Revision of war band cold ones instead of hounds?

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Revision of war band cold ones instead of hounds?

Post by Cheds234 »

If i am total wrong i know you guys will tell me.

I know there is a bit of history for the hounds, but why can't we use the cold ones with the beast master rather than hounds, as say orges like the skaven? and then add the ruling regarding the way a cold one works with the master? ie the leadership test to control it

It covers the having a model issue?
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Post by Loflar »

I don't know why the original rules for Lustria did not include cold one as a big guy. For whatever reason, authors decided to introduce cold one hounds.

Then, GW had problem with them, because there were no cold one hound models, so we decided to change the animal. For a while, there was a debate about including young hydra, but it was abandoned, again for lack of models. So we have introduced dogs.
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