Dark Elf Assassin Hired Sword

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Dark Elf Assassin Hired Sword

Post by Loflar »

Originally I wanted to wait for Lustria revision, but after half a year, there is none. So this is my attempt to adjust Assassin according to our elven development. I tried to make as little changes as possible.

Dark Elf Assassin

Hire fee: 70 gc
Upkeep: 25 gc

Few are better than the silent, black garbed killers of the Dark Elves, even the Skaven Clan Eshin quail at their expertise. It is not unusual for young apprentice assassins, when learning their dark trade, to be sent off to far away places to further hone their skills by selling their unique abilities.

May be Hired

Any evil warband may hire a Dark Elf Assassin.


A Dark Elf Assassin increases the warband's rating by +25 points, plus 1 point for each Experience point he has.


Code: Select all

M  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
5   5   5  4  3  1  7  1  8    6+


Darksteel sword, darksteel dagger, repeating crossbow, Dark Venom on all weapons, Light Armour and Dark Cloak (counts as Elven cloak).


An Assassin may choose from Combat, Shooting, Speed and Dark Elf Special skills when he gains a new skill.

Special rules

Kindred Hatred: The Dark Elves have been fighting the High Elves for many centuries. The wars between these two races have been very long and bloody affairs. Dark Elves Hate any High Elf warriors including High Elf Hired Swords.

Perfect Killer: All attacks made by the Assassin, whether in shooting or close combat, have an extra -1 save modifier to represent his skill in striking at unarmoured spots.

Dance of Doom: The sinuous Dance of Doom can allow Assassin to dodge even the fastest shots or blows. Assassin can avoid any hits on roll of 5+. However, since this is an advanced version of Fey Quickness, Assassin can not take Fey Quickness skill.


I took him from Lustria almost verbatim. Changes I have done are:

- Clarification of his equipment
- T changed to 3 (elven maximum)
- Dance of Doom is there to make up for the drop of T.

Do you like it? Or not? Any ideas?
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Re: Dark Elf Assassin Hired Sword

Post by Ragian Cain »

Its been a while but here is a PDF with both the Shade and Assassin on. Designed in the Mordheim house style.

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