Druchii warband feedback thread

Discuss and participate in the development of the Mordheim Druchii warband here.

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Druchii warband feedback thread

Post by Loflar »

Since the Druchii Herald with warband rules was finally published, it is time to ask readers about their opinions.

Did you like it? Is there anything you consider too strong or too weak? Would you like to change anything? Do you want to praise our infinite wisdom? Or any other comments?

Please, post them here.
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Post by Malman »

I sent to you my oppinion yesterday, but as it was a private message it woul be usefull to repeat:
1) Do the planned swap of Long lived with Frail but fey. Long lived is IMHO too harsh.
2) The beastlash is too weak for its price. I suggest replacing the -1 strength rule with +1 AS as the dagger has.
3) After the beastmaster dies, the dogs should not leave the warband, only wait for a new beastmaster as it is with the kislevite bear.
4) It will be good if the dogs do not suffer from stupidity or if they are reduced to 20 GC, but I do not feal this as crucial.
5) Nobody knows what does quikshot with RXB, the rules say nothing, I suggest druchii only skill which allows RXB shooter shoot 2 times without multiple shot -1 to hit or 3 times with -1 to hit.
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