The story of Xerodius Herdare

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The story of Xerodius Herdare

Post by Quatters »

I just wrote this up quickly, some back story for the major characters in my army and some of the units I have/will have.
Will edit it later on with a few more stories and make sure it flows a bit better as at the moment it's not too well written! Feel free to be as critical about it as you wish.

Xerodius Herdare was born to a minor noble family of Har Ganeth. Being the eldest son it was his responsibility to increase the power and wealth of the family. His father was a master politician and diplomat, he was loathe to take to the field of battle. His weapon being his mind rather than his sword. Xerodius however was far more bloodthirsty. As he was growing up he would often release several slaves, arm them and then slay them all in combat, much to the chargrin of his father it must be added. His skill were mighty, having an impressive speed, even for an elf. He soon entered the ranks of the Corsairs and travelled the world, obtaining many slaves for the family. Though many more did not ever reach Har Ganeth as Xerodius continued his practice of fighting opponents of greater numbers while riding the Black Arks of his Captain. Xerodius rose throught the ranks quickly due to his great martial skill. After one disastarous battle many of the Corsairs were forced to flee, many had already been slaughtered by a far larger Orc force. Xerodius came across an Asur wanderer, not bothering to concern himself with why this Asur was so far from Ulthuan, Xerodius cut his throat and stole his mount. A mighty elven steed who accepted Xerodius as it's master with nary a protestation. The beast proved to be rather savage, more like the steeds of Naggroth than the weaker Asur steeds mused Xerodius as he rode to the Black Ark. Though they had lost the battle, his new found steed and combat skills meant Highborn Tulris who was leading the Black Ark placed Xerodius with the Dark Riders. Here his skill with a weapon allowed them to often cut down surprised enemies.
While he was chasing victory abroad, his younger brother Dekleth had entered the Executioners but longed to raid with his brother. However he would have to wait longer as Tulris was contacted by a Dark Emmissary and the Black Ark headed to Albion. There Xerodius continued to rise through the ranks, many battles he lead the dark elves to victory. Eventually being part of the highest rank of Druchii nobles on the isle despite the fact his family were not High Nobles.
It is on Albion where Xerodius found a new weapon which has further assisted in his families fortunes.

"In here."
Xerodius followed the Dark Emmissary down the stairs into the cavern within. He paused as he entered. The walls were of some sort of metal inset with various gems, all blinking and flashing in different colours. He was snapped out of his revire when the Dark Emmissary let out a hoarse laugh of victory.
"Ahead of us. Look"
There was a large box, the size of a Dark Emmissary sized coffin mused Xerodius. Also of the same strange metal as the walls. Though this had many odd markings on it, and many more of those strange flashing gems.
The Dark Emmissary touched a particularily large red gem and the lid of the box opened all of it's own accord as some sort of steam hissed forth. They both peered into the box, what Xerodius saw, lying upon a basing of black velvet was what seemed to be an over sized gauntlet.
"It's ours! The Dark Master will be pleased with this powerful weapon..."
His voice gurgling away mid-sentence as the knife entered his back.
"Ours? Sorry, but I'm ever so selfish" Xerodius said maliciously as the Dark Emmissaries limp body slumped to the floor. Xerodius picked up the gauntlet. It was enormous and heavy, it would make a snug fit for an Ogre. He inserted his arm into the beckoning opening, as his fingers reached the end the gauntlet suddenly seemed to posses a life of it's own as it emmitted a sound like a horde of wasps and lighting danced on it's surface. Xerodius smiled wickedly, surely this was a mighty weapon. He walked outside to find his proud warriors chaining the surviving humans who were now to serve as slaves.
"Bring a slave to me Ilandir"
The Corsair captain grabbed the closest captive, a middle aged human, disheviled and rather old to be a warrior. "How pathetic that they dared to challenge the Druchii might" thought Xerodius.
Ilandir dropped the captive at Xerodius' feet, the man looking pleadingly into Xerodius eyes but all they saw was cruel malice. He lifted the hefty gauntlet and swung as a punch at the man's head. The corpse flew backwards 10 paces, now headless. "Hah! This is incredible." Laughed Xerodius as he realised the immense power within the gauntlet. Ilanidr watched on in awe. Never had he seen anything like it. Truly he must make sure to never cross Xerodius. Xerodius was happy. Though he was proud of his speed and martial skill the sheer power of this weapon offest it's lack of speed and finesse. Now he would be able to forge his own empire of fear across the world.
Albion is a beautiful place.

On his return to his native Har Ganeth Xerodius was pleased to see his success in Albion had been rewarded. Two mighty Cold One Chariots apparently directly from Malekith were waiting for him. However Xerodius had grown too attached to his new mount who he'd named Fire. His brother Dekleth had now finished with the college of Executioners and was anticipating going to war with his older brother. Xerodius gifted him with one of the chariots which Dekleth would ride to war in weilding his mighty Draich. Some of his friends from the Executioners college accompany him to war, thought on foot. He no longer had need of the families private troops as he had risen through the ranks in Albion, those nobles who had died had their house troops passed onto Xerodius.
There were other followers Xerodius had picked up on his travels. Sarai the sorceress was one. She became his lover during a campaign raiding Araby and though such relationships are strictly forbidden, when it is not seen publicly it is tolerated, as are many things within Druchii society. The other sorceress however is quite different. Alhania was found in Albion wandering the marshes alone, whispering to herself and in a daze. Not noticing Xerodius as he rode up to her until he had dismounted and grabbed her shoulders. Though rather quiet and a rather strange introvert, she was a powerful sorceress and thus Xerodius utilised her within his force. How she came to wander the Albion marshes or of her prior history Xerodius was unable to divine anything. Her name not familiar to anyone he had asked. Though he continues his search to find her identity.
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Post by Dangerous Beans »

Quatters bro, this is excellent stuff! I like it a lot! Its quite original of you to involve the use of the dark shadows campaign in your army history! I love just how selfish and malicious Xerodius's personality is: the dialogue you've added really highlights this a lot :D

The history you've written opens up a lot of doors for further detail - the fights in Araby, the story of Sarai, the notion of a relationship with a sorceress and what it could stir up if it was discovered, the trials and details of the executioner's "college" training - I quite like the idea of a bunch of malicious dark elves armed with enourmous draichs going out on the razzle to the local nightclub haha!! ;)

Its really is good stuff, though my only criticism (and its not really a criticism, more like greed :roll:) is that more detail would be great - though your story is just like mine is going to be - a skeletal outline of events and occurences related to your army rather than a detailed essay like story :D

I look forward to further tales Xerodius and his hardcore gang :P

awesome stuff dude!

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