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Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 10:52 pm
by Searinox Nagharha
Searinox grabbed the bottle and looked at Ladry, she had made a good point 'I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the artefact bound too Ulgu.'
"Aye indeed Ladry, but first we need to convince the dear captain. Though I don't think that will be to hard considering the amount of money he could earn from this endeavour." Searinox walked up to the base of the Church tower, "Analya!" He shouted upwards, "We have word that there are knights close by! Let's get the merchandise to the harbour, I have no fondness of encountering these knights without proper preparations, the sooner we set sail the sooner we can plan our next course of action." He then faced the slaves and unraffled the chain he had collected earlier, whipping it in their direction to get them riled up and ready to move.

Informing Analya of the knights in the vicinity and getting ready to goad the slaves to the harbour

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 8:57 pm
by Marchosias
The spring morning was peaceful but there were restless motions battling it constantly; this struggle seemed to form a contrast and a strange sort of harmony at the same time. The sun was standing still low on the sky and vapour was quickly ascending to it; the sea was calm while seagulls were diving rashly under its surface; sunlight was warm and tender but was breaking into blinding reflections on the water.

The corsairs were heavy at work, showing experience of many years. The captives were already separated in two groups, one for the young and healthy and the other one for the weaker. Various kinds of loot were arranged in a few different piles and the elves were still carrying more: there was a handful of jewels, a bigger stock of axes, saws and nails and then sacks of grain, barrels of ale and fresh water, bundles of linen and wool and even a few fishing rods.

In contrast to their boiling tumult, the prisoners were sitting still, not moving, not even crying as their misery has already led them from tears to apathy. Not far from them, an injured corsair was lying, with a wound on the back of his head. He was resting almost as if dead, his chest only barely rising in breath. But his eyes opened and were moving slowly, from the brightly lit roof of a house to the piles of loot to the corsair who was caring about him.

The Hungry Gaze was now anchored in the bay and the waves that were shattering on her were unable to make her swing. The horizon was staying still, the only motion being the shivering of tree branches. Behind a house, a horse snorted.

The mysterious elf who had appeared in the village just a few hours ago sew unrest among the mercenaries, having spoken about a strong force of knights crusading with goal unknown. Soon after, Searinox decided to push things in motion, shouted for Analya and moved to the slaves.

“I am going there right away,” the noble girl replied from the tower. In just a moment she emerged on the ground again.

“You heard Searinox,” she called to a cluster of corsairs guarding slaves and grading the looted tools. “Prepare to board immediately. Leave the last few houses alone for now. In case of an attack we will have enough time to escape to the sea but not much more. The ship is already anchored and the captain is almost there.”

The buzzing of elves then rose in speed. They all gathered on the village square, sorted quickly through instruments and jewels, packed the newly acquired food, and begun carrying all of it to the shore. The only motionless ones were Incaneth still lying in rest and Iscar high above them all. When the captain finally arrived he was given a quick report by Analya and the sleeveless corsair and found out he had almost no commands to give.

“Good job, folks,” he concluded. “No reason to risk, we rush out of here. Incaneth, can you walk?”

“I have been worse,” the lying elf replied with a self-mocking grimace. “Just say when we are ready to go. Until then, I feel comfortable here.”

“We almost are,” Snakeskin nodded. Then he looked around. “Where is the new guy?” Fixing Harkyl's eyes he said to him: “You look weird but I don't care. I have a place on my ship for another mercenary and you can't be worse than this bunch. I don't pay well but I am not a human baldy. If you board our ship when we set sail it means you accept.”

Not waiting for response, he turned to the two groups of captives. “Take only the strong ones. We won't pillage for a few days and we don't have that much food. Kill the rest. Spare a few children, though. If the knights come I want them to lose time with taking care of them. Only the young ones who won't say anything about our strength.”

One of the humans, the sturdy one who had tried to fight with a shovel before, said something to him, in a humble but straight voice. Kireth raised his eyebrows.

“He wants to speak with me,”
he explained to the other elves. “This sounds promising. I will take him a bit away.” He then walked out of earshot, with a corsair guarding him. When he returned, many of the slaves were already secured in the Hungry Gaze's hold, as was a good portion of the other goods. The captain went to a woman in a nightgown and commanded:

“Leave this one alive on the dry land, too, and her children as well. Her husband is quite a trader. Otherwise, nothing changes. Now, let's finish the boarding.”

The rash movements of corsairs were contrasting with the slow rise of the sun. The slaves were all brought to the wharf, the worthy ones transferred to the Hungry Gaze in small groups and the remaining ones left in the belief they will be the next. Incaneth was indeed able to stand up and walk slowly to the board where he sat close to the wheel again. One corsair climbed the mast to take over a watch and this allowed Iscar to join them on board. The mercenaries, no more needed to cover the boarding, followed immediately after him.

When the ship was ready to sail, the sturdy human was brought on board, bound but allowed to walk on his own. Only two corsairs were remaining on the wharf; they swung their blades quickly and the sea water turned red; but the human's eyes were fixed on the woman in nightgown and she remained standing, shaken beyond being able to scream but unharmed, and with her, several children survived as well; two of them were holding tightly to her. Then the corsairs boarded the Hungry Gaze as well and she set sail to the open sea. The woman finally moved and her horrified gaze met her husband; their eyes then remained locked until the ship was not to see anymore. There was no motion remaining in the village; only blood and empty houses.

On the ship herself, the captain let the human escorted back to the hold and the crew gathered.

“So, time to decide what to do next,” he said. “First, I see you new one aboard so welcome and do not mess up. I heard you had some kind of a map and promised great riches so would you explain?”

Looting finished, the Hungry gaze sets sail to the sea.
Incaneth is very pale but is probably going to survive.
You have some free time before the planning stage begins which you can write about. Then you can discuss the map, artifacts and so on - though be prepared that ideas of pursuing them will probably get dismissed by the captain.
Kireth Snakeskin has something in mind which I will write about soon (this post is long enough as is).

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 9:56 pm
by Calisson
Time had come to bring the booty aboard. The usual bore. Caraoc participated actively, as it would be expected from any corsair.
According to the Law of the Sea, the looters would keep for themselves only what they could carry easily at all times while remaining able to perform their duties. Everything else was common boot, and its value would be shared later, after the journey ended.
From what Caraoc had taken in the alchemist house and other unsignificant peasant's houses he had chances to visit, the pilot corsair kept nothing for himself except the magic book.
There still was no chance to open it: all hands were needed to bring the cargo onboard and to guard the surroundings.

When everything was secured and safe, anchors were hauled onboard and the 'Hungry Gaze' set sail.
Day navigation in calm weather was not difficult, the ship put soon good distance to any shoals that could endanger her, and after four hours only the empty horizon was to be seen.
Most raiders had gone already to their bunks, recovering from their night and the day's stress. But not the Astromancer. Sitting betweeen two barrels on the deck, in a rather remote place where nobody would bother him unless specifically searching for him, Caraoc slowly unpacked his new treasure and started to read its content.
This time, he would control himself fully, not letting the arcane book inspire freely all kind of predictions.

Intricate golden letters announced: "On the Boundary between Life and Death"

Reading silently.
Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T3 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (20 clips), Sea Dragon Cloak, cutlass
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, sunstone, sextant and set of navigational instruments; 20 gold + share.+ Book (On the boundary between life and death)
Skills: Power of Azyr (2), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 8:32 am
by Marchosias
On the Boundary between Life and Death

There is one thing common to all men, no matter if they are a lowly peasant, a noble, a merchant or one of the clergy. What is more, this one thing is shared by all other races as well – and while the reader might say I do not know enough about them their behaviour is so similar in so many aspects I feel free to judge them as well. This one thing is not intelligence as most humans are easily misguided to believe the most blatant lies – as a proof it is enough to look how much admired are our kings no matter what perils their decisions have brought on us. It is not a noble pursuit of a bigger purpose as many of our proud race only live to eat and satiate their lust and thus do not differ from animals. It is not their loyalty and devotion to their superiors and all of their kin as otherwise we would not have any robbers and usurpers.

No, only one is shared truly by all and this is the will to live, the desire to preserve oneself, no matter what is happening around.

Everybody knows the proverb about a corned rat. It is only the desperation of imminent death that allows such a cowardly and weak beast to stand up against cats, dogs or humans and often fight its way to freedom and continued life. Similarly, one could find many stories about thugs cornered in dark alleys, villagers defending themselves against raids, armies breaking from encirclement. There is no heroism in those deeds; there is just desperation and fear of death.

I advise the reader to take a walk through some of the poorest quarters of Altdorf or any other big city. The people are crowded, sharing their beds with their whole family or not possessing one at all; hungry, often eating nothing for two or three days and never satiating themselves to the fullest; ill, with all sorts of diseases spreading through their population and receiving no treatment; often beaten in brawls for food, punished by local authorities if they for a change step there or tyrannized by groups of outlaws. And yet they not only lack the strength to end their miserable lives; they always plead to keep it when they are standing in front of trial for some theft or robbery, despite the most reasonable would be to ask for a quick and merciful end of all their pain.

What is more, they not only insist on keeping their lives, they even breed offspring. It is always said that nothing can surpass the love of a mother to their children; but I ask, what kind of mother would give birth to a child that would then be left with a living as described before, where not having enough food and clothes is the norm, where violence is the most common tongue and where whoring for a debauched patrician is a privilege envied by all?


Dwarf slayers claim they not only despise death, they actually seek it. In fact, their fear of death is so strong – of a death in dishonour, to make it worse – that they need to do the most insanely courageous deeds just to preserve their lie and forget this fear for a while at least.

The elves are vying for forgetting, too. They all share a hint of sadness as they are unable to keep thoughts of death out of their minds completely; so they either cultivate this sadness in their poems, proclaiming it the highest form of art, or they cling to their warrior code, sense of duty or some other idea of this sort so tightly that it fills their minds completely. And if their tales about their dark cousins are true than these so called druchii are even more affected by this: it seems all of them either seek fleshly pleasures, hoping for an ecstasy strong enough to fill the mind completely; or they revel in bloodshed, deluding themselves that as long as they are winning over their enemies they are winning over death itself. In the former, they resemble our own aristocracy or misguided cults of lowborns; in the later they hardly distinguish themselves from mercenaries or orcs.


There is no love, only a lowly desire to breed offspring.
There is no religion, just a set of beautiful lies that should ease one's dying.
There is no heroism, just a desire to preserve one's name after one's death.
There is neither friendship nor nation nor family ties. Everyone is born and dies alone.
Only the truly strong can accept that.


There are many disputes about what wind of magic is the strongest or deserves attention the most. Such quarrels are foolish. One should study all of them and take what is needed the most. Scholars that tell how humans are unable to learn this much during their short lifespans are wrong. This is just one of the many boundaries the pure will for survival can breach if cultivated and honed with enough care.

For gaining true knowledge, one must study each of the winds, take the real power from them and discard all the philosophy and tradition, everything that is not directly related to shaping the world one's way. Each of the magic schools imposes a set of limitations on its pupils in order to make using magic as safe as possible; however, if a sorcerer knows his boundaries he does not need let himself bound from the outside; the only bonds one should allow are the ones that one's own will dictates following a calm calculation.

To preserve oneself – or the ones one sees worthy – one obviously needs to understand Ghyran as it manipulates with the life itself; however, many life wizards think all life is sacred and seek deep wisdom in the nature which is just a restriction they impose on themselves that prevents them from achieving true greatness.

To fight death – or rather, to handle with her, appease her and ally with her – the knowledge of Shyish is one of the most important. Leeching life and magical energy alike from others is perhaps the most important task an aspirant of the path of the truly strong should learn. Again, though, death wizards are often fixed on killing their enemies, though. While this is a worthy deed one has to bear in mind that ensuring the survival of oneself always has precedence.

From the remaining winds one perhaps does not take that much but even then, there are skills developed by their practitioners that are vital for self-preservation and thus to the ultimate victory. While Chamon mages, for example, spend most of their time in smithies they are also capable of strengthening the body; Aqshy wizards often surrender to their own passion but their ability to find raw power within themselves is uncontested; Azyr disciples, while narrow-minded ritualists with just a few exceptions, can sometimes twist the fate itself; Ulgu mages are exceptional in making an illusion reality or transforming one's determination into the power of flesh but are prone to thinking their mind games are all that matters.

What was written in the previous chapters may appear as a defense of the magic of Ghur but it is far from this. It is true that channelling primal instincts can make a warrior almost unstoppable and is therefore a desired skill; there is no doubt animals are not bound by the restrictions of human society and value little above their own survival which is what a view an aspirant of greatness should adopt as well; however, beasts and beasts mages are submitting themselves to the laws of nature without questioning them while the truly strong are willing to challenge anyone, including nature itself.

Last, the wind of Hysh remains to be discussed. It is often perceived as the bearer of purity and hope that burns everything evil and unnatural. It is true that a disciple of Hysh could very easily perceive a follower of the teachings presented here as someone the world needs to be purged of; then, his power could indeed prove very dangerous. In some sense, however, the path being described here brings hope that death can be avoided; it teaches to purify one's soul from all fear or lust; and so, even the light magic cannot be omitted.

Taking power from one source only inevitably leaves some kind of weakness. One should always seek to cover the weaknesses of one source with the strengths of another.


A practitioner of the teachings described here is going to be hated.
He is going to be feared.
He is going to be despised.
None of this matters.

The only important thing is: A practitioner of the teachings described here is going to live on while his enemies succumb fall one by one.

In the end, there will be no enemies and an eternity to savour.

On the Boundary between Life and Death: Many pages of philosophy and magic.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 12:57 pm
by Calisson
As he was reading, the Astromancer progressively immersed into a wealth of wisdom.
The book was written in plain Tal-Eltharin. The style was out of fashion and lacked subtelty, but the thought of the author was easy to follow thanks to the many repetitions. Obviously it was a Human who wrote it, and he had to insist heavly on what was obvious to any Elf.
But that author must have been exceptional for a Human, he must have benefitted from direct teachings of Elven high mages.
Furthermore, the book itself contained captured arcane energies, which no Human could have possibly inserted.
Would it be the legacy of Teclis given to a talented Human assistant? Or was it the thesis of a Human mage trying to pass his Arcane exam?

Anyway, Caraoc discovered with delight that there was a chapter about Azyr, and how to twist fate. That chapter would have to be meditated with great care.
Reversely, when the Book challenged him on that matter, the Astromancer had reluctantly to admit that his Art was not without weaknesses. Allmighty outdoors, it was more difficult to obtain the favours or Heavens in buildings, or subterraneans. Also, it was difficult to obtain results which would not affect wide areas.
Reading the introduction to the chapter about Ghur provided ample contrast: enhancing animal prowess in individual bodies would open the exact opposite opportunities.

Caraoc resolved to take from the Book all he could about fate twists,
but also he had already learned something: find the Beast in your self.

Will take all opportunity to study thoroughly two chapters: Azyr & Ghur.
Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T3 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (20 clips), Sea Dragon Cloak, cutlass
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, sunstone, sextant and set of navigational instruments; 20 gold + share.+ Book (On the boundary between life and death)
Skills: Power of Azyr (2), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 9:51 pm
by Searinox Nagharha
Searinox had made his way onto the ship and leaned over the railing, admiring they work they had done.
Several corpses where spread across the town square, wailing children standing at the beginning of the dock crying their eyes out as they saw their parents killed or being dragged aboard the cutter, and the water of the harbour turning red from the blood of the corpses that floated next to it. He inhaled deeply as if he tried so breath in all the terror and despair they had sowed this beautiful mist blessed morning, "This day started off wonderful, now let's hope it stays this way."

His eyes then fell on the one human that was allowed to board on his own, 'That must have been some expensive information if it allowed him to safe his wife and offspring.' He followed the human with his eyes as he was escorted down towards the hold. As the crew gathered to hear their next course of action Searinox stayed at the railing for the time being, taking this moment to grab one of each of the flasks he had gathered to try and decipher what was inside of them.
'I could just try my luck and drink one of them...' He pulled the cap off of the Mindelfeite flask and a dark fume came out of it together with a very potent smell that made Searinox quickly put the cork back in. 'On second thought... if those humans from the tavern really did take these drinks it won't do me much good on this ship... or any good at all for that matter.' Turning to face the captain he let out a small sigh 'As he is the only one that can read Reikspiel I guess I'll have to sacrifice one of each to figure out what's written on them.' Though at the time being Snakeskin seemed to be busy with getting information out of Harkyl. Maybe their where others on the ship that could help him, maybe Iscar could assist him?
Searinox walked up to him and patted him on the back, "That was some nice work we did their," Searinox said with a small smile, "Mind if I ask you a few questions though? Since it seems likely we'll be in human lands for a while I'd like to learn a bit of their crude language. At the very least a few words I have seen popping up a lot. Know anyone that would be willing to learn me some?"

Enjoying the work they did
deciding to ask Iscar if there are any other that know Reikspiel and are willing to teach him

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 8:46 pm
by MangoPunch
It seems they accept me… or at the very least are will suffer my company and permit me to join their expedition. Harkyl noted with some satisfaction the marked improvement in his position over the past few minutes and resolved to not make the same brash mistakes he made at his first introduction. Weak in stature, Harkyl had other strengths, lithe on his feet and quicker of whit, he had to leverage his strengths to survive, this new crew was little different than the many bands of elves he had met over decades of wandering the northern roads. The first step to survival is knowledge, and so Harkyl set off as he had countless times to learn as much as he could about the badn of elves - this time the crew of the Hungry Gaze.

Harkyl helped where he could loading the village loot, silently cursing his sore bones, and watching always watching and the crew, who spoke with whom, who befriended whom, who gave orders, who followed gladly and who followed not quite so gladly. Where he was permitted he helped drive the humans below deck, and carry the treasures into the holds, gleaning some knowledge of the layout of the Hungry Gaze, of the relationship of the crew to each other and many other tidbits.

As the ship beat out to sea, Harkyl noted that the barefooted elf stole off for privacy, and that the shade seemed oddly curious about the human language. After a short time the rising wind and surf made it hard to overhear much above deck, so Harkyl made to find a game of Halatafl or Bassett that he might be allowed to croupier. Where there is dicing there is drinking, and no one gossips like a drunk gambling elf. Before he ducks below deck Harkyl pauses, and then yells to an authoritative deckhand I’ll be taking my sore crippled bones below deck and am glad to answer the Captains' or First Mate’s questions whenever they please. Best to show some goodwill to those in charge, and for certain my whereabouts will be meant to be noted.

Harkyl observes the crew and working of the Hungry Gaze, and makes off to find a dice game and the inevitably accompanied gossip. He makes sure to inform the crew of his whereabouts, as they are sure to be suspicious and will likely want to question him further.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 10:10 am
by Marchosias
Harkyl was cruising the ship with his eyes open. The corsairs were still busy; some of them were sailing the ship, working hard to get the best speed out of her; others were examining the loot in detail, adjusting the instruments for elven hands, discarding some of them as too low quality, stashing others in crates. Some of them even got to begin some repairs, now that they possessed the needed tools. They all knew their place well and were not speaking much to each other as they did not need to. No one of them seemed interested in drinking or gambling this part of the day; in the evening, they might open more.

There was a small forge built on the deck; there, two mercenaries were repairing their armour and working on the instruments. There was Paithan, the draich-wielder who got beaten by the unnaturally strong drunkard, and Dolan, the strong guy who eventually defeated said craze; most of the time, Paithan was wielding the hammer but he let Dolan not only assist but do some of the easier tasks himself. Those two were chatting heavily and laughing loudly, an exception on the board of the Hungry Gaze.

A corsair was polishing the board without much enthusiasm. He raised his head to straighten his back and saw Caraoc, reading between two barrels. He then smiled, got back to his work with more happiness and begun to sing:

I’m a tramp, I’m a lover, I’m a slave cause I’m a sailor,
I’m a sinner, I’m a drunk, I do not feel ashamed,
I’m your fool, I’m your king, I’m joking for the win,
You know, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Searinox found Iscar lying on the highest spot of the ship's bow, looking into the sky and enjoying his well-deserved rest after scouting and standing on watch for the whole night. The corsair did not seem a companion would bother him, though.

“This is the second best place on the ship right behind the crow's nest. I do not understand why others hate it there,” he explained. “Yes, we did nicely. Good to have a partner who does not stomp like a manticore. After a big lunch.” He smiled for himself, without looking at Searinox. “Take a seat somewhere if you wish.”

After hearing the mercenary's request, he chuckled a little. “Well, that depends on how much you want to learn. Almost all of us know a word or two. It is just handy. For example, “Zungreil” means “Attack” so if someone shouts it you should be wary. Before the battle, they often say something like “Mindel von Sigmar”, this should be Sigmar's strength if I remember correctly, and after the fighting, they usually scream “Emleiwen” or “Sigmar, almoll mies” – mercy and Sigmar, save us. Predictable little things.” Iscar smiled again and shrugged. “But if you want to write a formal letter better go to Incaneth. He speaks the language even better than Kireth and should have some free time right now.”

Searinox: human language lesson 1: battle shouts
Harkyl: the corsairs do not babble much and wait with drinking for the evening. They have obviously known each other for a very long time.
Do not forget in the last modpost Harkyl was asked about the map by the captain. This happens after Searinox's conversation of course but we can manage several time lines at the same time. :)

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Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 10:21 pm
by MangoPunch
After some time of observing the crew, loading loot and casting off the Captain called to Harkyl “So, time to decide what to do next… First, I see you new one aboard so welcome and do not mess up. I heard you had some kind of a map and promised great riches so would you explain?”

At a crossroad it seems Harkyl thought, Do I tip my hand now and give up what little leverage I have, or do I play it coy and risk getting caught in a lie. Harkyl was not a trusting elf by nature. He looked around one last time breathing in the sea breeze and decided to bare it all.

I don’t know that I can promise you riches, but I can lead you to treasures that others are seeking. The story I told you before, while true, was not complete. I was hesitant without knowing the disposition of your crew and I was also cautious being on foreign land, as where I am from hedges have eyes and walls have ears. Harkyl bit his lip momentarily I’ve said too much now to turn back and continued Before I told you about Anacyrus Debilis’ map that marked the village from which we just departed with the symbol of Shyish. Well, there was another map, very similar but with differences. This other map seemed more complete and marked the town with the symbol Lakh.

This other map
Harkyl said removing the slightly bloodstained map from within the folds of his cloak, I found on the body of the Ulthuan Elf I slaughtered outside of Schaurdeimen. I would be most curious to learn of what artifact you found in the village and whether the Toad is chasing false flies – whether the artifact pertains to Shyish or Lakh?

Reveals the mysterious map to the captain

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 5:17 pm
by Thraundil
No sooner than had Ladry aired her desire to take to the waves as soon as possible, the Hungry Gaze was spotted nearing the coastline. The corsairs started gathering up the haul; pelts, some jewelry, a few weapons and a lot of fresh and preserved food. But most importantly, the slaves. As she had been keeping watch over them along with Caraoc, she decided to let the others carry the cumbersome haul, and instead joined the few corsairs who where rustling up the prisoners. Then the call came up from the first mate, "Take only the strong ones, kill the rest." With a sly grin, Ladry started helping the others dividing the prisoners into two groups. The sturdy young adults, a few older hardy men and some larger children where directed to the ship, while the old and the smallest children where directed to remain at the beach.

One very pregnant woman was starting to wail as her child was separated from her and drawn towards the ship, and as the other corsairs started circling the doomer prisoners, Ladry stepped forward. "Let me have this one!" she said, grabbing the pregnant woman by the hair and dragging her toward the waters. As the last of the ablebodied slaves had been transferred to the ship, Ladry turned to look at the condemned slaves. She gave the pregnant woman a hard stomp in her shins, forcing her to her knees. Drawing her knife, she deftly opened the belly of the woman, who screamed in horror as her babe and guts alike spilled onto the beach sand. "Mistress of Fire, accept this new life as offering, may your flames never be quenched" she said in a monotone voice, barely audible over the screams of the human. Extending her arm towards the womans hair, she set it ablaze with a raging whoosh, and then her clothes also. The remaining gathering of humans looked on in terror, and the fate in store for them suddenly became clear, as the corsairs blades flashed in the morning sun. Ladrys face was likewise flashing with an exalted expression as she fueled the flames with her own desire, burning the woman and infant alike to a smoldering slag within minutes, cherishing every moment of desperation and horror of the lone woman and the few children who was allowed to live.

Not much later, the Gaze set sail and was off. Ladry helped where she could with stashing haul and slaves, but not being the strongest aboard, in fact far from it, she soon contended herself with listening to the captain and Harkyl speaking with one another of this map he had mentioned earlier. As it turns out, he had indeed lied about the map to buy himself entry to their company. Never matter, it seemed the truth would out now. Stepping closer to Harkyl, she was now genuinely interested. "Caraoc has been reading the tome for a length of time now. He should be able to shed some light on this matter? Whichever wind the tome is bound to, if any, I think this map of yours justifies investigation. Is there mention of an artefact bound to the flames? I should be very interested in such an item."

Sacrificing prisoners to the flames, then showing her interest in obtaining fire artefacts.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 10:26 pm
by Calisson
Caraoc's discovery of his new book was interrupted by the shadows of the captain's cook.
Cap'n needs you in his room. said the stewart.
Caraoc put back the arcane tome in its envelope and jumped towards the room.


Kireth Snakeskin was discussing with the newcomer, what was his name, ah yes, Harkyl.
The Fire sorceress Ladry was nearby, trying to have a closer look to a sheet of paper that the captain would not let her see easily. Harkyl seemed not all too much happy about her presence but seemed not daring to object.
When the mage pilot arrived, the captain asked him if he found something like a precious tome ashore?
Caraoc replied:
"Aye Cap'n, during the expedition, I was the one who found a cache. The book that I carry here with me was the only thing to be found there, as could testify Incareth and other persons present.
According to the Law of the Corsairs, I may claim mine this piece of booty which I found myself and which I can carry at all time while performing my duties.
Analya has seen me since escorting the slaves and killing a human who threatened Searinox so the condition is met."

Having asserted his legitimacy to keep the tome, Caraoc pursued:
"Since we set sail, I started to study it instead of having a well deserved rest.
My first findings show that it contains the kind of philosophy our degenerated cousins in Ulthuan praise high, but it seems to be written so that mere Humans could try to have a grasp of it.
The title is "On the Boundary between Life and Death", and it teaches about survival basics for humans, or at least for the most enlightned of them.
Myself, as a scald, I find fascinating to read how a mere Human tries to translate High Elf poetry and philosophy in small sparkles that his race could try to understand."

As he told that, he opened the introduction chapter, telling at length "No, only one is shared truly by all and this is the will to live, the desire to preserve oneself, no matter what is happening around. " pages after pages, until "There is neither friendship nor nation nor family ties. Everyone is born and dies alone.". That was more than sufficient to convince the audience that the book was boring and that Caraoc was even stranger than they thought.

Having presented the Tome, Caraoc explored tactical considerations.
"Harkyl has told us that High Elven patrols were trying to reclaim similar artefacts from Humans, probably with the intention of destroying them.
My understanding is that this book better be kept away from Humans, even if chances are remote that they would make good use of it.
Had I belonged to the Asur, I would never have left that chance. Some Human kingdom might be willing to pay to have it back, but it would not be wise to sell them.
The best we could do would be to let them in the belief that the Humans still have it. As long as they do, they will fight them, which is good for us."

Claiming the Tome to be his share. Presenting it as a book about Elven philosophy for the Dummies. Suggesting that keeping it is better than to sell it.

Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T3 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (20 clips), Sea Dragon Cloak, cutlass
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, sunstone, sextant and set of navigational instruments; 20 gold + share.+ Book (On the boundary between life and death)
Skills: Power of Azyr (2), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 11:09 pm
by MangoPunch
After Harkyl revealed the map, the captain made a curt call to his first mate to summon a “Caraoc” and then ushered Harkyl into his cabin. The fire sorceress - stinking of acrid chard human flesh from her recent sacrifices - overheard their conversation and followed them into the room (to Harkyl’s slight dismay). Harkyl stood silently while the Captain greedily studied the parchment, and made no comment as the scald entered and made his sorry plea of ownership of the tome.

It’s time to see how soft this captain is, Harkyl thought, The finders claim typically only extended to trinkets and common treasures, not to items of great value. Besides, what is ownership when you are on the open sea and the captain has a loyal crew?

Given its relation to the map, Harkyl doubted that the captain or fire sorceress would be so droll as to believe the book was a treatise on philosophy. He toyed with commenting, but instead suppressed a wry smile and stood silently, shrinking into the shadows of the now cramped cabin and resolving to enjoy watching the encounter unfold.

Silently observes the encounter between the Scald, Captain and Sorceress

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Fri May 30, 2014 12:22 pm
by Marchosias

With the ship loaded there was only one thing left to do: to dispose of everyone who could tell about their strength, save from the woman whose life was bought by her husband and several children too young to remember important details. When the corsairs were about to start this messy work, however, Ladry stepped in with unusual zeal. Soon, the air was filled with the smell of burnt flesh and the high-pitched scream of her poor victim. The corsairs around Ladry gave her suspicious looks but said nothing; Kirvaleth on the board clenched his lips in clear disapproval and walked to the other side of the Hungry Gaze.

Later, when the ship was already sailing and some of the elves could rest at last, a thin long-haired corsair approached the fire mage. She could remember it was one of the few who had stayed on the land the longest and who could have easily heard her prayer. He stayed in a polite distance but was looking directly at her. “Sorry to interrupt you but I have to ask,” he said in a determined voice. “Who is the Mistress of Fire you mentioned when you set the woman ablaze? You know, we would like to understand what she demands if you are going to invoke her on the ship again.”


Having looked at the map, the captain snorted. “The markings are far from the sea. Only Schaurdeimen is almost on the shore but you said there were knights. I do not like our chances against them. Then we have one Ghyran marking in the middle of a forest. We could probably reach it with two days' march. Possible but risky. Only two Asqhy ones, one in a big city and one somewhere in the World's Edge Mountains. Bad places for a corsair.”
When Caraoc finished his explanations, the captain stayed quiet for a while. Then he answered: “I probably don't understand you. If it is just some boring poetry and philosophy why are the High Elves so eager to destroy it? You know, had I be so unfortunate to be an Asur I would be quite glad the humans love me and would not steal their books without a very good reason.”

He grimaced amusedly and asked: “So what's it about the book that everyone wants it, including you? Not the intricate calligraphy, I suppose?”

Ladry: some elves are wondering what was this sacrifice about.
Caraoc: The captain is not a trusting man - and you could use a challenge for your golden tongue, I think.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:49 pm
by Searinox Nagharha
Searinox looked on as most of both Caraoc, Ladry and the limp Harkyl followed the captain to his quarters. Most likely to discuss their next target, or to see what becomes of this magical tome they found. So far he couldn't be bothered by the book, and he would simply leave it up to the captain to decide what their next course of action would be. He then leaned himself against the bow of the ship and started to listen to what Iscar had to say with his full attention. "Mmh... Mindel... I think that's on one of the flasks, might be some sort of strength potion then. That would be handy."
"It's a very nice spot indeed, maybe others just don't have the stomach to appreciate it. He chuckled "And thanks for the compliment." He looked of at the shore that was disappearing in the distance "that's a good start I suppose, I'll have to start somewhere." He sunk into thought for a moment. "You know now that I think about it, when we went in to loot the tavern where those crazed humans came out from, there where several empty flasks scattered around the floor. The same kind that were in the Alchemists house, I think they said... Searinox tried his best to make sure his pronunciation was good, he didn't want to end up with the wrong information afterall. "Drann and... Scharsen I believe, have any idea what that means?"

after finding out one of the words, he takes a more direct approach for the other two
((I misspelled the words on purpose, afterall its in a whole different writing))

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:48 pm
by Calisson
The captain seemed not enthusiastic by the map, but Harkyl's face did not show anything - not even his enligthned smile.
Kireth Snakeskin did not seem to understand the pilot's explanations either: “I probably don't understand you. If it is just some boring poetry and philosophy why are the High Elves so eager to destroy it? You know, had I be so unfortunate to be an Asur I would be quite glad the humans love me and would not steal their books without a very good reason.
So what's it about the book that everyone wants it, including you? Not the intricate calligraphy, I suppose?”

Harkyl had resumed his angel's smile at this stage. Probably no help should be expected from such a tramp.

But the question was not that difficult to answer.
The scald corsair burst in laugh. :lol:
"Human calligraphy! Haha, that's a good joke!"
He opened the Tome in the early chapters, those dealing with all humans trying to stay alive, and showed him a few selected sentences.
"No, Capt'n, although the author knows Tal-Eltharin and writes it, it remains clumsy in scripture and awkward in style. Look here, and there, see how many repetitions he needs to get to the point? For Humans, it must be akin to extreme litterature beauty, but for us Elves?"

Then the pilot replied to the initial question, about why would Men and Elves look for this book.
"I had not enough time to go through the whole tome, but it seems at this stage that the author has learned about some Elven philosophy about Life and Death, as the title says, and wishes to share it with other Humans.
It is easy to understand why Human would love to learn more from Elven. After all, since Teclis teached them some magic tricks, they must believe that we Elves could provide them more power.
From the High Elf point of view, if the author had lived in Ulthuan long enough for learning their language and part of their philosophy, I can understand that they did not want his legacy to be transmitted to other Humans without control. The more the Humans know about them, the more at risk they are.
Myself, I'd like to check what the author discovered. Humans are inferior to us, but this one was not as a brute as most. Possibly he collected some gossips about Elven Highborns that I could use against them in my own poetry? That would be all the more fun that it would have been discovered by a mere Human."

Finally, the scald pilot went back to tactical considerations.
"But as long as the knights look for this Tome, they are not looking for us. That's a good thing neither them nor the Humans have it by now, don't you think so?"

Showing the Tome's lack of interest - from a pure Elf point of view.
Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T3 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (20 clips), Sea Dragon Cloak, cutlass
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, sunstone, sextant and set of navigational instruments; 20 gold + share.+ Book (On the boundary between life and death)
Skills: Power of Azyr (2), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:36 pm
by MangoPunch
Harkyl could only read snippets of the text, at an odd angle from the tome that the scald was showing the captain ...only one is shared truly by all and this is the will to live, the desire to preserve oneself, no matter what... but those few passages made him hungry for more ...a corned rat. It is only the desperation of imminent death that allows such a cowardly and weak beast to stand up against cats, dogs or humans and often fight its way to freedom and continued life.

They spoke to him deeply and called to him on some level deep in his soul that he could not describe of for that matter even be sure was there. How often have I been the cornered rat? A rat with my back up against a wall? Bloodied and crippled in some forgotten hole in some poor province of the north? In those moments, what is it that drives my will to live? My life is wicked and cursed and empty of enjoyment, yet I persist. But it is not just life that drives me, it is death as well. Death - the ultimate equalizer, the force that brings all high men low.

Snap. and like that, the scaled closed the tome, and Harkyl felt empty, not more empty than he had felt any day before, but now he was aware of that emptyness.

Harkyl had spaced out while the scald had the book open, missing any explenation that he gave, but a look at the captains face was enough to see that it hadn't been a good explenation. Harkyl cursed himself for losing touch with his suroundings, and settled back into the shadows of the room somewhat uneasy of what he had felt.

Has a strong reaction to the tome. Remains quite, watching the interaction between the captain and the scald unfold.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:16 pm
by Calisson
This annoying tramp - Loec damn it! - could only pout at Caraoc's explanations, after having tried his best to read above the pilot's shoulder.

But the Astromancer believed in his lucky star.
He had to influence the atmosphere in a subtle, friendly mood.
He knew how to do!

Building on his laugh about Human Calligraphy, the scald resumed: "Hey look? Isn't our tramp fascinated by High Elf litterature? Who would have guessed?
Would you be smarter than you look?
Hey, if you apreciate words nicely combined, how would you like I made a song you could call yours?
Wanna sing?

He's a tramp - But I love him - Breaks a new heart - Ev'ry day
He's a tramp - They adore him - And I only hope - He'll stay that way
He's a tramp - He's a scoundrel - He's a rounder - He's a cad
He's a tramp - But I love him - Yes, and even I Have got it pretty bad
You can never tell - When he'll show up - He gives you - Plenty of trouble
I guess he's just a - No 'count pup - But I wish that he - Were double
He's a tramp - He's a rover - And there's nothing - More to say
If he's a tramp - He's a good one - And I wish that I could travel his way
Wish that I could travel his waaay!

Like the song or not, the tramp could only agree to be called smart in front of the captain.
Also, be him as smart as told, he should understand that such song could only make him more popular with the crew.
The captain should smile at the odd song and at Caraoc's pretended sudden love for Harkyll.
That should improve the odds that Caraoc won his prize.

Removing any cloud from the mental atmosphere, and creating a more sunny mood - Heavens permitting.

OOC: Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp - He's A Tramp
Lyrics: ... 69472.html
Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T3 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (20 clips), Sea Dragon Cloak, cutlass
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, sunstone, sextant and set of navigational instruments; 20 gold + share.+ Book (On the boundary between life and death)
Skills: Power of Azyr (2), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:02 pm
by Marchosias

Iscar grinned. “Yes, they have been on the sea for decades and they still get seasick. Losers.”

“Empty flask in the tavern? Well, they probably gave them that mad courage, no? Every sane human would try to sneak away. Some of them probably did, actually. How stupid do you need to be to charge with a stick against a full raid? “Drahn” means courage; that could be your word, no?”

Not far from him, a seagull took seat at the ship's railing. The bird and the corsair exchanged intrigued looks.

“The other word I am not so sure about,” said Iscar, turning his attention back to the noble in hiding. “Scharsen… Was it not Scharz-something? Scharzer means healer so it would probably cure you of something? We should obtain some of those, we have some healing elixirs here but it is not much.”

He looked again on their new flying passenger. The bird was cleaning his feathers and seemed like he would stay there forever.

“Actually,” the corsair turned back to Searinox when a sudden idea sprung to his mind, “you took a few vials back in the alchemist's house, didn't you? Was there something of worth by any chance?”



They were a strange pair, the two mercenaries: one of them laughing and singing, the other eyeing the book with a face of a hazard player placing a high bet. The captain almost barked a rash command for this singing madness to stop; then he gave up this intent, though, and remained grumpy but silent. His right hand elf, on the other hand, was observing the scald with interest and a slight smile on his lips.

“I hope you understand that now you have to compose a song for every crew member if you want to avoid someone getting jealous,” commented Incaneth once Caraoc's song ended, in a tone of a friendly mockery. Then his words got more serious, if only slightly.

“I wonder why you despise the human authors so much. The poor men could feel offended.

Envious wits, what hath been mine offence,
That with such poisonous care my books you mark,
That to each word, nay sigh of mine, you hark,
As grudging me my sorrow's eloquence?“

If it is too clumsy for your taste note that it is only a translation, done by some Incaneth Aez who is not really a poet.

He stood up, stayed leaning on the wall for a while, then opened a chest and took out a small thin book in plain brown binding. Kireth rolled his eyes.

“Was it not enough poetry for today?” he moaned.

Incaneth only smiled and flipped through the thin volume. Then he looked at the scald again.

“I have a proposal for you,” he explained. “If you are so interested in the human writers you should read one that understands his profession. This one, as far as I can tell, does. And she even writes in Tal-Eltharin.

Ah! changed and cold, how changed and very cold,
With stiffened smiling lips and cold calm eyes:
Changed, yet the same; much knowing, little wise;
This was the promise of the days of old!
Grown hard and stubborn in the ancient mould,
Grown rigid in the sham of lifelong lies:
We hoped for better things as years would rise,
But it is over as a tale once told.
All fallen the blossom that no fruitage bore,
All lost the present and the future time,
All lost, all lost, the lapse that went before:
So lost till death shut-to the opened door,
So lost from chime to everlasting chime,
So cold and lost for ever evermore.

He paused for a while, letting the poem to sink in the silence.

“So my offer is as follows. I lend you this collection which should keep your interest in human literature sated for a while. You lend me the book you found instead. If I find it as boring as you say you will keep it. If it is of some value you will keep it as well but we will deduct its price from your share. Agreed?”

Searinox: Drahn = courage, Scharzen = healing. Iscar asks if you own some of those vials.
Caraoc: Incaneth defends human writers and offers a to exchange the books for a while.

[OOC: Calisson, the sentence about a song for every crew member is NOT meant as a challenge! :D Only post songs if you feel inspired. :)
Poems: The first one: Sir Philip Sidney, Astrophel and Stella, part of sonet CIV:
The second one: Christina Rossetti, Dead before Death from the anthology Goblin Market And Other Poems: ]

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:48 pm
by Thraundil
On deck:

As Ladry was enjoying the sea air again after the brief respite on dry land, a corsair approached her carefully, and inquired about the scene on the beach. “Who is the Mistress of Fire you mentioned when you set the woman ablaze? You know, we would like to understand what she demands if you are going to invoke her on the ship again.” he asked her. Ladry flashed a friendly smile at him and threw a quick glance to see if anyone else was watching. "I understand your concern, friend. Some elves believe that Asuryan, when the noble Witch King entered his flames, was so overcome with the might and power of venerable lord Malekith that he was spliced in two. Asuryan kept a deal of himself, but part was transformed into Ashara, Goddess of the Flame."

Ladry paused for dramatic effect. She knew full well that many common elves were blisfully unaware of most gods, and the gifts they could bestow upon their loyal followers. "Flames aboard a ship - especially uncontrolled - is deadly. This is why I seek to master my control of fire. Ashara bestows this upon me, but it comes at a price. Every time I burn in her name, I earn her favour." Ladry took a short pause again, igniting a minute flame in the palm of her hand and let it dance around her fingers. "So long as I have her favour, I remain in complete control. See, isnt it beautiful?" She offers her hand toward the corsair, to hand him the harmless flame as an offer of trust.



The meeting in the captains cabin was taking an unexpected turn. Poems where flying left and right, and while a song is always welcome, maybe it was best sung on the deck where the other corsairs could also enjoy them. When Incaneth suggested to trade books for a moment, Ladry sensed that the conversation would soon be at an end. Before Caraoc had time to answer, she drew attention to herself. "Oh, I can spare some of the trouble. The book is not all borish poetry. There is a magic aura to it - this is how we came to find it in the first place. We, Caraoc and I, agreed beforehand that he would examine the tome to determine whether its dangerous to those less attuned to the subtle winds of magic. Turns out that is not the case, but before he is done actually reading the whole thing, its exact value is difficult to determine. Might contain spells, might just be an account of life and death. It takes a mancer to know the difference."

Sparing a glance at Caraoc, she hoped he would not ruin everything with some protest. The book is magical, and the captain and first mate would surely appreciate the fact that only Caraoc and perhaps myself can truly understand it.
"Now, to the more pressing matter. There is something magical to this book, be it only an aura or something more. That begs the question, is Harkyls map the real? If high elves and humans alike hunt this book... Well, they may hunt these other things, too. Is it not our duty, nay our finest honour, to wreck the plans of the Asur filth?"

Explaining her actions to the corsair. ((I assume that the other PCs are on deck as well and able to hear this ;) ))
She will give the corsair a harmless, although ever so slightly warm, flame in his hand.

In addition, revealing that the book does in fact have a magical aura, and explains why this was not immediately revealed. Then suggests once again to discuss the map, the magical artefacts and the reason for pursuing them.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:06 pm
by Searinox Nagharha
"Blast!" Searinox had hoped that Iscar had not seen him take the vials from the alchemists house. Now he had to talk his way out of giving up all of the vials, ofcourse Corsair law allowed looters to keep what they could carry. However since the Scharzen vials seemed to be in demand, chances are that they might be confiscated for the benefits of the crew. If they really have healing capability Searinox could sure use them well himself, or even share one with the other mercenaries if need arises. The other two types he was less concerned about.
"As a matter of fact, I did find a few flasks." Searinox reached around with his left hand into one of his pouches hidden under his sea dragon cloak. Searching around for a bit he did his best to pull out any two vials but the ones that where labelled Scharzen. "Most of them were empty," He paused a moment to look at the vials he had pulled out, "Some however weren't... Mmindelveite and Drannveite." A small smile crept onto his face, he realised he pronounced the words wrong but a bit of good humour couldn't hurt, everyone was in a good mood because of the successful raid anyway.
"You think they will be of any use?"

Sharing a bit of info with Iscar, trying to gain a bit more in return

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:08 pm
by Calisson
The Astromancer did not apreciate the sudden interest everyone was showing to his book. Not having participated to the early conversation about the map, he could not guess what Harkyll had explained about the link between the tome and the map.
He only could observe that the captain had summoned him to his cabin because of it, that Harkyll could not hide his lust, that Incaneth proposed to exchange it for some Human poetry and now that Ladry was speculating nonsense about it.
It was starting to be weird.

Hold on! What is going on in there? Why all this sudden interest for my piece of loot?
Is anyone accusing me of some misbehaviour? Speak up!

Nobody did accuse Caraoc, who had not infringed any Law of the Corsairs indeed. He pursued.
Incaneth and Ladry, you were present when I discovered it. The book was well hidden and nobody would have found it. But some kind of unnatural aura called me and led me to unearth it. Sure it is special, no other book ever did that to me.
As all persons present at that time have seen, as soon as I touched it, I was overwhelmed with inspiration, likely a vision, but blurry. I reported immediately to Incaneth. By now, Captain, he sure have told you.
Incaneth, you have seen the reciprocal effect between my book and me. You're teasing me with your proposal to exchange it with your Human poetry, are you?
So far, I cannot explain the book's power on me with the reading of the first chapter. I just reported my early findings minutes ago and showed you the calligraphy. To know more, I need time to read it!

But what do you all know about my book, which could help me to understand its value?
Has it anything to do with that map?

The pilot gave a glance to the map.
That seems to be a map of the region.

Pissed off with the sudden lust for his book. Wishing the interest went back on the map.

Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T3 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (20 clips), Sea Dragon Cloak, cutlass
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, sunstone, sextant and set of navigational instruments; 20 gold + share.+ Book (On the boundary between life and death)
Skills: Power of Azyr (2), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:44 pm
by MangoPunch
Ha! With his mood somewhat lifted Harkyl was thoroughly amused by the petty arguments the Scald was making. He was beginning to like the barefooted elf in a strange way, he wanted the book for himself, but saw no way that that would happen anytime soon. He had thought of a solution, and thought it might endear him somewhat to all present.

Oh, singing friend! None have ever sung of me in any verse but curses. Thank you for the kind words! Harkyl was acting strangely joyus in the face of the rising tension in the room and could see the surprise, interest and perhaps slight dismay registering on the faces around him. good, I have their attention he thought and then continued speaking mainly to the room at large There is an unspoken rule among those who know these things, that the elf that clutches his cards tightest in a game of Bryncir has the strongest hand. He paused momentarily for a breath and plunged on speaking mainly to the barefoot singer Your reluctance to allow others to see the tome, or share it has betrayed its value. Seeing the dismay and loathing building behind the scalds eyes he hurried on quickly, But, just like a game of Bryncir even the strongest hand must be shown in the end to win the wagers. This is the same, there is much more value for you in sharing this book with the few of us lucky enough to be in this cabin, then there is in you coveting it for yourself.

Harkyl could see doubt and suspicion in the face of the scald, but interest had replaced the loathing that had flooded his eyes before. Harkyl continued calmly and assertively, first motioning to the map, This map that I brought and shared is of the local region; on it has the marks from each of the lores of magic. Given what you found, we believe that these symbols mark the location of various arcane items throughout the land. Now what must be decided is whether hunting down these items is worth the risk to life and crew versus the pursuit of easier loot.

Harkyl paused again for a moment, but not long enough for another to speak, If the map is correct, then the book you hold is associated with Necromancy. Is that the school of arcane that most entices you? Or is there another lore that you are more drawn to? Perhaps Azyr? Now, I cannot say why they have, but the good officers of the Hungry Gaze have promised you the right to this book – or perhaps if it is of equal value they would grant you your choice among the artifacts that are discovered.

With the attention in the cabin so focused on him, Harkyl began to lower and soften his voice as he finished what he had to say: So let me ask you this my friend, is this book of Lakh what your heart truly desires - or does a different wind catch your sail? If you are content, then by all means convince us that the tome is worthless, but if you seek to grow your powers in any other wind – in anyother wind - then you should be convincing the captain that this treasure is of immense and unimaginable value. And that we have no choice but to seek out the remaining artefacts for all our glories and that of the Dark King himself.

Harkyl let the silence that followed resonate for a moment and then took a half step back and allowed his crippled form to shrink into the shadows.

Calls the scald out on the book being of value, makes and argument that there is much more value for all if the scald shares the tome and what he knows about it.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:49 am
by Calisson
Caraoc listened and replied.
"Who dares accusing me of concealment? Did I hide my discovery? Did I hide the effect it had on me when I found it?
Didn't I open the book in front of you all? Didn't I read you whole passages?
That's hard to swallow, especially coming from an Elf who took so long before he shared his knowledge with the very group who sheltered him in a foreign land."

Then Caraoc becalmed and pet his book.
"Of course, the Tome is not worthless, everyone, except you, knows it has a very strong effect on me, probably because of my scald affinity.
I will be able to tell what it does only after I get a chance to read it. So far, in the Introduction and first chapter, I have not seen much about Death, nothing at all about necromancy, most is about the urge for survival.
And Lakh is not a wind I know, despite being a pilot."

Then he suggested Searinow joined the discussion.
"Now tell me, my friend, does your map explain that the artefact to be found must be a book?
When Searinox found strange flasks in the alchemist lair, nobody asked him to share his loot. Why would it be different with me and my own share?"

Giving an opportunity Searinow was summoned to join the group.
Caraoc the scald pilot - WS3 S4 T3 D5 I5 - A saga or it didn't happen!
Equipment: staff, repeater handbow (20 clips), Sea Dragon Cloak, cutlass
Inventory: "Beastbane" Horn, sunstone, sextant and set of navigational instruments; 20 gold + share.+ Book (On the boundary between life and death)
Skills: Power of Azyr (2), Evasion, Raiding
Class: Mage (Astromancer)

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:45 am
by MangoPunch
My appologies if I offended you, myself a professed liar and cheat it is hard to see others as much else. Harkyl couldn't see this conversation being of any benefit to himself, and more likley it could be dangerous. He was though starting to appreciate the scald and the boldness of his attempted deception Not so unlike he and I, at least in some regards. Well it matters not to me who has the damned book, it likely isn't worth much and if it is, then I am sure in time we will all know its value. Harkyl turned to the captain and decided one more demonstration of good faith couldn't hurt his standing, Captain, may I be excused to seek some fresh air, I have been hard a foot for days. You may keep the map, I only ask that I take equal share in the loot that it brings us. The captain having the map was little concern to Harkyl now, he had committed it mostly to memory - and one of the two symbols that intrigued him most was a meer arms length from him now.

Attempts to exit the situation.

Re: Group 42 - Prologue: Mysteries of the coast

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:39 pm
by Marchosias

Having looked at the two vials Searinox had showed to him, Iscar laughed a bit. “Well, now I understand what makes you to suddenly want to learn the human language. Not that it is worse than any other reason.”

His look stopped for a while on the sailor who was keeping watch high above the board. “So a potion of courage and potion of might? Well, when someone is ordered up in the crow's nest you can try to sell him one, could make a good profit. And the strength one, do you have an idea how heavy the loot sometimes is? Keep both of them, they are surely coming in handy.”

With a devious smile, he added: “You know, if you manage to save them for when we go back to Naggaroth you could use them to really impress some lady.”



Despite his nervousness, the corsair laughed. “This is a good story about Ashara and Asuryan,” he said. “We don't hear about those two often on the seas. It's all Mathlann and Lokhir here. Yes, he almost seems like a deity sometimes.”

He then quickly returned to his serious voice, though. “You know, we don’t understand much about gods, magic and such mysteries. We believe it's best to keep ourselves away from all of them, the farther, the better, and to avoid their attention. If your goddess lets you keep the fires under control it's all right I suppose but you looked like you were somewhere else during the ritual. Almost like some kind of a cultist. I just hope you know what you are doing.”

He then looked at the flame dancing on Ladry's palm and his expression softened slightly. “I admit this looks nice, though,” he said. “I just don't like to play with things I don't understand. By the way, my name is Hendor.”



The scald's reply to the latest inquiries about the newly found book was rash; however, the officers did not seem angered, just slightly surprised if at all. Kireth remained silent, withdrawn from the conversation, and so it was Incaneth again who spoke out.

“I did not want to start a quarrel,”
he said. “I am just curious. A heretic margrave, a human captain gets ordered to acquire all his possessions, a book hidden under a chest by an alchemist who is also a friend of this aristocrat? Written in Tal-Eltharin? Found in a village that is marked on Harkyl's mysterious map? I admit, this has really sparkled my interest.”

The first officer shrugged with a very slight smile.

“I never wanted to keep that tome from you for long. We have already witnessed what kind of things can happen when you are inspired and I would be stupid if I did not want to nourish your inspiration as much as possible. But I have not read a new book for ages. As a man of words, you surely understand how hungry I feel?”