New to dark elves

Introduce yourself to the forum and tell us a little about your journey to the land of the Dark Elves...

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New to dark elves

Post by jonnycomic »

Hello everyone, I am now to dark elves, but have been an avid warhammer player for many years. I have played vampire counts, wood elves, orcs and gobs, and skaven.

I figured it was time to try something new, and here I am.

I hope to see you all around, and looking forward to wreaking havoc with dark elves. :twisted:
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Re: New to dark elves

Post by Amboadine »

Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Killed by Khorne
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Re: New to dark elves

Post by T.D. »

jonnycomic wrote:and looking forward to wreaking havoc with dark elves. :twisted:

...and we look forward to hearing of the havoc you have wreaked :twisted:
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Re: New to dark elves

Post by Alcidas »

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Re: New to dark elves

Post by direweasel »

Wow a ton of variety in your playing history. Have fun! :)
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Re: New to dark elves

Post by Silic »

Welcome to the fold. You may or may not live to regret it ;)
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