The Ironfrost Shades. New Shade warband

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The Ironfrost Shades. New Shade warband

Post by Heldane »

Hey all.

Well, tomorrow sees the beginning of the WFB campaign season for my gaming group and we have decided to run an empire in flames campaign alongside our nemesis crown campaign.

We have to play with a warband that is the same race as our main force, and mine is Druchii (obvious really, being as I'm posting it here!). I managed to talk my group around to letting me use the new Druchii lists that this board has created and I've chosed the shade list.

I'll be up against, I believe; Dwarves, Undead and Beasts of Chaos.

I've chosen the shade list as I feel its the most appropriate list, I'm playing with a watchtower patrol force and as the only infantry units I can take are shades it made sense to me.

I've not worked out a history or names yet, other than to work out that my force is originally from the Ironfrost Mountains and bands of shades from the clans are used with the patrols on the Ironfrost Glacier.

Well, thats enough talking now, heres the proposed list.

Bloodshade - 110gc
Dagger, Crossbow pistol, sword

Clan Hunter - 55gc
Dagger, sword

Clan Hunter - 55gc
Dagger, sword

Clan Hunter - 55gc
Dagger, sword

Pack Master - 50gc
Dagger, Beastwhip.

3 Shades - 165 gc (55 each)
Dagger, Repeater crossbows.

Total - 490gc.

Well thats the list so far, I know the crossbow pistol is an odd choice, but I'm using the Menghil model and wan the band to be WYSIWYG.
Tactics wise, I'll move the band into position and use the shades to supress/cover whilst the characters engage in combat.

The beastmaster is there for an extra exploration dice unitl I can afford hounds.
On the topic of the beastmaster, can he start with the whip? I wasnt sure, so I've included it for the moment.

Well, thats about all. Any comments, suggestions or criticisms are welcome. I'll be playing my first games tomorrow evening so I'll check before I play to see if theres anything glaring.

I'll keep you all updated with the lists progress as well.


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Post by Loflar »

Yes, beastmaster can start with the whip. However, it will only help you a bit against chaos hounds. And since you are going against T4 models, the whip will often wound on 6.

I think that you should get Master of Poisons as one of your first skills and go for shooting, because both undead and beasts will likely defeat you in close combat.

And yes, please, report. AFAIK you are the first one to try the shade warband. Thanks for that.
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Post by Malman »

As I see it, the warbands you listed as your enemies will perhaps defeat you all unless you go for a heavy shooty warband, the dwarves mus be otmaneuvred, beasts shot before the go near and undead the same. And as they all are mostly T4 warbands, the whip will be good for nearly nothing.
According to Loflar I see the only chance in master of poisons.
I should recommend bows and quickshot for your heroes as soon as possible. And most of all do not go into close combat unless necessary.

I am looking forward to your reports. And I wish you all the luck you will need in the begining.
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