New Lore?

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New Lore?

Post by Phox532 »

I am new to WH:FB and AoS, but I'm a long time D&Der. I was wondering is there any room to add a new city in the Dark Elf Mythos. I have an idea on how I want to model my army, but I'm unsure how much room I have to work with. My idea is to create a new city in the Underworld Sea.
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Re: New Lore?

Post by Daeron »

From what I know, the "big" cities are numbered and the lore's only known bastions of power. Some of them the result of a strategic location such as Clar Karond, and some because they are a city (or castle) from Naggarythe, that was carried over sea following the Sundering, and then moved on land. Naggarond, for example, is built upon the castle of Anlec which was the capital of Naggarythe (DE region prior Sundering).

But... This doesn't exclude large settlements outside the cities. It's known that there are fields tilled by slaves, so there have to be farms. There are gates, towers, and control points throughout the land, which should have fortified buildings. In particular, towards the south, you'll find the occasional High Elf settlement, depending on the version of the Lore. I doubt the Dark Elves would leave any route from those regions unguarded.

Fluff can be dynamic though. I think the Malus Darkblade novels even destroyed one of the major cities, which was never really put in detail in any of the army books as far as I know (if indeed, the city even existed before). This became "canon" throughout references during the End Times: Khaine books, where Malus Darkblade has regiments of enslaved Dark Elves from that destroyed city.

The general "feel" that I get throughout the different army books and the malus darkblade novels is that the land in between the cities are bit... lawless, no-man's land, wasteland or savage region. I suppose it's a dark elf version of the feudal period, where the cities and the region around them know a sense of order and structure centered around the political and military might/oppression of the city lord(s). In between, there exists only those crimes that manage to be reported back to the cities.
Much like it was in the feudal period, this doesn't mean there can't be bastions of power in between the biggest cities. Quite the opposite. And it could very well be that they are pivotal in a struggle for power (whether it involves the bigger powers or not).

Another point that shows there is room for more power hungry Dreadlords/Dreadladies is the lack of any structure in Malekith's council. It's written his council chambers / tables can seat a hundred-fifty-something nobles and councillors. This number varies, as he doesn't always bother replacing one who died. The latest book mentions that some are struck dead in their seat and remain at his council as a corpse, which he muses to have conversations with mid-council. It's not clear if he actually is able to talk to their dead spirits through necromancy, or if he uses it purely as an intimidation technique. Both are possible.

But the point is... the number isn't set in stone and broad enough to leave room for a creative writer ;)

I think adding a major city is a bit of a stretch, but a fortified city is certainly possible, even to the point where its leader could be in Malekith's council. Whether being in that council is a good thing though... well... ask the corpses.
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Re: New Lore?

Post by Barking Agatha »

For old Warhammer that may be the case, but the lore of Age of Sigmar is under construction, and you have entire worlds to play in. The Sigmarites themselves are still exploring and discovering new races and civilisations (new to them, obviously, not to the people who live there), so there's no reason why you couldn't have your own city on the sea on any of the eight realms.
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Re: New Lore?

Post by Saintofm »

Until we get a physical book, I think its in flux, BUT I would imagine there would be some outside the main 6 citites.

The last book indicated that few would think about starting a new city as A.) it would indicate weakness on part of the person leaving or on the part of the city and B.) the former would make them a target in this predatory society, and the latter would be an insult.

I an not sure how much I like in that, but I can see things that can work. Come up with a reason why it would need to be built. A strategic defensive point; near a place to gather rare goods or precious metals and gems; or a colony in a new teritory to be a middle finger to the local inhabitants.

Others would depend. Shades I can imaging having some areas that are for permanent settlements, while other clans are much more mobile.
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