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Forum rules, relevant links, & basic info

Post by Anaryin »

Greetings, dear member (or guest),

Good work, you have found the Druchii history forum! Here is the place to post and read stories, RPG’s and anything fluff-related. There’s only one big golden rule of thumb; it has to got to so something with the Druchii. We guess that’s why it’s called the History of the Druchii. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Of course, there’s something to say about this. Because how much do the Druchii have to be in the story to qualify the story/RPG/fluff topic in this forum? We have decided to keep with the story competition rules; Druchii have to have a main role, but it can be viewed from for example from a Dwarf’s point of view. We will be the judge of this, and if we don’t qualify it we will move it. You can always PM us if you don’t agree, of course.

So, posting in this forum is like playing a game. Imagine an RPG, just like Baldur's Gate 2 or Vampire the Masquerade. Those RPG's where you can do almost everything you want to. Now, imagine you are playing with the good guys and so, you can't just go berserk and do bad thing otherwise, game over. Well, here it is the exact same thing. You play by the rules and you go on in your quest for knowledge and eventually writing a master piece. You disrespect the rules, game over, you're warned and if you do it again then you’ll probably be banned.

So, to make this quick and NOT boring, because you all will read it, the History of the Druchii Forum Rules are:

  • No Spam, post which contain spam according to the moderator may be removed without warning
  • No Trolling
  • No Flames
  • No disrespect for other users in ANY way
  • Respect the moderators decisions and, if you have a problem with them, pm one of them
  • No "Wow!!" threads. Threads like "Nice story" Will be erased. Why? they just don't belong here. The stories are posted here because the authors want criticism. So, don't post one liners saying how good you liked the story otherwise, you'll get your post erased and will run the race for a warning.
  • No advertising.
  • All the other general forum rules you should have read and learnedare enforced here as well.
  • All the stories posted must be either about druchii, or with them playing a major role in the plot. Otherwise, you'll probably get your story moved to Lesser Races.
  • Before you post a doubt, be sure to look for it in the forum, in other sites, namely GW and to google it. It will save you time and you will get better results if you do that
  • Be sure to also read the guidelines to posting thread before you post!

Note; this may look a bit strict. Hmm...well, it is, kinda. But we don’t want to turn this forum into a pile of spam, we want to encourage people to post their stories and that they can expect comments they value. Now, not everyone is an expert on this, and we don’t expect it from you. But we do expect you do have respect for the author, and that you show it towards him. He or she went through the trouble of entertaining you. That in itself deserves credit.

May your ink never dry (or something),

Anaryin & Lethalis, aka, the Forum Moderators
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Post by Ansob. »

Anaryin wrote:If you are looking for a particular aspect of our Society in order to complete you story or just to learn a little more, please, instead of asking, try searching in these links first.

Druchii related Topics Cult of Pleasure Initiative Site

Druchii Language Guide - see January 2004 Monthly, part 2

Cities of Naggaroth

Naggaroth, the Land of Chill

Dark Magic

Elven Gods

Druchii History


Non-Druchii Related Topics

Warhammer Timeline

Gods in the World of Warhammer

Warhammer Tropes and Idioms

-------------------------------- Monthly/Dark Herald Webzine

The Great RPG Thread

If you feel anything else ought to be mentioned here, please PM Fingol Darkwater.
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Post by Fingol darkwater »

Here's a brief FAQ related to dark elf background info.

How long ago was the Sundering?
It was roughly five thousand years ago that the big event happened.

What was the Sundering?
Most people refer to the civil war that divided the Asur and the Druchii as the Sundering, but in actuality it was the cataclysmic event that sunk Nagarythe and Tiranoc. Essentially, Furion and his cabal tried to unloose the Vortex and harness the power of Chaos. Would it have worked? Probably not, but we’ll never know. The high elves found out about the plan and stopped it. When they did, everything went horribly wrong and the fertile lowlands of Nagarythe were sunk beneath the ocean. This is when the Black Arks took float.

What’s a Black Ark?
To get a decent mental picture, think of Sauron’s tower from the Lord of the Ring’s films. Then have it float in the ocean. A Black Ark is a floating fortress and the Druchii’s most potent naval vessel. They range in sizes, from huge, to mildly-awe-inspiring in size. The old ones were enormous castles, and each of the cities of Naggaroth was built around a beached Black Ark.

Cities of Naggaroth? How many are there?
There are six cities of Naggaroth. Karond Kar, Har Ganeth, Clar Karond, Hag Graef, and Naggarond. Each city is ruled by a Dread Lord, also referred to as Drachau.

There is another city on my map of Naggaroth called Arnheim. Is that a dark elf city?
No. Arnheim is an Asur fortress. Also, please note that the elven name for Arnheim is Arnhelm. It’s labeled Arnheim in our book because the map was made by an Empire Cartographer, thus the Reikspiel namesake.

Speaking of elven words, what language do the Druchii speak?
The dark elves speak a dialect of Eltharin known as Drukh-Eltharin. Thousands of years ago, all elves spoke Eltharin. When the Witch King founded Naggaroth, he changed the language of his people. It became much harsher sounding. While Eltharin sounded like spoken verse or even poetry to human ears, Drukh-Eltharin sounds like angry death threats given through recitative. The writing system has also changed. Runes and compounded symbols are used instead of writing from left to right as we (and indeed the elves of Ulthuan) do. Also, it should be noted that Eltharin is still spoken at very important or formal events.

Are the elves of the Warhammer world immortal?
Not as a rule. As a race they typically live up to about two thousand years old before they die. Beyond that point, they need some serious magical assistance to keep going. The Witch King and Furion used the Fruit of the Black Tree to become immortal, and Morathi and the other Hag Queens use the Cauldrons of Blood to maintain their youth.

Aren’t male magic users forbidden in Naggaroth? How does Furion get away with it?
Yes, thanks to the Prophecy of Demise, the Witch King has outlawed all male sorcery. As for Furion, he is the closest thing Malekith has to a friend. Furion brought Malekith the Fruit of the Black Tree and swore his loyalty to Malekith forever. He won’t betray the Witch King.

What is a Hag Queen?
Hag Queens are the eldest of the maibd, Brides of Khaine. The Temple of Khaine has something of a strangle hold on Druchii society, so Hag Queens enjoy a very lofty position of power.

What about the Cult of Slaanesh?
The Cult of Pleasure is a fringe group in both Naggaroth and Ulthuan. While the Swordmasters of Ulthuan root out the cultists and exterminate them, there are several sects in Naggaroth that fulfill this purpose, sponsored of course by the Temple of Khaine. Cult activity is forbidden, and even though Malekith can sit on the fence (he has complete political immunity), Druchii who wish to preserve their good standing avoid the Cults at all costs, or at least keep their activity secret.

if you can think of any other questions that would belong here, please pm me and I'll add it to the list.
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