothing but the clothes on her back and a beautiful repeater crossbow her mother carved as a parting gift for her. She spent a few decades working as a guide and trapper for nobles passing through the forest or exploring the many ruins, caves and barrows of the hills. Eventually this too began to weary her, and so over the next 50 years, she worked her way to the cities and took employment on the docks and ships of the Naggaroth fleet. Working the docks, she met many unsavory cut-throats and footpads, and eventually was driven from the city when she slit the throat of a loan-shark who persisted in his unwanted advances. Feeling the pull of home and family, and the desire to share the stories of sights she had seen with her tribe, she signed on with a mercenary company heading through her homelands. When they arrived at the forests of her birth, her tribe greeted her with welcome and the mercenaries with suspicion. They told the noble leading the expedition that he would have to alter his course to go through the paths that they approved for him, ere he incur their wrath. The noble agreed, but treachery is ever in the heart of powerful Druchii and that night as the tribe slept he led his men in a full attack. Deciding that the threat of Autarii on his flank was an unacceptable risk, he slaughtered the tribe and put the camp to the torch in an orgy of bloodshed. In the madness and fire, Menlu managed to escape into the woods, from which she put a bolt through the throat of the crowing noble as he rode into camp. Fleeing the wrath of the now unemployed and thus unpaid mercenary company, she wandered the coast for many years. She took the name Menlu, or rain, as a symbol of mourning for her tribe, and the rain that falls over her heart. She is a melancholy and quiet individual, given to introspection and isolation. She blames herself for the death of her tribe, as she led the noble who slaughtered them to their lands. Now she wanders from city to city, a sad spectre followed by the shades of those she feels responsible for the deaths of. Never staying in one place long, she searches constantly for a serenity she cannot find.
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Re: Character Creation

Post by dreadlord7476 »

Name: Caius Maryus
• Sex: male
• Age: 121
• Height: 6'5
• Weight: 210
• Appearance: Dark Black hair shoulder blade length. steel blue/gray eyes, he also has a Tattoo on each for arm, and has a wiry muscular build
• Character Class: Worrier
• Character Statistics: WS:4 S:4 T:3 D:3 I:5
• Starting Equipment: Light Armor, repeater hand bow, longsword
• Starting Skills: none
• Character Background: Caius was not born into a royal house of hag greaf but he was no stranger to the Nobel's social structure, born the only son of a guard captain in the employment of a scheming Nobel, Caius learned most of his skill with blade and crossbow in the guard barracks till he came of age and was taken on as a retainer and body guard to the Nobel, Caius served for several years performing hazardous tasks and participating in ill fated plots till one scheme bore rotten fruit, and the Nobel was wiped out in a raid By one of his many enemies Caius only survived by his father sending them to the western quarter for the fighting was the lighted and thus made his escape when all hope was lost, now he plays his trade Is a mercenary for hire

Hopes, is hard to earn a wealthy living and to never stop playing his trade
Want to earn the skills precision fire, endurance, sariya fencing
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ws5 s4 t3 d3 i4
2long swords, light armour, sheld
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Re: Character Creation

Post by Detherius Zythaal »

Detherius Zythaal

Sex: Male
Age: 132
Height: 1m95
Weigth: 64kg

Character Class: Mage
Character Statistics: WS4 S2 T3 D2 I7
Equipment: Staff, Short Sword
Skills: Power of Chamon(1); Alchemy

Appearance: He has a mane of dark grey hairs and his eyes are blue. He has a gaunt face and a skeletal body. He wears a heavy worn-out cloak over an old kheitan of orc hide. His staff is a simple rod of ebony while his short sword is mundane but of high quality.
Character Background: He is the second son of Lord Elokhir Zythaal, the leader of a powerful House of Klar Karond. First normal as a child, his physical limitations became more evident as he grew up. He muscles remained as they were however tall he became. It wasn't long before he started to search for a cure from his wretched condition in books of increasingly dubious nature, going so far as to steal forbidden tomes from his kin. Soon, he turned his sharp mind to the study of sorcery and alchemy. Of course, his father was utterly disgusted and shamed by the realisation that one of his children was a weakling and soon, assassination attempts and the complete lack of loyal retainer forced Detherius to flee from his former home, leaving his status and possessions behind and swearing that one day, all members of his family would all die by his own hands.
His life and conditions have left him bitter, and even more spiteful than most druchii.
Character Ambitions: Finding a way to reinforce his wretched body through alchemical or sorcerous means and killing all the members of his family. In that order.
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Re: Character Creation

Post by Noble korhedron »

Name: Noble Korhedron
H: 1.8m.
W: 76.5kg.
Age: 145.
Class: Warrior.

A tall, dark haired druchii, Korhedron favours light armour made from captured ithilmar, stolen on a slave raid. This is worn under black robes, with a black cloak and a standard-issue spearman's helmet for his head. He has a scar down the left cheek from a duel, and also dark, wide eyes. He has a distinctive glove on his left hand made from golden thread his father gave him on his 100th birthday. His only other personal item is a golden locket, passed down from his mother, set with a ruby and with a miniature picture of her inside, painted by one of the human household slaves, who had been a renowned artist in the Old World before his capture on an Empire merchant vessel on the Sea of Claws. He holds this as his only reminder of her, after she was cruelly slain in his fiftieth year by an assassin whose origins, to this day, remain unknown.

Class: Warrior

WS: 4
S: 4
T: 3
D: 4
I: 3

Equipment: Longsword, shortsword, dagger(in storage), shield with spikes, light armour, fur cloak, 4 sets of healing balm and bandages(H), 4 doses of poison antidotes(H), pouch with 50 gold coins.

None at the moment.

From the ancient noble family of Korhedron in Naggarond, and raised in that city, this young Noble has risen to lead his house at an early age, following the assassination of his father and elder brother. He is not yet of the rank his circumstances would warrant however, as Lord Malekith is testing him and other young nobles by sending them to fight with his forces on raids into Ulthuan.

His greatest achievement yet was the capture, alive, of an Asur mage, after the mage had nearly wiped out his unit. He challenged him, and in a clever trick, dove under the mage's guard on one of his sword swings and stabbed him with the tip of a dagger which had been dipped in the pollen of the black lily, which of course sent the mage immediately to sleep. Upon returning, the Captain of the Black Ark Nazyerythe tried to claim the prisoner, but Korhedron snatched a crossbow and killed him before he could react. This done, the Captain's successor was forced to allow the young Noble to keep the prisoner, and on his return to Naggarond, Korhedron was granted an audience with the Witch King himself. He presented his prize, and was then dismissed by Malekith, who wished for time to consider his reward. Then, three months later, his summons to the Witch King's Court had arrived, and he set off in great anticipation. Stopping off in Vikhar overnight, he found himself assailed, and his mother's valuable locket stolen!! Eager to find the thieves, he contacted a royal herald for advice, and was told that the Witch King would not take offence from his tardiness, if he would bring with him the hearts of those responsible as proof.....

@Mods: I'll leave it up to whoever picks my guy as to whether he gets to keep his earned equipment or not. It's all from previous groups and is pretty standard RP fare, albeit mostly from under the old rules. If I have to start again, then so be it, but I'd love to be able to retain the healing items if nothing else, the rest of the equipment could be re-selected under the new rules(i.e. bye-bye dagger, etc.).....



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