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Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:19 pm
by Marchosias
Analya smiled in appreciation as the throwing knife hit the tree just above her head but thrust forwards again without delay. Searinox made a few steps back, parrying and escaping with quick half turns, waiting what the girl was going to come up with.

“So you count on shadows and quick wits,” she said, with a slight interruption after every few words as the swordplay was getting intense again. Attacks and guards, bluffs and counterfeints. “They can without doubt keep you in the fight for some time. But how long?” Searinox led away her sword and she had to escape with a roll; she was able to strike against the corsair's legs simultaneously and get up with her blade ready to parry which together barely gave her enough time to get up again.

“Sooner or later your trickery is bound to fail,” she claimed and pressed again. Searinox hid his left side behind a tree and she circled around him to gain more space for her sword. The corsair darted forwards this tame and she gave in several yards, weaving her way between several low boughs. Searinox followed, hardly slowed down by the interfering plants. He bent one branch and sent it against Analya's rapier; she dodged but had to fall back a few more steps. The corsair followed, ready to use his advantage. Then, however, he overextended his dagger, the noble daughter trapped it between her rapier and a branch and caught the swashbuckler's wrist. She blocked the immediate attack against her arm and held fast when the elusive fencer tried to set himself free. She then quickly jumped forwards, touched her opponent's head with an elbow strike and grasped his arm in a lock. Searinox was suddenly at a distinct disadvantage; he tried to stab her with his free hand at least but she shifted her weight somewhat and the attack lost all strength.

“And when this happens and someone gets a tight grab on you, you will soon find yourself on your knees,” she concluded with a smile and rotated her body, forcing Searinox to the ground. Controlling the corsair by a lock on his wrist and shoulder, she put her blade on his neck. After a while, she loosened the grip again and made a few steps back, awaiting the corsair's answer.

Analya is fencing Searinox and discussing strategies for staying alive.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:39 pm
by Searinox Nagharha
Getting up on one knee Searinox turned his shoulder as he reached for his sword, obviously it was slightly sour from the arm lock but he didn't let it show. "While you do make a good point, I have other ways to survive." He stood up slowly, his Sea Dragon Cloak draped over him, hiding any movements he made beneath them. Once fully straightened Searinox looked at Analya 'It's been fun sparring with her.' a small smirk appeared on his face as he launched himself towards the Noble Lady.

Analya prepared her defence as Searinox unleashed a series of thrusts with his sword. Whilst Analya could feel the style he was using was still the same, the pattern had changed drastic. They started of slowly yet, with each following attack, they picked up speed. Even with her fencing skills she couldn't slack. Yet she saw one opening, the disgraced noble wasn't using his left arm. Had her arm lock done so much damage he couldn't use it properly any more? It mattered not, for with a quick twist of her blade she parried Searinox's final thrust and send it to her side.
Yet not wasting any of his momentum the he attack with his left arm. In her mind she sighed, such a open attack, so easily blocked, is this truly the extend of his skills? Raising her blade to block the incoming dagger she quickly found out that instead of the sound of clashing blades, she heard the sound of a chain wrapping around her rapier.
When Searinox stood up slowly it wasn't because of any pain, it was to give him time to wrap the chain around his arm.
When he attacked Analya keeping his left side hidden it wasn't because he couldn't use his arm. It was so she wouldn't see the chain.
When he made that open attack with his left arm it wasn't a desperate attack, it was planned to ensnare her weapon.
Before she could truly register what and how it had transpired the rattling of chains could be heard and she quickly found herself without a weapon. It had been pulled out of her hands and thrown into a near tree.
Realising the danger she was in Analya jumped backwards and landed on her knees. When she looked up Searinox had already closed the gap and was pointing his sword at her, almost touching her with it.

"And I'm sure a beautiful and skill full Lady such as yourself could understand these ways." With a movement ever so subtle a small silver bracelet slid down the length of the sword and rested on it's tip. "As such, please accept this small token of my gratitude for sparring with me once again." Adding in a small bow he continued with a smile on his face.
"I hope that after this job is over we can have a closer look at what we can offer each other."

Continuing with sparring, agreeing with Analya that smoke and mirrors will not help him forever. ((Implying that he always has his silver tongue))
accepting Analya's offer for further assistance after this job and presenting her with a gift.
((Also I suggest we end it with your next post ;) so that the story can continue some more))

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:15 pm
by Amboadine
OOC - Sorry it took so long to get anything up. I agree with Searinox, might be worth getting the story moving and everyone into the same timeline again.

Gazing around the deck of the ship, there was little to inspire Gilvaad. The number of patches and makeshift repairs seemed disproportionate to her apparent age, but that it was loved and attended to was apparent. Perhaps this ship would see him home in the end.

“So,” a voice announced from behind him, “I hope you understand I did not want you here. I expect you to at least be quiet and go out of our way. But if you think you can actually do something feel free to convince me you won't be a burden.”

Turning to face his accuser, Gilvaad saw it was the Captain, 'Kireth' he seemed to recall.

"I assure you my Captain, that I am indeed far more than just a burden. I long for the day when I can amaze and astound you with my talents. I will however do as you request and keep to myself until you understand and appreciate all of my not inconsequential virtues"

Possibly a little over the top he thought to himself, but better that he believes that I have the confidence to deliver against my boasts than play the meek kitten

The captain seemed less than impressed with what was obvious exaggeration, "Trust me, if you fail to live up to your boast, when the time comes I will have you keel hauled. I have no place on my crew for incompetence and falsely made promises!"

With that the Captain turned his back and strode off, still angry at this intrusion on to his vessel.

Catching his breath momentarily Gilvaad paused and looked out over the rail.

Right, time to fulfil his mission, time to deal with Ladry!

Going in search of Ladry

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:35 pm
by Thraundil
Analya and Searinox had left. On a date. Of sorts. Actually left the ship. Ladry did not care for this one bit. What could be important and secret enough to keep two entire crews waiting? Surely if she needed it that badly, there should be an abundance of willing males on the other ship. No, this could be only one thing - scheming.

And then there was this newcomer. Having only recently accepted that Car and Sear could probably be somewhat trusted... And he was here on the whim of Analya. But this was a concern for later. With the lovebirds disappearing toward the shore in the small boat, Ladry cleared her throat and moved toward Kireth. "Whatever is with that girl, she puts her own whims over that which must be done. Elves have bled today. Elves have died today. We should drink to them before anything else."

Having conveyed her opinion to the ships captain, Ladry drew her robes more tightly around her slim figure. It was not a pretty sight before, worn for wear as it was. Now, the edges where singed and several scorched holes allowed the cold shore-bound winds to caress her legs. It chilled her more than usual, and she realised that she was, in fact, barely standing. Snap out of it! Doing her very best to maintain her composure, she stepped towards the railing and found a comfortable spot to sit. Getting off her feet was an immense relief, and soon a small fire danced in her hands, radiating what small energy she dared into her chilled bones.

Intermezzo. Ladry expresses a wish to drink to those elves who died, then sits by the railing, clearly appearing exhausted but doing what she can to conceal this fact.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:05 pm
by Calisson
Finding a suitable spot to read "the" book had not been easy.
It had to be outside, because under the deck the light was not sufficient.
The aft deck near the helm would have been a preferred spot, had it not been for the officers who appreciated the same place for the same reasons. But Caraoc had been annoyed by them enough already.
After a thorough investigation, the pilot had found the perfect spot, between two barrels by the railing, almost hidden by heavy ropes. There was just enough space for Caraoc to sit and hope to be left alone with his book to read avidly.

Hmmm... On the Boundary between Life and Death. Chapter two. The only important thing is: A practitioner of the teachings described here is going to live on while his enemies succumb fall one by one...

Light steps coming close. Smoky smell. Caraoc could not concentrate knowing that Ladry was passing by. He just remained still and waited for her to fade away.
Steps stopping. Slight movement of the very barrel Caraoc was leaning his back on. No way, she's not sitting that close! For how long?
Faint brightness disturbing the shades and barely touching the winds of magic. Subtle sulfur hint. What a curse, that girl. She's smoking now! Why was she ever allowed onboard at all?

He knew she would not go. He wished so much to find answers in his book! For example, to find out why she was such a nuisance?
That's when he made a mistake: he had not realized how easy it was for the book to gain the upper hand on him. He wondered what the book said about Fire magic.
And the answer was: Aqshy wizards often surrender to their own passion but their ability to find raw power within themselves is uncontested...
Then a bell rang in his head and another mental voice warned him: you shouldn't read that close to her.
He closed the book hastily and kept his breath.

Trying to read, but disturbed by the very presence of Ladry, on the other side of the barrel he is sitting against.
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Re: Group 42 - Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:39 pm
by Marchosias
When Searinox showed her the silver bracelet Analya laughed from heart, obviously in a very good mood.

“But Searinox, if you are giving jewelry to a noble lady should it not be you the one kneeling? You really need to work on your etiquette,”
she replied smilingly. She stood up and added: “I have to admit, I expected many things but not this.”

She accepted the bracelet and touched the tiny golden leafs lightly. Switching to a more serious tone but still smiling, she continued: “I hope you understand I can hardly allow myself to wear this now. It would not be proper for a highborn to accept gifts from regular corsairs. Still, I appreciate your gesture, I like the jewel and I will find a way to put it to good use.”

She picked up her sword from the ground, cleaned its blade with a piece of cloth and sheathed it.

“It was a pleasure fencing with you again and I am grateful for your willingness,” she thanked with a slight bow. “I look forward to meeting you again and discussing more, as you said. For now, though, it is probably time for us to part. The preparations for departure are not going to last long and I do not want the ships to have to wait for us. I will look forward to our next meeting – and to the discussion you mentioned.”

She bowed once more. “Farewell, swashbuckler extraordinaire with mysterious past.” Then she turned around and disappeared between the trees.


Ladry had found Kireth leaning over the railing, staring in the sea. Somewhat uncharacteristic for the grumpy elf that was usually spending his days clamping back and forth on the board or holding the wheel. Now he seemed to be lost in his thoughts, most likely for the first time in the months the mercenaries had known him.

„Elves have bled today,“ said Ladry to the captain. „Elves have died today. We should drink to them before anything else."

Kireth gazed at her for a long time before he answered. His voice sounded as if he were speaking to himself rather than to the fire mage. „Funny thing is, no one from the crew died today, only Paithan. Some are hurt really badly but everyone is alive. We are tougher that we ourselves think, it seems.“

Suddenly, as if remembering whom he was speaking to, he straightened up and returned to his usual grumpy, commanding manner of speach. „We will do it in the eve. The first hours after an injury are the worst so maybe someone will die today after all. For now, there is still lots of work we have to do before setting sail.“

Without waiting for an answer, he left the noble girl and ordered someone to shelter the wounded lying on board with some canvas.


Once Searinox set foot on the board of the Hungry Gaze again, the corsairs gathered around him, greeting him as a hero and shouting questions.

“So our lovebird is back! How was the sparring lesson? What new moves did you teach her?”
“I hope your sword was long enough!”
“How long did it take to strip down her defenses?”
“And how did she repay you?”
“Did she show you her secrets? What are they like?”
“Who ended up on top?”


Then they finally set sail again, to the south. The other ship diappeared and soon, the shore was only a thin strip of green between the dark gray sea and lighter gray sky. And finally, they managed to escape the rain.

When the evening came, Incaneth had everyone gather under the canvas that was sheltering the wounded from rain. It was tight there but everyone had found a place nevertheless.

“As you know,” the first officer explained, “we were tasked to free the margrave Hildebrand von Trotzenau. Based on the letter the tax collector was carrying, he is probably in the castle Raukarg. This is a smaller stronghold on an isle on the south of the Empire shore, easy to defend but quite a distance away from other human garrisons. The Inquisitions is using it for holding the most dangerous offenders so it would make sense our target would be there. We do not know it for sure, however; and even if we did, I doubt someone of us has ever been inside.”

He shrugged and concluded:

“Ideally, we would need confirmation that the margrave really is there and some kind of plan how to get him outside. Any ideas?”

Searinox parts with Analya and returns to the ship (feel free to write your part of this of course).
Kireth thinks drinking to the dead is a good idea but remarks they only lost Paithan.
The ship sets sail finally.
After some hours of sailing, the crew gathers and discusses how to retrieve the margrave from prison.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:32 pm
by Calisson
Setting sail again! These moments were always exiting.
Actually, nothing on earth beats the sight of a ship setting sail... except for the sight of the shore viewed from the ship coming back home, of course.

Time came for the evening brief.
Incaneth told them all about a stronghold on a remote isle, used as a prison for high profile personalities.
A castle on a remote isle, that was rather intriguing - thought the pilot. Castles are built to protect something, and this one was... remote?
What was it protecting before becoming a prison? It could be defending a narrow access to a bay, most likely a river mouth.
In that case, not only accessing it was naturally difficult from land, but accessing it from sea would be easily spotted by the guards, as there would be a single direction from which a sea threat would come.
The castle was most probably easy to defend indeed. And who were them to consider to attack it? How mighty was the army carried by the lone Hungry Gaze?
With fog concealing our troops, and a daredevil scout sneaking inside the castle and opening the doors for us, we should have sufficient troops to assault the castle. Now, without these two elements...

At least, Caraoc could try and answer the interrogation about the presence of the margrave.
He could ask one of the Margrave's old friends: its book.

Caraoc stepped away from the crowd.
He took the book in two hands, and started to concentrate on the only thing he knew about its former owner: its name.
"Margrave Hildebrand von Trotzenau, where are you hiding? Margrave Hildebrand von Trotzenau? Book, tell me where he is?

Take me down to the river bend - Take me down to your former friend
Watch the prison from off my skin - Show me how to meet Hildebrand
Fly me up on a silver wing - Past the rock where the sirens sing
Warm me up where the Margrave show - And bring me down to von Trotzenau

'Cause I need see a crack in this castle Raukarg - Hardly anything hard for you to see - For you to see

Bring the jail in blinding dream - Through the secrets that I want seen
Watch the prison from off my skin - And show me how to meet Hildebrand
'Cause I need see a crack in this castle Raukarg - Hardly anything hard for you to see - For you to see

'Cause I need see a crack in this castle Raukarg - Hiding everything for Inquisitions
'Cause I need see a crack in this castle Raukarg - Hardly anything hard for you to see - For you to see
For you to see

Asking the book where is its former master - with the help of Azyr.

OOC: Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass
Lyrics: ... 5f88a.html
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Re: Group 42 - Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:10 pm
by Searinox Nagharha
Searinox returned Analya's smile with one of his own. "Doing the unexpected, it's what I do best."

"It would not be proper for a highborn to accept gifts from regular corsairs"
"But of course, M'lady. Searinox added a playish bow to his posture "It's an honour that you accepted this regular Corsairs gift."
'Maybe... if she's trustworthy she'll find out one day.'

Forming a more sincere bow this time he continued "Farewell, graceful Highborn fencer. Travel safe until next we meet."


Finally returning to the ship the jesting from the corsairs began. Searinox chuckled and grabbed the nearest jester in a friendly grip and joined the laughter. "That's for me to know and for you to guess Lads! Let's just say I showed her every corner of the forest and she liked it!"


After listening to the first officers explanation about the next target Searinox pondered for a bit.
"Ideally you'd send a small force in to secure a quarter, maybe even open the gates for the rest of the crew."
A concerned look crept up upon his face. "Though with a fortification like this that might not be as easy as usual."

Talking with Analya, saying goodbyes
joining the fun
adding to the plan

Re: Group 42 - Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:43 pm
by Marchosias
Caraoc was standing under open sky, singing and concentrating, pronouncing the name again and again. Hildebrand von Trotzenau, the heretic margrave. Soon, his mind was circling around a fort that he knew had to be Raukarg, a rather small castle but with tall walls washed by the sea and many guards keeping watch. He felt he was not alone in the dreamlike world he had created with his song – there was the familiar singing of Azyr, comforting like the presence of an old companion; the whispering of his book, dry and serious and full of mystery; and in the fort itself, some strong will was waiting, prepared to repell all invaders. They, his mind and the essence of his book, were scouring around, looking for an opening or a moment of unattentiveness but their effort was in vain and every time they closed in, the stern eye of the guardian chased them away again.

For a moment, the handsome face of the margrave appeared in a window and the book reached to him; the watcher was prepared, though, and forced it back away. The connection was too weak, the distance too long. The divination was futile without more power but it was up to Caraoc to decide if this was the way to go.


Incaneth raised his eyebrows when Searinox spoke out.

“You know, there is no need for us to capture the entire fortress,”
he remarked. “The goal is only to extract one single prisoner. If we do it right we might even be able to entirely avoid confrontation.”

“And to be honest,”
threw in Hendor, lying on the deck covered in bandages, in a weak voice, “I don't really want to meet those Inquisition guys again. Last time was enough I say.”

“What,” barked Galder, “we are all quite well, aren't we? They got a proper beating then and they will get one again if they cross us.”

The cook started to protest but Kireth cut the argument short: “Enough. We don't fear those holy freaks but we don't run on their swords if we can help it. I'd think that with two mages, one mercenary scout and one infiltration specialist backing my crew we should have a decent chance of going unnoticed. If those experts can come up with something of course.”

Caraoc is able to divine with decent certainty that the margrave is indeed held in Raukarg. However, the fort has some sort of magical protection and it is not possible to find more too easily.
Corsairs continue to discuss the prison break, pointing out that it might possibly go without any fighting at all.

Re: Group 42 - Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:24 pm
by Searinox Nagharha
Searinox crossed his arms and started to ponder after Incaneth's remark. "Well ofcourse that's a good point... but I doubt the Margrave will come quietly." He let out a small chuckle "What are we going to tell him? 'Don't worry! We'll just take you to Naggaroth for some abroad studies.'?"

He then turned to Kireth. "Personally I'd have to see the fortress first before I can make any plans. Every Fortress has it's shadows, and every shadow can be used to slip through unnoticed. Most likely through a port of some sorts. Though as I said, I think the hardest part would be getting the Margrave out." Searinox eyed Gilvaad, "How about you?" he asked him. "You have any idea's so far?"
'Analya put him here... most likely with some ulterior motive. I just hope he's as good as she hopes he is.'

Discussing Strategies

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 7:55 pm
by Calisson
A vision. A glimpse in the darkness, which took progressively shape.
A rock. Sea waves assaulting tall walls in vain. Formidable heights battered by the sea, and only a narrow path. Castle Raukarg.
A Will. Circling endlessly around the rock, it added an arcane defense to the already formidable natural defenses of the castle. It had sensed Caraoc and the Book presence. Whatever it was, it would not let them through.
A face, during a brief instant. Caraoc knew it was the Margrave. The Margrave had sensed that something was calling him. He had scrutinized the ether. His movement betrayed his surprise, when he realized that the arcane call was coming from his former Book, that he thought lost - it had lasted only a fraction of second, and the Guardian chased the vision.
It could never happen again.


Caraoc needed to know more. The pilot in him wanted to find a way.
What was inside the castle? Could he communicate with the Margrave?
For that, the Astromancer needed a stronger divination spell. He needed to communicate with the Margrave.
But the Will was interposing. He needed the Will to be distracted - maybe by the Book?
Yes, that was the way.


The bard concentrated on the image of the fort.
He brought the image of the Book along with him, and incited the Book to try to call again its former Master.
The pilot knew that the Will would interpose. An alignment of the Book, the Will and the Margrave. That would pin the Will in position.
Caraoc would take advantage of them being focused on each other to try and sneak into the fortress from a divergent angle, and reach the Margrave.
He hoped to be able to exchange a few words before the Will would chase him away, ultimately.

First was to catch the attention of the Margrave again, and to incite him to discuss - expecting the Will to interpose.
"You, you who smiled when you're in jail - You who soldiered through the arcane - But were distracted and shut down
So why, why did you talk to your old Book - Such words were inaudible and in vain - Their promise has to be asked again
And where was your watchman then - It'd be your keeper for life as your guardian"

Now that the Margrave knew he had to try and communicate, and the Will interposed, there was the time when Caraoc could try to take an oblique approach.
The Astromancer would intoduce himself by alluding that he was to liberate the Margrave.

"I could be your carrier out of there, your first warden - I'll be your guidance out jail, I'll be with a gang - The greatest escape of all from your guardian
You, you in the chaos feigning sane - You who has pushed beyond what's humane - Them as the ghostly tumbleweed
And where was your watchman then
I could be your carrier out of there, your first warden - I'll be your guidance out jail, I'll be with a gang - The greatest escape of all from your guardian"

The last step was the most delicate. It was to listen to what the Margrave could tell him about how to circumvent the castle's defenses.

"Now no more smiling mid crest fall - No more managing unmanageables - No more holding still in the hailstorm
Now tell us how best to come - To be your freedom for life as your guardian - To be your carrier out there, your first warden
I need your advice on call, I beg a demand - The greatest honor of all is your freedom"

Trying to communicate by spell with the Margrave - using the Book as a disctraction for the Will - in order to learn from the Margrave his opinion about the best way to take him out.

OOC: Alanis Morissette - Guardian
Lyrics: ... sette.html

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Re: Group 42 - Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 7:39 pm
by Marchosias
Caraoc kept singing but now, knowing the fort was protected by some magical will, he changed his approach.

The book followed his command with eagerness and determination. It headed directly to the main gate and slammed into it powerfully. The defender reacted immediatelly and formed a shield; the book, knowing its strength was insufficient, examined it carefully. And so they stood, the stalwart protector from evil and the demanding book longing for its master, eyeing each other, neither one gaining any ground.

In the meantime, Caraoc, treading lightly and hiding in the shadows, was slowly sneaking inside. The protective will did not seem to notice his light steps, or maybe it considered him no threat. Soon enough, he was climbing the wall, ascending some steps, hiding himself in an abandoned room, passing a guard that was staring at the sea without interruption - and finally, looking in the eyes of the margrave himself.

The man seemed surprised but he listened to the scald. Then, he hesitated for a slight moment but decided soon to answer and whispered with a voice used to far more strength and passion:

"Guardmaster Herman is a drunken fool. The magic protection only affects spellcasting and artifacts and is silent when no one tries to cast magic - as far as my limited experience tells at least. They are cutting expenses where they can and so there are only a few torches and some locks probably need repair. Some guards see themselves as holy warriors and will fight to the death but many are only here because of the mostly easy service. You can tell them apart by the shinyness of their armour. I am being held somewhere high, probably in a tower. I will be able to walk."

The margrave fell silent, considering what more could he say. Then, however, the mysterious guardian finally noticed the conversation and leapt towards them fiercefully. Both the scald and the margrave quickly closed their minds. They managed to avoid any harm that way; however, their conversation was cut and now the guardian was more wary than ever before.

Caraoc succeeded in fooling the magical defender and contacting the margrave. He obtained some information from this man.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:25 pm
by Calisson
The divination provided precious information to the Astromancer.
Next step was to give that information to the group.
The only difficulty was that Caraoc had never admitted publicly his "talents".
For that reason, he would pretend he had the information from before joining the Hungry Gaze.

While he was concentrating in his divination, Caraoc could not follow the discussions, and did not know what was said.
He came back towards the group.
Kireth and Incaneth were in the middle, staring at the rest of the mercenaries, who were silent.
All corsairs were circling around, apparently curious to see whether something interesting would come up.

All eyes converged towards the scald when he interrupted the uneasy silence.
"Please, I need to tell something.
The more I think about it, the more I'm confident I have heard something about that castle.
I did not know the name, but everything else matches.
A small castle with tall walls on an isolated reef washed by the sea, which looks impossible to capture.
The inquisition holding there a few special prisoners, among which a Margrave - there must not be that many Margraves kept prisoners in the whole Empire, wouldn't they?"

The silence was impressive. The whole assembly was holding their breath, waiting for more.
Incaneth made a gesture towards the scald and invited him to tell all he knew.

"The person who got me the information went inside quite recently, although I can't tell how fresh was his visit.
Prisoners would remain there for life unless being pardoned, so we can safely assume that the Margrave is still there.
At the time, he was treated decently and was able to walk. He was held in altitude, in a tower with a window.

He told me that the many guards visible on watch are not as formidable as they seem. The Guardmaster is a drunken fool. Many guards are here only because of the mostly easy service, and don't even maintain their armour properly. Only a few guards are fanatic, you can tell them apart by their shiny armour.
They are cutting expenses where they can, there are only a few torches and some locks need repair.

There are serious magical defenses, though, but it only affects spellcasting and artifacts and is silent when no one tries to cast magic.

That's all I can recall from that informer... who cannot talk anymore, I'm afraid."

Telling all the results of the divination.

Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T3 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
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Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, Book On the boundary between life and death, sunstone, sextant, set of navigational instruments; 24 gold + share + 5 food + 5 alcohol +1 lyre.
Skills: Power of Azyr (2) Power of Ghur (1), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Re: Group 42 - Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:14 am
by Marchosias

The fire mage did not pay much attention to the planning. They knew nothing, how should they prepare a plan anyway? She was still exhausted from the outburst of fire she had created in the battle not that long ago and she was not in the mood for this kind of babbling.

"I think he will come, Sear,"
she forced out of herself to save them all even more words. "He is in prison, they probably torture him and he is to get executed soon. He has no reason to stay."

As if it mattered to her. She was on a ship that belonged to someone she did not care about, accompanied by elves she could hardly trust, rescuing some necromancer she has never met to push forwards some plan that would not benefit her. She was serving a noble girl that had no right to be the luckier of the two - but chance allowed her to give commands while it forced Ladry to follow them.

Why should she care, about the margrave, about Analya, about anything?

She just wanted this meeting to end, she wanted to delve in her flames again and forget the whole world.


So the time was here - his first chance to impress the others with something more than boasts. Given their distrust towards him he really should make it count.

"You are lucky to have such a well-informed source, Caraoc" he begun. From the looks of others it seemed they were trusting what this shoeless elf had said so Gilvaad decided to do the same without any comments. "It gives us some possibilities. If we encounter any damaged locks I should be able to open them. The missing torches should allow us to stay in darkness and avoid unwanted attention easier. Furthermore, if the guardmaster really is a drunkard and a fool chances are the inner corridors will not be guarded, meaning that once we are inside we will encounter no further watchmen. In case I am interpreting his incompetence wrongly, there is nothing that stops a guard from sounding the alarm like a blowpipe dart in his neck with some suitable poison applied. Therefore, once we are inside I believe I can get us moving forwards without any guards noticing."

He was speaking in a professional manner, in a calm voice, loud enough for anyone to understand well but not more. In his last sentences he forgot himself a bit and sounded somewhat more relaxed for a while but he quickly put his voice under his control again.

"However, breaching the walls will be more problematic. I assume we can close in covered by morning mist; then we could just throw up a hook with a rope and climb up on the walls. This carries a substantial risk of looming out right in front of a guard. My suggestion in this regard is creating some small distraction first - a few strange noises that will attract the guard's attention. As this can backfire and only make the guard more watchful, though, I am open to alternatives. I am sure there are elves of various talents here."

After a short pause, he then added: "And of course, not too many of us should go inside. I suspect we might need a mage in case there is some protection spell Caraoc's contact failed to notice, and perhaps a skilled fighter or two in case things go wrong but one that can move quietly."

Ladry and Gilvaad offer their input.
Unless there is something important you want to add, the next modpost could take us to the prison.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:10 am
by Calisson
Gilvaad, the new guy looking like a ratman, had revealed himself to know some burglar tricks. Could prove useful. It also meant that later, this strange fellow had to be monitored closely.
Ladry thepyromancer should be useful to destroy resistance and possibly to create a flaming diversion.
Searinox would scout, and he had proven good at fencing.
That would make three, the party was nearly complete.
But hey? what role would have Caraoc? There was no way he would remain on the ship while the other ones would have all the fun! This had been Caraoc's life years ago, when the pilot was deemed only good to guard the ship. No longer! He wanted adventure! Better make his presence unescapable.

"So Gilvaad for the locks, Ladry for the arcane cover and diversion, Searinox for scouting and getting rid of the odd guard. Possibly another fighter. I should come, too, in case seeing the castle uncovers hidden memories that I might have half forgotten.
Would it be enough of us?"

Summoning the party.

Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T3 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (20 clips), Sea Dragon Cloak, cutlass
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, Book On the boundary between life and death, sunstone, sextant, set of navigational instruments; 24 gold + share + 5 food + 5 alcohol +1 lyre.
Skills: Power of Azyr (2) Power of Ghur (1), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Re: Group 42 - Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:39 pm
by Searinox Nagharha
Searinox chuckled, "Ofcourse you're comming Caraoc! We need someone to sing our grand escape later."
Taking a more serieus tonen he continue'd, "So now we have a party formed... does anyone speak Reikspell? because I doubt our mangrave speaks Druchii."

Re: Group 42 - Chapter 1: The Prisoner

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:17 pm
by Marchosias
"Well," replied Kireth, "good thing we have a stealthy guy who can speak the human tongue quite well." He nodded to Iscar and said: "Looks like you WILL have some adventure, too."

"Hope so," answered the scout with a smile. "You know, this group is all shiny but they need someone that actually knows some sense."

"Then I´ve no idea who to send," grimaced Kireth. Several corsais laughed and the captain continued: "So we are dediced. We close to the fortress two hours before dawn and hope half of it is drunk at least. We wait for a dense fog. The ship will stay some hundred metres away so no one has a chance of seeing or hearing it and you will take a boat from there. Galder will guard it. Be fast."

The two muscular mercenaries exchanged looks, then Kirvaleth spoke out: "We should rather guard it. Nothing against Galder but in case something goes wrong, we are far better fighters than him."

"You wish," barked Galder, clearly offended. Then he shrugged. "If you really want to freeze down there, I gladly stay here where it is dry and warm."

The captain looked from Kirvaleth to his corsair and back. "Fine," he decided. "This means this will be all. End meeting, we will arive to the fortress in four or five days so prepare yourselves."

Then he left the group and disappeared in his cabin.



This was harder than he had originally thought. He only needed a few moments alone with her but here on the ship, someone could easily overhear. Maybe he should risk it anyway... will the reception of his words be different if he waits for several days? She can hardly abandon this ship anyway, he cannot be blamed she loses something by his hesitation.

He will wait until they go to the shore again. It should not take long.


Several days later, a boat with five rescuers and two mercenaries set off towards the shore. The silouette of the Hungry Gaze had disappeared just after a few yards and for a while, they were travelling blindly, the fog being so thick that Iscar on the point could not see Ladry in the back. Still, despite complete silence had been ordered on the ship, they were able to hear the footsteps of some corsair, the creaking of the hull itself, as clealy as if they were right on the ship. Then, a majestic shadow had formed in front of them, seemingly out of nowhere, and just a few moments later the boat was secured with Kirvaleth and Kruz waiting inside and the five rescuers were gathered on the thin stripe of stones between the wall and the sea. It was quiet there, nothing was to be heard except the swashing of the waves; only when listening carefully, the elves were able to recognize footsteps somewhere above them and to the left.



Standing under the wall, the infiltrator hesitated for a while. He could try to distract the guard by throwing something and causing noise far from them; or he could just hope he will get up there unnoticed. The guard will have to be put to sleep anyway, though, as it was doubtful their whole team will be able to climb up without making a sound.

This settled it. He unpacked a rope with a hook at one end, wrapped in cloth to minimize noise, took a deep breath and threw it up. For a brief moment, he was unable to tell what had happened... but when he pulled on the rope he felt it got caught somewhere and in no time, he was climbing over the bulwark.

He stopped and listened. For a long time he heard nothing; but finally, light coughing sounded somewhere on his left. He neared it very carefully, treading lighter than raindrops; and indeed, a moment later he saw a shadow staring in the mist. He prepared his dagger and continued with even more caution - and several painfully long moments later, he was able to lay the guard down, staring blindly towards the sky, bleeding from a single wound in the neck.

Then he returned to the rope, to signalize it was time for the others to go up.



Finally, something to do again. While some of the corsairs had been shivering in the cold morning she felt as warm and comfortable as always, thanks to the flames in her that were never truly extinguished. She had not managed to climb without a sound and every noise she had made had sounded like thunder to her ears; no guardsman seemed to notice, however, maybe thanks to luck, maybe thanks to their new companion. Now, they were all up, ready to delve in the depths of the fortress.

Slowly, they moved along the walls, carefully weighing every step, treading as lightly as possible. Ladry soon begun questioning her presece there - she was no thief or assassin, hardly a person of stealth and subtlety, and with the use of magic forbidden, how could she have helped at all? This thought was slowly gaining strength as a hidden stream of heat; it was under control at the moment but soon, it could burst out.

They found some doors and Gilvaad opened them with a key he had probably stolen from the guard he had silenced. Then, they begun a long journey of stone walls, narrow corridors and missing torches, of long waits before a watchman passed and swift yet silent moves behind his back. And all the time, the heat of frustration was buiding up, stretching her nerves even more.

Then, after looking roun a corner, Gilvaad gestured them to halt. In the poor light of a distant torch, he begun to gesticulate.

Finger pointing round the corner. Two raised fingers. Showing his blowpipe with one raised finger. A doubtful look, then a shrug. Two raised fingers on one hand, the second hand pointing at the others - Ladry, then Caraoc, then Iscar, then Searinox, then back and forth.

Ladry shrugged. She would have liked to just burn the two scumbags down, this would be so clean and easy - but no, her only choice was to just stand there and oberve the others being awesome. She reproved herself and took a deep breath. She could at least try to listen carefully. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her surroundings.

And indeed, she realized something she had never noticed before - a slight, almost unnoticeable glow around Iscar. It was a similar colour as the spells of Caraoc but this one was far, far heavier, maybe like a mountain touching the clouds on a rainy day.

However strange, though, this was no help with their current task. She opened her eyes and looked around. She knew she was unable to get them further so who will?

The player characters plus Iscar venture in the prison while Kirvaleth and Kruz are guarding their boat.
Round the corner, there are two guards standing in the way. It is not clear if they can be avoided - there probably is some other way but navigating through the fortress is quite difficult.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:54 am
by Calisson
Caraoc enjoyed the expedition.
The fog couldn't have been more convenient.
The Astromancer was wondering if that was because of him or natural.
Well, in case anyone would ask, he would say "natural, of course"... and blink.

But now there were guards in their way. Caraoc was curious to see how Gilvaad or anyone else would get rid of them without alerting the garrison.

Nothing special.

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Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (20 clips), Sea Dragon Cloak, cutlass
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, Book On the boundary between life and death, sunstone, sextant, set of navigational instruments; 24 gold + share + 5 food + 5 alcohol +1 lyre.
Skills: Power of Azyr (2) Power of Ghur (1), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)