Town Crier — Announce your game here!

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Town Crier — Announce your game here!

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New Game Announcements

Hear ye, hear ye! Get the latest scoops on new adventures and tales of legend here!

What is this thread?

The town crier is the ear to the ground for budding adventurers, listening for new adventures.

When a new game is announced, or a running game is looking for more players, the game master may leave a message here directing interested players to the sign-up thread. Everyone subscribed to the thread will receive a notification by e-mail, and can then check it out.

For the benefit of both players and game masters, please don't post to this topic unless you are announcing a new game or looking for extra players!

How do I subscribe?

Click the "Subscribe topic" link to the upper-left, just above this message. The link will read "Unsubscribe topic" if you're already being notified of changes.
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