Merry Christmas to all

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Merry Christmas to all

Post by Darkprincess »

Merry Christmas to everybody here at
May all your holiday be filled with happiness and joy
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Re: Merry Christmas to all

Post by Ming »

Thanks a lot, Darkprincess!
I deeply missed your signature! ;)
Merry Christmas to everyone!
... and Justice for all!!!

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Re: Merry Christmas to all

Post by Amboadine »

Merry Christmas to you too, and everyone else here of course.
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Re: Merry Christmas to all

Post by cultofkhaine »

Merry Christmas to all! May all find peace and happiness in their part of the world.
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Re: Merry Christmas to all

Post by Calisson »

A special thought to all who are on station in the Northern watch towers, to the corsairs on expedition off the coasts of Bretonnia, to the Shades spying on Ulthuan, to the Black Guards on duty...
All those deployed to defend our values, all those on duty to preserve our safety and to care for us, all those who stay at work for our own benefit, please receive our thanks and appreciation.
Winds never stop blowing, Oceans are borderless. Get a ship and a crew, so the World will be ours! Today the World, tomorrow Nagg! {--|oBrotherhood of the Coast!o|--}
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Re: Merry Christmas to all

Post by Shadowspite »

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all enjoy yourselves as much as I enjoyed my mince pies and mulled wine tonight.

Also, Happy Birthday to Sir Isaac Newton!
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Re: Merry Christmas to all

Post by Rork »

Happy Christmas :D

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Re: Merry Christmas to all

Post by Malys the younger »

Merry Christmas Dread Lords and Ladies! I hope you and your families have a great day!


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